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Things To Say After So Long

Frankly speaking, I haven’t been blogging like I did in the old days. Talking and ranting about lots of different subjects. But I’ve come to realize, I might just do one right now after doing so much video editing’s, pending works and currently editing a corporate video for IGS College. Consider this as my recess.

I wanna start off by talking a bit about ‘Break – Episodes’. For the past few months, I’ve been nagged, cursed and critized by the inpatient-rude-hating viewers about the delay. There’s so many reasons for this but I don’t expect anybody to understand. You see, I don’t make the show to rise up my name, I make them because I wanna try see whether my skills are worth making Brunei entertainment scene something extraordinary. You see so many hidden talents around you whom are shy to try out things. For instance, why know how to do something but you’ve got nobody to share it with. My point is, I’m experimenting most of the time. I actually got what I was expecting to see, good results. I’ve been getting lots of mails since Episode Zero was launched last year. My friend request on Facebook are building up. Lots giving support, lots admire my work, lots interested in filmmaking and lots asking for tips on how to start off.

This is what I also wanted to see. I can see the changes after I first made everything happen. Not to sound cocky (like some of you of there), but everything happens for a reason. Since then, I’ve seen lots of new comers in videography, short films and weddings. This is developing pretty fast and that’s a good thing.

I’m not saying I’m smart but to know me, you need to understand me. Some may not like the way I work, interact or joke, some might say ‘He has a point’. The reason some can’t keep up with me is the same reason why anybody would run off and do it by themselves because they’ve grabbed everything they know about what I’m doing and suddenly forgets me. AGAIN, I’m not saying I’m better, I’m saying I don’t like anybody kiss-assing me because they want something.
So applying this to BREAK, there are some who are doing this. You will know sooner or later. I may be too nice, I may be too mean. End of the day, the results is for anybody to see for themselves. Basically, Break has not been moving much due to behaviors. But everyone kept saying I am the that owns the show and I’m the one that’s not doing anything about it. Let’s make it clear, how on earth am I gonna work with someone who backstabs you from the back? I couldn’t work with people like this. Clearly, some of you may know, typical Bruneians always do this. That’s why I’ve learn a lot being a citizen myself. I would admit I am in a way the same but my role is always going by as a person who sees things with common sense. 

Bruneians don’t like to be told what to do, Bruneians don’t like smart ass, Bruneians critize because they are jealous and some are always talking shit even when they know they are wrong. It’s hard to admit they are wrong because it will embarrass themselves by others. So what do they do? They just do what they normally do, keep on critizing and getting everyone else involve.

Please… this is just childish. In fact, I AM dealing with kids and that explains everything. ‘BREAK’ shall continue. Episode 3.1 is on its way finally. Don’t worry. To the many supporting ones that CAN wait, thank you so very much. Its worth waiting I tell you.

During the long hiatus with Break, I still did short films such as ‘Surat Teknologi’ as well as ‘PlayBoi Moden’. I came to realize that, I needed something new to experiment. After being introduced to a Youtuber called ‘Freddie Wong’, I became inspired by the art works of Visual Effects (VFX) using Adobe After Effects (AE).
When I first started with business in videography, my only weakness was doing special effects. This goes to animations, superimpose, titling and etc. I’ve always wanted to learn but it was too complicated for me. I couldn’t even do Photoshop. I’ve tried a lot but I gave up. With Freddie Wong, it accrued to me that if I wanted to start trying out action films, I need to know how to do use AE. So I’ve got a friend who thought we the fewer basics and carried on to read on more about it over the net and downloaded tutorials. 

Day after day, I practiced. Things I don’t know, I ask. Things I wanted to try, I search. I became even more active and took my cameras and tried shooting things before I really start.
Then it came to ‘Hostage’. My first VFX action/comedy film. I have to say, eventhough I created it but I’m proud to say that I did great as a newbie. I kept the trademark to have local Bruneians accents as the language, I made it funnier cos Bruneians love comedies and added a few touch on using something I normally do in my other short films. (Which I shall not say). After designing the whole concept, I decided to carry on making them AS practice AND entertainment whilst the hiatus on BREAK. So one thing let to another, we created more action/comedy films with the same actors. Main actors is myself as well as Mienul Rashid (may recognize him from Break / singer).

For some reasons, viewers were beginning to enjoy it more than they do with Break. This is from what I see because my mailbox is flooding like an ant  farm. Lots of questions, suggestions and admirable fellow people. This is partly a beginning because there are lots more I’ve yet to try with VFX. I’m willing to try compiled them to be a movie.
Visual Dimensions Production is working on lots of new different things. Even with this new role I’m learning, I’ve also included the action to Pre Wedding videos. Check this out ‘Mr & Mrs’. The client loved it after purposing it to them during the meeting. I got bored with boring old walk in the park and camera shy clients. I think every client should have something they wanna do. Only problem is, they are too shy. But not my recent client ‘Alimin + Tuty’, dare devils wanted to try something new and I’m proud of that.

As you can see, this is leading to real work now, weddings especially. I am indeed piling up with wedding videos I need to edit and believe it or not, in between  creating short films, I still editing weddings. I know its tough work doing all at once but this is me, I am indeed a busy person. I’ve got people saying its hard to contact me because I’m a spoon-full of everything these days.
Its such a crazy moment in some cases but I’ve managed to use this as a lifestyle and routine. However,  I’ve got great people im working with and it takes a bit of my business of the edge. I think that’s it for now, the long update about everything happening so far. I’m kind tired now and tomorrow shall be another BUSY day!

I’ve got no time for grammar corrections because im too lazy. Take care. Subscribe to my videos and enjoy, prepare for the next chapter of my filmmaking in Brunei.


Ninja (Short Film)

Here's one called 'Ninja'. This was a real challenge. Why? Because I had to learn how to play the 'Nunchuku' again and teaching it to a girl. When i was young, one of my favorite 'thing' is Nunchuku. I used to play around with my friends homemade one and practice. For no reasons, it became a piece of hobby. Perhaps, a talent. In the video, no fake editing cuts and angles, it was both characters ACTUALLY playing the Nunchuku.

I'm still a bit rusty and I had no idea its abit difficult when using gloves. So I found some Nunchuku somewhere in Bandar and decided to buy them and use them as props BEFORE the idea of ninja came up. A friend of mine introduced ninja to be another short film when she realizes that I had the stuff. Including the Anime sword which you see in the video. (Apparently from an Anime called Bleach). So we had to come up with a costume. I was actually going for those street-ninja styles by using boots. Not the actual ninja dressup. (There was a sarcastic comment about my ninja using boots).

I loved the idea, sat with Mienul and discussed about what to do with it. My action-comedy short films MUST include VFX and we thought about on what we could do in this one. Since I'm still new with VFX, i wanted to try lots of different things by referring to other videos and tutorials and use them in our short films.

After the short film 'Getaway', I was really fascinated with light saber effects (Star Wars) but had difficulty looking for the right one. (Long story). But then when Ninja idea came up, i wanted to try use those light saber effects. So I thought about using a NERF gun (Maverick) as a laser gun. It worked and was quite happy with it. Secondly, blowing up people is also a good practice cos now, knowing the basics, you could blow up a building which is yet to try one day.

Enjoy the video.


Mr & Mrs : Pre Wedding Film

With all the action fever going on, I've proposed an idea to my clients to try out something different. Something which I've been dying to try. Luckily, after showing them my short action/comedy skits, they were willing to take the challenge and they were cool enough to also make it as unique.

In the pre wedding film, it took us one whole day to shoot. I've also used some of my actors. Storyline was quiet flat but i think it went quite well. I was trying to imitate the whole 'Mr & Mrs Smith' style by having lots of explosion inside the house. But instead, I couldnt think of anything to blow up and there was limited lights.

Visual Dimensions Production props, machine guns and attire.


Stop & Getaway (2 New Short Films)

Let's be honest, well, let me be honest... Freddie Wong is indeed cool. Love his videos, love his style. 'Stop' is abit similar to his 'Time Freeze Shootout'. I always find freezing time one of the most brilliant kind of effects. There are a couple of movies I've seen includes these visual effects and always wondered how they do it. Well, after learning some basic tutorials, it wasn't as hard as I thought it'd me. But anyways, here it is...'STOP'. Watch Mienul freeze the soldiers in this episode.

Getaway : In this episode, Adam was asked to film Mienul's performances as a sentry. The boss had placed 3 enemies inside a house. The title says it all actually. Enjoy.



Pedestrians - A random short shot with the iphone 4. Just another ordinary day, nothing to do, decided to kill some pedestrians.


Machine Gun (Short Film)

In this one, the experiment was to play around with the dirt charges as well as the sky replacements. The original clips were purposely over exposed so that I could easier to replace the sky with the color key on Adobe After Effects. (well, the way I see it.. I'm still learning).


Chase (Short Film)

Here's another experiment on an effect we were testing towards the end. Check it out. Crap scripts written on spot. Enjoy.


Hostage (First Action/Comedy Short Film)

Here it is... After experiencing so much short films from comedy to romance and horror; thought i might try out action. Action is probably one of the most challenging ones. Why? Usually props and also some visual effects to create explosions, smoke, bullets etc.

After doing research on some famous Youtuber, Freddie Wong, I came across to an idea where I would finally start learning a new software which I've been meaning to do for so long but never had the time. This software is called 'Adobe After Effects'. Picked up a few basic tips from a friend and the rest were watching tutorials all over the net.

The Production came to agreement to try out this next epic adventure in the action world as we all took our times gathering all the materials we could get. Especially the guns. The attire we all cheap fake ones found in many different places including Miri.

So here's a new action first written spontaneously. Enjoy.


Muzzles & Blows

My first attempt with Muzzle Flashes and Blow Back on a plastic gun WHICH I'm obsessed with at the moment. More to come, more GUNS, first action and a short film on its way.


Baba Stesen

A music video for one of the departments from 'TelBru' with Reeda Malik (Anak Brunei).

Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand


Jakel TV Commercial 2011

This TV Commercial was launched on the 3rd April 2011 for Anugerah Bintang Popular on TV3.

A huge thank you to The Malaya Production (Malaysia) for flying me over from Brunei to shoot/experience my first TV commercial for 'Jakel'.

The Malaya Production
Director & DoP: Zalhilman Ismail
Videographer & Editor: Adam Groves
Assist. Videographer: Hj Azzatul Amin
Assist. Director: Shafiee Idris
Prod. Coordinator: Zalhilmy Ismail
DoL: Abg Alan
Still Photographer: Shukri Hamid & Syazrin Said
MUA: Aim Azam
Stylist: Kecik Couture
Music Editor: Megat
Crew: Zalqisty Ismail


Website Launch



Jeff + Joyce

Thanks for the great video! Had friends telling me they cried watching the video =D
- Joyce Lim


Playboi Moden

You've seen 'Surat Teknologi', here's another one called 'Playboi Moden'. Same actors, different story. Shot this somewhere in Jerudong at 2 in the morning. Shot with the Canon 7D + Rode Videomic. Color graded with 3-way color on Final Cut Pro.



First official job project in KL

I have been so busy to be updating my status but here it is. I went to KL short notice on the 22nd March when i was called up by (Wedding Malaya OR Malaya Production) for a project to shoot a TV commercial (TVC) for one of the top textile labels in KL, 'Jakel' as a camera operator. I'm really honored and proud to be saying that this is my first official job project in KL.

I've experience even more with TV commercials from almost A-Z. From setting up to end product. Working with The Malaya was such an enjoyable experience as this thought me so much of the values in getting on board with something I've always wanted to try. TV Commercials. It's also such a pity, our local industry in TVC could not see my capabilities to do so and it pisses me off that it HAS TO BE A REAL PRODUCTION HOUSE in order to get jobs like this. My company does not have an office and that's one of the reasons why. Secondly, my in-house cameras are DSLRs where as such, shooting the TVC for 'Jakel', I operated the Canon 5D MkII!

But before i get on the wrong foot, I don't watch local channels and the only TVC I've seen before was ads for DST. Other than that, car commercials which isn't a product by locals. So, reading over what I just said, I don't think I'm interested anymore.

I'd love to share more infos on the shoot, behind the scenes footages and photos but I don't think i could just yet until the video is officially in the clients hands and launched on TV3 and perhaps Astro. I may also upload a rough-cut on the video. Need to ask permission.

Looking forward for more jobs in KL. A huge thank you to The Malaya for hiring me. They've been so great to me, wonderful hospitalities and so.


My 7th March Day

Apparently, RTB Rampai Pagi was too interested with me and called me up to do an interview session about my reputation in the media industry. More about wedding cinematography, my experience with shooting celebrity Sheikh Muszaphar wedding in Kuala Lumpur, my journey from the beginning with filmmaking and also my band, Not Famous.

It wasn't what i've expected to be from typical TV station. What i mean by this was, the show was really easy, straight-forward and it didn't consist of speaking in a primary language, Malay. It was random and I was speaking in Eng-Lay or Malay-ish which made it pretty comfortable cos that's the way we Bruneian's talk. Why go all standard right? Its a local TV station who is interviewing a local bloke like me. Cool part was, I didn't have to go to the studio and instead they came over to shoot me in my own so-called office!
In the afternoon on the other hand, I attended the British High Commission 'UK In Brunei' video competition that includes 13 enteries where I was picked to be one of the judges with 3 others. Yes, Anak Brunei Reeda Malik was also one of the judges. It was really cool of them to invite me and i was honored that one of the heads actually watched 'Break'. My mini web-series drama on Youtube. We sat there for almost an hour watching the videos one after another and in between each videos, we discussed about the video about messages that was sent. I also had the privilege to have my crew to shoot multi-cam to have this as a Behind-The-Scenes with the judges which was also a sponsor, a thank you for inviting me kinda way. The 4 winners were picked and i will also be attending on the 15th March for prize presentation to the winners.


Coming Soon



Abbee + Soed's Videos

Here's the highlight video of their wedding shot on the 18th-20th February and was edited during my stay in Kuala Lumpur. Edited to be shown on the night of their wedding reception which was held somewhere at PutraJaya.

The Pre Wedding video is perhaps a post wedding video. We didn't have time to complete the video to be shown in Brunei as the groom was Malaysian and we had problems with sorting out the time to shoot. So, whilst i was in KL, we shot some of the parts, inserts, for the video that was also to be played during the night. Shot entirely on the 25th February and was editing this masterpiece less than 24hours! Reception took place on the 26th.

I must say, this was really challenging and luckily it was all done accordingly without any problems. Finished compiling the video, on to my pendrive at about 5pm and rushed to the venue ShangRila Resort (where they got dressed).


Update From KL

Here I am at Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur. I'm here to shoot a wedding reception for my clients 'Abbee & Soed'. The wedding was held in Brunei on the 18th-20th February and their reception is held in KL. The story behind this? They were suppose to do a pre-wedding in Brunei but it was difficult since both were apart most of the time. Date was set last year but I couldn't make it to KL because my son was born. And so, last minute plans, they've decided to do post wedding instead. Whilst the idea came around, they've suggested me to shoot the reception too. Its an honor cos I get to travel AND try out something different.

The photo above is me shooting some timelapse for their video. 
Above is a highlights video I'm editing to be shown on the night of their reception. All Akad Nikah, Malam Berbedak and Bersanding compiled together as a recap on for Malaysian families (Groom side) who couldnt make it during the actual wedding. I must say, it was really a fun one to edit. I was so used to Chinese wedding Same-Day-Edit, I've actually picked up a few new ideas on how to make the video more interesting to watch.
Here is my work-station. I've recently purchased a Mac Book Pro 13" just so I could do the editing here in KL. I also needed it to do a few more upcoming Chinese wedding for Same-Day-Edit. I find it pretty difficult to rush home and transfer memory cards that took ages to wait and end up being panic whether I could finish editing on time. Anyways, I've never owned a laptop before.
I mentioned that I would be doing a post-wedding video before the reception. AND i've also mentioned that I was editing a highlights video. Well, things couldn't get any better. Now that I've finished editing highlights, I'm suppose to start editing the post wedding now. But due to conversion of my clips, I have to wait until its done. We spent a whole day shooting in various places around KL and this might be interesting. The idea is there and the concept is superb. Fingers crossed, I don't wanna panic. May need to figure out the arrangements after this. It's 5am now and I've cos less than 10-hours to complete this before heading off to one of the shopping malls to shoot the bride getting make-up.


TimeLapse From The 10th

Here's an 8 seconds timelapse I did during my stay in KL (currently at this moment). Did this lastnight. Nothing fancy. Just continuous recording. Set up my Canon 550D 1080p on tripod, obviously and ran 32GB straight. Although, I needed to manually hit record button after duration stopped at 12mins.

It was raining heavily before and that's why you might have noticed some rain drops in the frame far-right. The problem I'm encountering is how to set a proper setting so that when night falls, it wont go too dark? I shall experiment using auto on the next one.


Break : Interview / Behind The Scenes

BREAK casts and crew were invited to RTB @ Pelangi FM for an interview with DJ Shahrizan a well known DJ in Brunei. Few of the casts Fikri, Along, Mienul & Shah went with director Adam Groves to RTB's HQ in BSB to talk about the hit show and share some of the insights, facts & trivias about themselves to their fans via radio broadcast 91.0 & 91.4 FM Pelangi Network. The interview also includes few never before seen clips, bloopers as well as what's happening behind the scenes during the shooting of the episodes Zero, 1.1 & 2.1.

By Anwar Hj Rosly (Break Actor)


White Light - Adam Groves (Music Video)

I'm not sure whether I've posted this up yet but from the looks of it I havent. This music video was posted up 2 months back and I've forgotten all about it. Here's a music video shot by 2 of my fellow filmmaker friends, Muiz (Rocky Bee) & Aznniel Yunus. Shot with 2 Canon 550Ds with a Sigma 30mm f1.4 and Canon 50mm f1.4 lenses which was used for amazing depth of fields and night-shots.

It was a random night where we sat outside and talked about films. I've decided to ask them to shoot my music video. The song 'White Light' was in my hands for quite some times and would like to try do something with it. The music was composed by myself with another close mate Azzatul Amin (Atoi). It was recorded purely digitally through Adobe Audition as well as Fruity Loops. Shitty mics and not so good mixers which had been connected into my processor.

The video itself was edited on Final Cut Pro and color graded with 3-way color. I wanted it to look like those hip-hop & RnB looks which shed greenish color all over. So I've created the looks purely by messing around with knobs and honestly to say, I think it looked great compared to the original which was shot in auto-white balance (camera) showing really poor colors during the night scene.

The clips inserted was also random showing myself waiting for a call-back. I must say, this video is lack of inserts and perhaps made me look abit more self-centered showing myself in multiple angles. But as said, this was random and experiment.


Surat Teknologi (Shot with iPhone 4)

Believe it or not, the title says it all. This experimental short film entitled 'Surat Teknologi' was shot with the iPhone 4. I was astounded when i saw some fellow filmmakers using this for weddings & corporate videos. It looked pretty cool and it looked so much better than the above. One thing that bothers me was the exposure levels. It kept on closing whenever it hits bright. Couldn't do much with it. As i said, its just an experiment. It was wicked.

We actually mounted a car iphone holder taping it onto a Manfrotto tripod.

However, throughout the shoot, I've decided not to use the tripod as it was so much hassles. The iPhone was too light that we couldn't stabilize the dolly/slider properly. (See first frame of the film, long shot). Audio was recorded with Edirol by Roland and was joint with the Rode Videomic. Recording seprately and sync in post.

The short film is actually a rip-off from Wong Fu Production. I personally liked it very much, 'Romance Ruins Technology : The Letters' (Youtube) and decided to do a remake in Brunei version. Its hilarious and it was enjoyable to shoot. We also have alot of good feedbacks from this experiment.

Written, Shot, Edited & Directed By Adam Groves
Co-Written By Aznniel Yunus
Director of Photography By Muiz RockyBee
Sound Man By Azzatul Amin
Starring Mienul Rashid & Fyqah Berapi
Music By Lily Chiam (Together)


Julian + Jenny

Here's another pre-wedding music video I enjoyed shooting. The couple had been going back and forth looking for ideas for their video and eventually agreed to try out the Taylor Swift one called 'Mine'. We shot this video in one day and in only one place only, the Groom's house (Julian).

They've also did some decorations outside the house by hanging down photos on pieces of strings which looked absolutely beautiful when I arrived. On the night of their reception, I could see lots of their guests enjoyed watching it.

I've done a few SDEs but honestly, I think this is the best one so far. I worked faster on this one and managed to put smiles on their faces as they walked into the hall for the second time. 


Not Famous (My Band)

Not Famous (My Band)

My Music

My Music
'...my personal compositions...'


Contact me on Skype, I don't like MSN! Search for "adam.grvs"


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