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Frankly speaking, I haven’t been blogging like I did in the old days. Talking and ranting about lots of different subjects. But I’ve come to realize, I might just do one right now after doing so much video editing’s, pending works and currently editing a corporate video for IGS College. Consider this as my recess.

I wanna start off by talking a bit about ‘Break – Episodes’. For the past few months, I’ve been nagged, cursed and critized by the inpatient-rude-hating viewers about the delay. There’s so many reasons for this but I don’t expect anybody to understand. You see, I don’t make the show to rise up my name, I make them because I wanna try see whether my skills are worth making Brunei entertainment scene something extraordinary. You see so many hidden talents around you whom are shy to try out things. For instance, why know how to do something but you’ve got nobody to share it with. My point is, I’m experimenting most of the time. I actually got what I was expecting to see, good results. I’ve been getting lots of mails since Episode Zero was launched last year. My friend request on Facebook are building up. Lots giving support, lots admire my work, lots interested in filmmaking and lots asking for tips on how to start off.

This is what I also wanted to see. I can see the changes after I first made everything happen. Not to sound cocky (like some of you of there), but everything happens for a reason. Since then, I’ve seen lots of new comers in videography, short films and weddings. This is developing pretty fast and that’s a good thing.

I’m not saying I’m smart but to know me, you need to understand me. Some may not like the way I work, interact or joke, some might say ‘He has a point’. The reason some can’t keep up with me is the same reason why anybody would run off and do it by themselves because they’ve grabbed everything they know about what I’m doing and suddenly forgets me. AGAIN, I’m not saying I’m better, I’m saying I don’t like anybody kiss-assing me because they want something.
So applying this to BREAK, there are some who are doing this. You will know sooner or later. I may be too nice, I may be too mean. End of the day, the results is for anybody to see for themselves. Basically, Break has not been moving much due to behaviors. But everyone kept saying I am the that owns the show and I’m the one that’s not doing anything about it. Let’s make it clear, how on earth am I gonna work with someone who backstabs you from the back? I couldn’t work with people like this. Clearly, some of you may know, typical Bruneians always do this. That’s why I’ve learn a lot being a citizen myself. I would admit I am in a way the same but my role is always going by as a person who sees things with common sense. 

Bruneians don’t like to be told what to do, Bruneians don’t like smart ass, Bruneians critize because they are jealous and some are always talking shit even when they know they are wrong. It’s hard to admit they are wrong because it will embarrass themselves by others. So what do they do? They just do what they normally do, keep on critizing and getting everyone else involve.

Please… this is just childish. In fact, I AM dealing with kids and that explains everything. ‘BREAK’ shall continue. Episode 3.1 is on its way finally. Don’t worry. To the many supporting ones that CAN wait, thank you so very much. Its worth waiting I tell you.

During the long hiatus with Break, I still did short films such as ‘Surat Teknologi’ as well as ‘PlayBoi Moden’. I came to realize that, I needed something new to experiment. After being introduced to a Youtuber called ‘Freddie Wong’, I became inspired by the art works of Visual Effects (VFX) using Adobe After Effects (AE).
When I first started with business in videography, my only weakness was doing special effects. This goes to animations, superimpose, titling and etc. I’ve always wanted to learn but it was too complicated for me. I couldn’t even do Photoshop. I’ve tried a lot but I gave up. With Freddie Wong, it accrued to me that if I wanted to start trying out action films, I need to know how to do use AE. So I’ve got a friend who thought we the fewer basics and carried on to read on more about it over the net and downloaded tutorials. 

Day after day, I practiced. Things I don’t know, I ask. Things I wanted to try, I search. I became even more active and took my cameras and tried shooting things before I really start.
Then it came to ‘Hostage’. My first VFX action/comedy film. I have to say, eventhough I created it but I’m proud to say that I did great as a newbie. I kept the trademark to have local Bruneians accents as the language, I made it funnier cos Bruneians love comedies and added a few touch on using something I normally do in my other short films. (Which I shall not say). After designing the whole concept, I decided to carry on making them AS practice AND entertainment whilst the hiatus on BREAK. So one thing let to another, we created more action/comedy films with the same actors. Main actors is myself as well as Mienul Rashid (may recognize him from Break / singer).

For some reasons, viewers were beginning to enjoy it more than they do with Break. This is from what I see because my mailbox is flooding like an ant  farm. Lots of questions, suggestions and admirable fellow people. This is partly a beginning because there are lots more I’ve yet to try with VFX. I’m willing to try compiled them to be a movie.
Visual Dimensions Production is working on lots of new different things. Even with this new role I’m learning, I’ve also included the action to Pre Wedding videos. Check this out ‘Mr & Mrs’. The client loved it after purposing it to them during the meeting. I got bored with boring old walk in the park and camera shy clients. I think every client should have something they wanna do. Only problem is, they are too shy. But not my recent client ‘Alimin + Tuty’, dare devils wanted to try something new and I’m proud of that.

As you can see, this is leading to real work now, weddings especially. I am indeed piling up with wedding videos I need to edit and believe it or not, in between  creating short films, I still editing weddings. I know its tough work doing all at once but this is me, I am indeed a busy person. I’ve got people saying its hard to contact me because I’m a spoon-full of everything these days.
Its such a crazy moment in some cases but I’ve managed to use this as a lifestyle and routine. However,  I’ve got great people im working with and it takes a bit of my business of the edge. I think that’s it for now, the long update about everything happening so far. I’m kind tired now and tomorrow shall be another BUSY day!

I’ve got no time for grammar corrections because im too lazy. Take care. Subscribe to my videos and enjoy, prepare for the next chapter of my filmmaking in Brunei.


Ninja (Short Film)

Here's one called 'Ninja'. This was a real challenge. Why? Because I had to learn how to play the 'Nunchuku' again and teaching it to a girl. When i was young, one of my favorite 'thing' is Nunchuku. I used to play around with my friends homemade one and practice. For no reasons, it became a piece of hobby. Perhaps, a talent. In the video, no fake editing cuts and angles, it was both characters ACTUALLY playing the Nunchuku.

I'm still a bit rusty and I had no idea its abit difficult when using gloves. So I found some Nunchuku somewhere in Bandar and decided to buy them and use them as props BEFORE the idea of ninja came up. A friend of mine introduced ninja to be another short film when she realizes that I had the stuff. Including the Anime sword which you see in the video. (Apparently from an Anime called Bleach). So we had to come up with a costume. I was actually going for those street-ninja styles by using boots. Not the actual ninja dressup. (There was a sarcastic comment about my ninja using boots).

I loved the idea, sat with Mienul and discussed about what to do with it. My action-comedy short films MUST include VFX and we thought about on what we could do in this one. Since I'm still new with VFX, i wanted to try lots of different things by referring to other videos and tutorials and use them in our short films.

After the short film 'Getaway', I was really fascinated with light saber effects (Star Wars) but had difficulty looking for the right one. (Long story). But then when Ninja idea came up, i wanted to try use those light saber effects. So I thought about using a NERF gun (Maverick) as a laser gun. It worked and was quite happy with it. Secondly, blowing up people is also a good practice cos now, knowing the basics, you could blow up a building which is yet to try one day.

Enjoy the video.


Mr & Mrs : Pre Wedding Film

With all the action fever going on, I've proposed an idea to my clients to try out something different. Something which I've been dying to try. Luckily, after showing them my short action/comedy skits, they were willing to take the challenge and they were cool enough to also make it as unique.

In the pre wedding film, it took us one whole day to shoot. I've also used some of my actors. Storyline was quiet flat but i think it went quite well. I was trying to imitate the whole 'Mr & Mrs Smith' style by having lots of explosion inside the house. But instead, I couldnt think of anything to blow up and there was limited lights.

Visual Dimensions Production props, machine guns and attire.


Stop & Getaway (2 New Short Films)

Let's be honest, well, let me be honest... Freddie Wong is indeed cool. Love his videos, love his style. 'Stop' is abit similar to his 'Time Freeze Shootout'. I always find freezing time one of the most brilliant kind of effects. There are a couple of movies I've seen includes these visual effects and always wondered how they do it. Well, after learning some basic tutorials, it wasn't as hard as I thought it'd me. But anyways, here it is...'STOP'. Watch Mienul freeze the soldiers in this episode.

Getaway : In this episode, Adam was asked to film Mienul's performances as a sentry. The boss had placed 3 enemies inside a house. The title says it all actually. Enjoy.



Pedestrians - A random short shot with the iphone 4. Just another ordinary day, nothing to do, decided to kill some pedestrians.


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Not Famous (My Band)

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