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Here I am at Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur. I'm here to shoot a wedding reception for my clients 'Abbee & Soed'. The wedding was held in Brunei on the 18th-20th February and their reception is held in KL. The story behind this? They were suppose to do a pre-wedding in Brunei but it was difficult since both were apart most of the time. Date was set last year but I couldn't make it to KL because my son was born. And so, last minute plans, they've decided to do post wedding instead. Whilst the idea came around, they've suggested me to shoot the reception too. Its an honor cos I get to travel AND try out something different.

The photo above is me shooting some timelapse for their video. 
Above is a highlights video I'm editing to be shown on the night of their reception. All Akad Nikah, Malam Berbedak and Bersanding compiled together as a recap on for Malaysian families (Groom side) who couldnt make it during the actual wedding. I must say, it was really a fun one to edit. I was so used to Chinese wedding Same-Day-Edit, I've actually picked up a few new ideas on how to make the video more interesting to watch.
Here is my work-station. I've recently purchased a Mac Book Pro 13" just so I could do the editing here in KL. I also needed it to do a few more upcoming Chinese wedding for Same-Day-Edit. I find it pretty difficult to rush home and transfer memory cards that took ages to wait and end up being panic whether I could finish editing on time. Anyways, I've never owned a laptop before.
I mentioned that I would be doing a post-wedding video before the reception. AND i've also mentioned that I was editing a highlights video. Well, things couldn't get any better. Now that I've finished editing highlights, I'm suppose to start editing the post wedding now. But due to conversion of my clips, I have to wait until its done. We spent a whole day shooting in various places around KL and this might be interesting. The idea is there and the concept is superb. Fingers crossed, I don't wanna panic. May need to figure out the arrangements after this. It's 5am now and I've cos less than 10-hours to complete this before heading off to one of the shopping malls to shoot the bride getting make-up.

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