TimeLapse From The 10th

Here's an 8 seconds timelapse I did during my stay in KL (currently at this moment). Did this lastnight. Nothing fancy. Just continuous recording. Set up my Canon 550D 1080p on tripod, obviously and ran 32GB straight. Although, I needed to manually hit record button after duration stopped at 12mins.

It was raining heavily before and that's why you might have noticed some rain drops in the frame far-right. The problem I'm encountering is how to set a proper setting so that when night falls, it wont go too dark? I shall experiment using auto on the next one.

20first  – (February 25, 2011 at 5:14 PM)  

Hey, good stuff. i recorded a timelapse of empire yesterday too and was thinkin of using auto settings but scared the iso jumps too high which shows no different in the day-night scene. anyways what converter do u use to convert ur .mov file? or do u edit with the native file in ur NLE?

Adam Groves –   – (February 26, 2011 at 12:10 AM)  

Hey thanks for the comment. Actually I did another one today and i DID use the AUTO settings. Seems really accurate. And it looks good. I think its better to have it on AUTO now if doing continuous recording timelapse.

Converter? MPEG Streamclip. Convert to Apple ProRess 422 (HQ).

20first  – (February 27, 2011 at 8:04 PM)  
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20first  – (February 27, 2011 at 8:05 PM)  
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20first  – (February 27, 2011 at 8:06 PM)  

Oh i guess i have to try that the next time i record a timelapse but i need to atleast get myself a class 6 SDHC first =/

To encode with that codec im guessing ure using FCP? thanks for the information, keep doing all the great work.

lol sorry dint mean to flood ur comment. my connection is being a bitch.

Adam Groves –   – (February 27, 2011 at 9:21 PM)  

Yup... I did a test yesterday with AUTO and it works BETTER! Thank god, it looks great. Adviced.

Yup, FCP. Thanks again.

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