Surat Teknologi (Shot with iPhone 4)

Believe it or not, the title says it all. This experimental short film entitled 'Surat Teknologi' was shot with the iPhone 4. I was astounded when i saw some fellow filmmakers using this for weddings & corporate videos. It looked pretty cool and it looked so much better than the above. One thing that bothers me was the exposure levels. It kept on closing whenever it hits bright. Couldn't do much with it. As i said, its just an experiment. It was wicked.

We actually mounted a car iphone holder taping it onto a Manfrotto tripod.

However, throughout the shoot, I've decided not to use the tripod as it was so much hassles. The iPhone was too light that we couldn't stabilize the dolly/slider properly. (See first frame of the film, long shot). Audio was recorded with Edirol by Roland and was joint with the Rode Videomic. Recording seprately and sync in post.

The short film is actually a rip-off from Wong Fu Production. I personally liked it very much, 'Romance Ruins Technology : The Letters' (Youtube) and decided to do a remake in Brunei version. Its hilarious and it was enjoyable to shoot. We also have alot of good feedbacks from this experiment.

Written, Shot, Edited & Directed By Adam Groves
Co-Written By Aznniel Yunus
Director of Photography By Muiz RockyBee
Sound Man By Azzatul Amin
Starring Mienul Rashid & Fyqah Berapi
Music By Lily Chiam (Together)

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