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Here I am at Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur. I'm here to shoot a wedding reception for my clients 'Abbee & Soed'. The wedding was held in Brunei on the 18th-20th February and their reception is held in KL. The story behind this? They were suppose to do a pre-wedding in Brunei but it was difficult since both were apart most of the time. Date was set last year but I couldn't make it to KL because my son was born. And so, last minute plans, they've decided to do post wedding instead. Whilst the idea came around, they've suggested me to shoot the reception too. Its an honor cos I get to travel AND try out something different.

The photo above is me shooting some timelapse for their video. 
Above is a highlights video I'm editing to be shown on the night of their reception. All Akad Nikah, Malam Berbedak and Bersanding compiled together as a recap on for Malaysian families (Groom side) who couldnt make it during the actual wedding. I must say, it was really a fun one to edit. I was so used to Chinese wedding Same-Day-Edit, I've actually picked up a few new ideas on how to make the video more interesting to watch.
Here is my work-station. I've recently purchased a Mac Book Pro 13" just so I could do the editing here in KL. I also needed it to do a few more upcoming Chinese wedding for Same-Day-Edit. I find it pretty difficult to rush home and transfer memory cards that took ages to wait and end up being panic whether I could finish editing on time. Anyways, I've never owned a laptop before.
I mentioned that I would be doing a post-wedding video before the reception. AND i've also mentioned that I was editing a highlights video. Well, things couldn't get any better. Now that I've finished editing highlights, I'm suppose to start editing the post wedding now. But due to conversion of my clips, I have to wait until its done. We spent a whole day shooting in various places around KL and this might be interesting. The idea is there and the concept is superb. Fingers crossed, I don't wanna panic. May need to figure out the arrangements after this. It's 5am now and I've cos less than 10-hours to complete this before heading off to one of the shopping malls to shoot the bride getting make-up.


TimeLapse From The 10th

Here's an 8 seconds timelapse I did during my stay in KL (currently at this moment). Did this lastnight. Nothing fancy. Just continuous recording. Set up my Canon 550D 1080p on tripod, obviously and ran 32GB straight. Although, I needed to manually hit record button after duration stopped at 12mins.

It was raining heavily before and that's why you might have noticed some rain drops in the frame far-right. The problem I'm encountering is how to set a proper setting so that when night falls, it wont go too dark? I shall experiment using auto on the next one.


Break : Interview / Behind The Scenes

BREAK casts and crew were invited to RTB @ Pelangi FM for an interview with DJ Shahrizan a well known DJ in Brunei. Few of the casts Fikri, Along, Mienul & Shah went with director Adam Groves to RTB's HQ in BSB to talk about the hit show and share some of the insights, facts & trivias about themselves to their fans via radio broadcast 91.0 & 91.4 FM Pelangi Network. The interview also includes few never before seen clips, bloopers as well as what's happening behind the scenes during the shooting of the episodes Zero, 1.1 & 2.1.

By Anwar Hj Rosly (Break Actor)


White Light - Adam Groves (Music Video)

I'm not sure whether I've posted this up yet but from the looks of it I havent. This music video was posted up 2 months back and I've forgotten all about it. Here's a music video shot by 2 of my fellow filmmaker friends, Muiz (Rocky Bee) & Aznniel Yunus. Shot with 2 Canon 550Ds with a Sigma 30mm f1.4 and Canon 50mm f1.4 lenses which was used for amazing depth of fields and night-shots.

It was a random night where we sat outside and talked about films. I've decided to ask them to shoot my music video. The song 'White Light' was in my hands for quite some times and would like to try do something with it. The music was composed by myself with another close mate Azzatul Amin (Atoi). It was recorded purely digitally through Adobe Audition as well as Fruity Loops. Shitty mics and not so good mixers which had been connected into my processor.

The video itself was edited on Final Cut Pro and color graded with 3-way color. I wanted it to look like those hip-hop & RnB looks which shed greenish color all over. So I've created the looks purely by messing around with knobs and honestly to say, I think it looked great compared to the original which was shot in auto-white balance (camera) showing really poor colors during the night scene.

The clips inserted was also random showing myself waiting for a call-back. I must say, this video is lack of inserts and perhaps made me look abit more self-centered showing myself in multiple angles. But as said, this was random and experiment.


Surat Teknologi (Shot with iPhone 4)

Believe it or not, the title says it all. This experimental short film entitled 'Surat Teknologi' was shot with the iPhone 4. I was astounded when i saw some fellow filmmakers using this for weddings & corporate videos. It looked pretty cool and it looked so much better than the above. One thing that bothers me was the exposure levels. It kept on closing whenever it hits bright. Couldn't do much with it. As i said, its just an experiment. It was wicked.

We actually mounted a car iphone holder taping it onto a Manfrotto tripod.

However, throughout the shoot, I've decided not to use the tripod as it was so much hassles. The iPhone was too light that we couldn't stabilize the dolly/slider properly. (See first frame of the film, long shot). Audio was recorded with Edirol by Roland and was joint with the Rode Videomic. Recording seprately and sync in post.

The short film is actually a rip-off from Wong Fu Production. I personally liked it very much, 'Romance Ruins Technology : The Letters' (Youtube) and decided to do a remake in Brunei version. Its hilarious and it was enjoyable to shoot. We also have alot of good feedbacks from this experiment.

Written, Shot, Edited & Directed By Adam Groves
Co-Written By Aznniel Yunus
Director of Photography By Muiz RockyBee
Sound Man By Azzatul Amin
Starring Mienul Rashid & Fyqah Berapi
Music By Lily Chiam (Together)


Julian + Jenny

Here's another pre-wedding music video I enjoyed shooting. The couple had been going back and forth looking for ideas for their video and eventually agreed to try out the Taylor Swift one called 'Mine'. We shot this video in one day and in only one place only, the Groom's house (Julian).

They've also did some decorations outside the house by hanging down photos on pieces of strings which looked absolutely beautiful when I arrived. On the night of their reception, I could see lots of their guests enjoyed watching it.

I've done a few SDEs but honestly, I think this is the best one so far. I worked faster on this one and managed to put smiles on their faces as they walked into the hall for the second time. 


Yuhan + Sheena

The video above is what I like to call, creative. The clients wanted to do something abit different and added scenes from their most memorable moments together. This was probably one of the most worked I've done with Pre-Weddings. The video was well-prepared, scripts, storyboards and off course locations, dates and time we organized professionally. It almost came out to be an actual film. It took a day to shoot and obviously a really tiring one too.

This one is the Same Day Edit (SDE). I must say, this was a really challenging one. The locations of bride and groom were across the country (Bandar - KB) and I was running out of time to edit the video for the night's reception. Luckily all went well. Enjoy.


Walter + Yvonne : Pre Wedding

Here's a surprise video for the bride, 'Yvonne' during their reception night. Walter decided to sing one of Yvonne's favorite songs. From what I've heard, Yvonne kept nagging Walter to perform on their reception night but Walter however wasn't keen to do it as he already planned out a romantic surprise for his wife.

It was indeed a surprise which led Yvonne to shed tears after watching the previewed video during the night of the reception which was held at The Empire Hotel, Grand Hall.

Walter is a singer of Paspot 2 Fame (P2F) season 2. We shot this music video on a rooftop, a building located somewhere at Airport Mall. This was really a fun music video shoot.


Not Famous (My Band)

Not Famous (My Band)

My Music

My Music
'...my personal compositions...'


Contact me on Skype, I don't like MSN! Search for "adam.grvs"


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