Shooting Astronaut's Wedding 10.10.10

October 10th, CandidSyndrome's Saiful Nang flew me in to shoot the biggest wedding in Kuala Lumpur of 2010. Who? Dato' Sheikh Muszaphar, first Malaysian astronaut to travel into space and Datin Dr. Halina. It was a great honor to be called in from Brunei and shoot the wedding. Like I've always wanted, work abroad.

Apparently, my partner could not join me and I had to gang up my own team from Brunei with Bahurm Jaili & Koo Jinchen. They wanted videographers who uses DSLRs to shoot wedding and only both I could think off. We brought along a number of gears. I thought, it was only the three of us until arriving in KL, there was a briefing by Ahim Rani (Candid Syndrome Brunei) and Saiful Nang that there were another 6 more videographers. It was amazing. Enjoyed working with them.

However, what was even cooler was for them to pick me as team captain of the video team. Called me up to the front and just talked about anything to describe, to plan and to structure the movements of the team members. I was nervous but it went okay, I hope so. The other guys were friendly indeed and it was enjoyable to be working with them too.
There was only 2 events, Akad Nikah & Reception at the PICC Hall. Its basically something like ICC Brunei, only massive! Huge! Here is a photo of the end of the event on 10.10.10, all photographers and videographers. I'm sure as hell as lucky to be called in for this because it was a wonderful experience to be there, meeting up cool, creatively people, getting to know newer friends and moments like this is absolutely a blast!

If any of the crews from the above photo is to see this post, I just wanna say THANKS alot! Hope to see you all again one day in a different event or maybe KL hangout etc. :)
All videographers used DSLRs, mostly the Canon 7Ds along with 1X 5D MkII and a Canon Ti2. I havent got the time to edit this video yet but will do. I still have lots of weddings to finish and to start editing. I've also managed to shoot some behind-the-scenes which should be interesting to post up. 

SN  – (October 26, 2010 at 9:40 PM)  

it was a great pleasure bro. Btw..pls edit the "Behind The Scene" and send me the HD version ;) hehehehe. Proud to see it again

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