Pebble Ridge Music Video, Most Expensive Dolly & First Kiss Scene

A dear friend of mine Faadzil Osman, recently acted in my recent short film 'Janji Melayu' as well as my ex-manager for my band Not Famous , returns after 3 years from his music course Manchester, England. During his studying period, he formed a band called Pebble Ridge . A fine music producer, they've recorded over 10 songs, basically an album. He flew in his 2 friends, David (Gutiarist) and Kirsy (Vocalist) for holidays as well as shooting their first music video, 'Down'. Apparently, it's one of Kirsy's favorites.

Shooting this video at about 3am-6am in the morning at you know where this is. The only underground tunnel we have in Brunei. It was exciting and yet also insanely challenging. Why?

  This is why. Me and Faadzil was watching a 'Making' of a particular music video and saw them using this technique which was cool. As one of the members of the band said, 'We have the most expensive dolly we can find'. And yes, WE HAVE THE MOST EXPENSIVE DOLLY WE CAN FIND. 
 Its very smooth and its highly recommended to try if you are really considering in getting a proper track dolly. Can't wait til you see the smoothness. Engine's off, Faadzil controlled the wheels whilst I have Adi (Drummer for Karacoma, local band) and David to push the car slowly. We did also encountered some difficulties in maintaining the speed of both the car and the singer in order to keep the frames/depth of field consistent.
 Here, using my Sigma 24-70mm f2.8 lens, I tried doing something i always wanted to do with a fix aperture zoom lens, especially on an up-beat rock music. Wait and see. Towards the end of the 6-minutes music, I've encountered foggy lens which took sometime to heal. Decided to stop, and not waste time. Used the 30mm f1.4 on the 5th minute.
 I've shot several short films over the years, and tried different genre's of shorts, from horror, comedy and latest action. I've never tried romance. It's not easy to make romance without holding hands or huggings or even a smooch on the cheeks in Brunei. Wonder how viewers will react to my latest music video. LOL!

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when will we be able to watch ur music video? (:

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