Lumix G2 Test - Review - Janji Melayu Short Film

A friend of mine introduced me to a friend of his yesterday for no reasons whatsoever. Chit chatted for a while and showed him my work. Apparently this man was also into filmmaking and bought himself a  'Panasonic Lumix DMC G2' DSLR camera. I knew about this camera when browsing through some filmmakers site before I bought my Canon 7D. It looks rad, its the first Panasonic DSLR exchangeable lens camera and it shoots in 720p 30fps, almost like the Canon 500D BUT, looking at the LCD on camera, the colors are exquisite indeed. It reminds me of the Sony EX1.

So I thought to myself, randomly asking both my friends whether they'd like to go out for a quick experimental test on the new device which he bought a week before Hari Raya. Agreed. Took them to the Muara-Beach (As i heard it has been renovated and looks quite pretty now) and spontaneously made up a simple story of what was going to be shot. It was called 'Janji Melayu'. The problem with me is that, I'd rather experiment it out on a short film rather shooting something environmental.

So far, the articulating LCD is really useful for HDSLR filmmakers. I seriously love it. Now that I've seen the advantages, I can see how the Canon 60D is also similar in its performance. The guy bought it package, came with 2 sets of lenses but only played with the kit-lens, the 14-42mm. It's smaller than a Canon rebel-sized one and its too complicated, well...too complicated for me as this is my first time touching something else besides Canon. It has auto-focus on video mode which was quite cool. If the object is moving, it'll automatically detect to get in focus WITHOUT even to touch any of the buttons. So far, I've not seen any of the Canon's nor Nikon's do this. The other thing that's disappointing after dumping SD files on to my computer was not being able to play the videos on any of my players such as Quicktime, VLC, RealPlayer, Windows Media except for Movist which I use to watch downloaded Bluray films.

Why? The format reads only in .mts instead of H.264 and .mov. Which was weird cos I've never heard or seen this type before and so I asked a couple of friends of mine who all said the same thing, it will not read in any of the players. Neither will it be able to import to editing suite, my Final Cut Pro. They mentioned a few software converters I could use but I keep running into those licensed ones. I wanted something quicker, free, just to use it for this one time. So I found a free software, easy to use called 'Leawo Mac Video Converter Pro'. 

Buzzin92  – (February 5, 2012 at 10:07 AM)  

I can play .mts files perfectly fine in VLC and Media Player classic.

You need the codec packs to be able to view them in their raw format without the need for conversion. I use Klite Codec pack and Media Player Home Cinema. I also use a couple of less important ones such as Quicktime alternative and Real alternative. :)

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