Break - Pilot Teaser

Here's a teaser of my latest 10minute mini-drama series. A teaser is a teaser. The footages were only from one of the scenes. There's a couple of stories from different students.

This is also my first video uploaded into a 2.35 widescreen without having any borders/letterbox. However, I'm only testing out and from the looks of it, i love it. However, the series will not be on 2.35. I was only experimenting and decided to try it out on the teaser.


Break 'Pilot'

Some of you may know my 'The Jo & Jul Show' (2009) which includes only 2 episodes and some of you may not. Well, for those who don't here is a link. Episode 1 & Episode 2. Its a 10-minute short film comedy which was suppose to be an ongoing entertainment. It didn't work out but it DID make a huge impact during the days on the local scenes. I was indeed proud with the response and support until one of them had to go abroad studies and show is canceled.

I've always wanted to make a drama of my own. But here? In Brunei? With my brain? Put both together and It'll never happen. Why? MIB.......(Melayu Islam Beraja). There's just so much errors. I know this cos I've once worked ina production in a very short period. Also picked out lots of infos from friends in the media field.
To me, filmmaking is not only a hobby, its my career. It's my job and its entertainment. Also, every short film I do is actually an experiment. I'm trying out different things, cameras, concepts, ideas etc. 'The Jo & Jul Show' was actually an experiment on whether I could get audience/viewers to enjoy a good laugh. It worked. And the idea was purposely to create characters that relates in the local scenes by adding some style. Such as episode 1 'The One With The Race' is basically about a self-centered person who cares only for himself. Secondly, never judge a fat guy that he'll lose in a race.
'Break' is actually short for 'BreakTime' OR 'Recess as in, in school. Should notice the school uniform from the photos. The idea came to me one day that I wanted to try something with fighting. I've never done one before. Its pretty challenging because on the first day, I had to to direct the 2 actors to fight. Not that I know but by experiencing from movies I've watched. Every punch/kick are according to steps. We had to create the steps by making a partision then joining them up in post. It was hard I tell you. As for scripts, I decided to do this one in Malay. Brunei, Malay. Not standard. I hate it. I never liked the Brunei dramas where they write standard malay. Seriously, anybody around you talk standard? No right? They talk normal with the 'Ani...', 'Atu...', 'Awu...', 'Inda...'. So thats how I want them to speak, according to my scripts. I think its just way better an original.
The actors I've chose are not professionals. They are hand-picked to match the description on the character I've created. But everyone learns, and they'll get better and better once they've experience this. I've decided to shoot this with my Canon 7D as it is easy to carry around. Not mentioning how hard it was shooting 'The Jo & Jul Show' carrying the huge cam around and people can get nosey during a shoot. DSLRs are way easier to hide if you know what I mean. Even got the chance to test out the Rode mics out in the open field and the sound pickup on distance are brilliant.

Why 'Episode 0'? Because its my first pilot and introducing the actors before the actual story starts. Not that I've any idea what'll happen. There's just too many ideas I'm deciding at the moment. As for now, I've finish 3minutes of the short film. Got another 7minutes to shoot. Not sure how to do this with all the fasting this month. (Ramadhan). In fact, I've learn from my mistakes. May not release episode 0 until I've completed at least 1 more.


Hj Ahmad + Nurulsofya

Here's one of the latest SDE highlights produced by Visual Dimensions Production. A wonderful wedding, lots were going on and indeed enjoyable client to work with. Congratulations to the both of you.

Edited by Shopian Said. Filmed by Zati and Saiful.


Better Audio BUT No Audio Levels

My Rode VideoMic arrived a few days ago and was excited to unpack it out of the shipping box when I got back into my car. Bought batteries, got home and plugged it into my Canon 7D. Did some experiments, set on tripod and filmed myself talking, audio test. Now, I knew this was coming but apparently, you can't monitor the audio levels on a Canon 7D nor available headphone plug-ins in this model. On a Canon 5DMk2, latest firmware, it has those audio gain controls (AGC) and its quite helpful but if I'm not mistaken, it too does not have a headphone jack either.

However, I've managed to do a couple of takes by experimenting myself (distance-wise), from 1-5 meters away from the cam just to see the difference the audio can pickup. Results? It's really accurate and those people who highly recommended them were right! :) The Microphone is BRILLIANT! May need to do some more test though.

Tried it out on 'Laila + Ezam's wedding this week. So far, compared with the internal mics on 7D, its way much better, obviously. But there is some slight curiosity on a couple of things which I'm still experimenting. That is why its hard to know whether it sounds good or bad directly from camera until transferring it to the computer afterwards, not having any ways to listen OR monitor sound when recording.
August 6th - 8th, 2010. Wedding of 'Laila + Ezam'. Nice and cute couple, hehe :)  Friendly and a wonderful hospitality. Congratulations to both of you. See you again. :)


Not Famous (My Band)

Not Famous (My Band)

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My Music
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