The Story Behind 'The Last Walk' Short Film

Let me tell you readers a story about the day when I decided to shoot this short film. It was VERY recently. When? Lastnight! So while waiting for the about video to load, read below.

During the day, about 5:45pm, I've decided to join my wife and aunt to go to the Serasa Beach cos my aunt wanted to play around with my Canon 500D on a 50mm. I light-bulb popped. I wanted to try out my 7D but didn't know what I was planning to shoot. I thought about it on the way over and decided. Just plain ordinary continuous timelapse of the sunset over the sea. Picturing this lovely STILL, I also realized time was running short as the day began to shed darkness quickly due to the coming heavy rain as well. I've managed to capture at least 20mins of it and buggered-off home.

In between the stilled-tripod on top of a rock I was sitting, I pictured many things on the shore of the beach. Something that could be shot and compiled together into a short clip. I was aiming something random. Something Philip Bloom (a filmmaker) would do whenever he had a chance to visit a place whilst carrying his camera...for experiments. But I couldn't because I had the 7D on still awaiting for the sun to climb down from its positioning. I could use the 500D but that wasnt the case. I needed to try it out on the 7D which I'm still studying.

Anyways, nothing happened. Coming home, I quickly exported the files onto my Mac and worked on this shitful clip, speeded it up to see what I had accomplished. Apparently, it was alright but not just yet. It wasn't enough. PLUS, I had a full-stop on my 12mins of recording. During the time, I wasn't looking at my camera and lose at least 2minutes. Now...the first clip are not joined properly as it showed a jumpy stutter in the conjoining of the 2nd clip.
I said...'Right...I'm scrapping this off'. I'll just have to do it other time. WHEN i have the time. Because I was too busy with trying to catch up on wedding edits but was also too eager to try play around with my 7D.

So that evening, I wandered around. I wandered around the house whilst smoking. Thinking and thinking and suddenly, light-bulb turned on. I thought of a short film. A pretty simple one really. I realized I haven't been making any for the past few months after 'The Shape II'. I asked my brotha-in-law whether he would be interested in acting in it. He wasn't too keen about it but by forced, I got him!

I really really insisted that we shoot something that night due to the failure of my so-called timelapse. I know.

I decided to move from home about half-to-one (after midnight). Driving around looking for some nice places to shoot. Through out the night, we were also worried with the weather condition since it was raining heavily hours ago as well as the police surveillance patrol. We've managed to shoot everything quickly until we ended up at the 'Damuan Park' to finish the story-off.

FOR YOUR INFO (If You've watched it OR going to watch it)
It may look abit boring for all the quite, slow-cuts, long clips and feet-tapping climax. I am very much aware of that and it was not only done purposely BUT try to understand that this is how a person who will be having stressful-frustrating-problematic situation will feel if they are lonely. I'm trying to capture that few moments to wonder about this man. Otherwise, it won't be much of a filmmaking if you guys are anxious to jump to the point quickly. I know I have critics before from a friend of mine when I showed him my short film 'The Awakening' (which is not available on both Youtube and Vimeo, ONLY Facebook) but he was was TOO long.

I'm gonna give credits to the actor who had tried his best although this was his first time. So guys...Enjoy my latest short film, 'The Last Walk'.

*Shot On Canon EOS 7D, using only Sigma 30mm f1.4 lens. This is my first 1080p25 short film and honestly speaking, I'm no good with the manual-settings for night-scenes. I'm NOT really happy with the colors/white balance but I did color graded the clips with the 3-way color-corrector on FCP a little.

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Did you find the problem why the record suddenly stopped already?

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