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(For Those Who JUST Found This Website From My FaceBook, Or From A Buddy Of Mine, Or Was Introduced By Your Friends, OR Some Random Person, A Make-Up Artist Or A Fellow Photographer, Or Perhaps You Know Me Personally And To Whomever Recommended Or Probably A Fan, READ THIS).

Visual Dimensions Production is a FULL time Wedding Videography Company and Adam Groves is indeed my name. We specialize in Modern Wedding Films, shot with HD-DSLRs cameras in creative development towards filmmaking amongst TWO friends, partners. One of them is ME, obviously.

I'm not going to be one of those self-centered type egoistic people who says he's highly recommended and is professional and good compared from the whole bunch of other videographers. No. It is YOU to decide.

Basically, we've been working hard as a team, developing wedding films this year by adding some uniqueness. Shooting and editing the memorable films you'd enjoy watching years later. However, at this precise moment, we've only got a few videos on our link (Wedding Films) BUT we're uploading the latest, newest, breath-taking updated style of wedding film samples SOON. 

IF any of you are interested in watching our samples personally with us and to inquire our rates, please contact me. You see the 'Contact' link? You press that link.

No. We don't do photography BUT in my affiliates tab are ones who I highly recommended from TOP to BOTTOM. I don't just choose randomly just because they are also friends of mine BUT being honest that their work are absolutely professional. Should you wish for rates, please contact them personally.

I love weddings very much and I've been doing this myself for over 3 years now and I've got tons of samples but nothing compared to ones in 2010 along with my second...third....fourth shooters who are has a creative and talented background individually, operating camera supports such as GlideCams, Sliders, 12ft Crane etc to be used in necessary moments during your weddings.

My style of work: The day we meet for booking confirmation (Coffee House OR Murtabak OR Teh Tarik ETC) is the day where I'm also your fellow friend. One who is willing to get to know you in order to create your wedding film with OUR magic touch. However, you should just keep up with me or my team no matter what because by the end of the day, its used in your video and yes, you shall see it.  I sometimes make up silly directing, acting up trying to set-up a beautiful mood in those occasions such as spontaneous interviews with weird questions OR unusual shootings. This is probably one of OUR trademarks in our line of business. Making a video and enjoying every bit of it and off course, we'd become friends. :)

I'm sure some may just want cheap prices and some who just don't give a damn about what we have to offer and rather find someone else with better rates. By the end of the day, quality matters.

Take Care. Thank You For Reading.

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