Lots Of Weddings To Be Edited, First Pre-Wedding Abroad

This is one of those blog-posts where I’ll be laying down everything straight out, (no photos, too lazy to upload them).

My brother Asa Groves got married to our newest Groves member, Sophie. Did I shoot for their wedding? Yes I did. Shooting video for ONLY their Nikah function and ended up taking photos towards the end. Not that I’ll be editing their video anytime soon for you readers to see.

It’s been a hectic last couple of weeks. Catching up on my editing which needs to be done quickly. At this moment, I’m currently, ALMOST done with ‘Khartini + Asrul’ DVD. The highlighted version is looking pretty sharp as this will be one of the main video samples. Its amazing really. Will soon be uploaded along with another, ‘Nana + Hil’.

Also shot a wedding with Jason Ong of Masamichi. A client, both doctors, ‘Siti + Rizal’. The wedding was lovely. The bride was pretty. Enjoyed making their video. As always, can’t wait to edit their film.

July is a good month. Been keeping myself busy just shooting weddings week after week. This week, we shot a client named ‘Fini + Adel’ in Tutong. For some strange reasons, I personally think Tutong is hotter then the rest of the other districts. I don’t know, its heating up very differently during the day. The humidity is terrible and I tend to sweat ridiculously!

Another exciting news, will be shooting first pre-wedding film abroad in September for the first time. Where? Kuala Lumpur. And for some stupid reasons, right now, this minute, I forgot the names. Client’s husband is Malaysian and will be having their reception in KL next year, February.

Because I’m going to KL for an official ‘Directing Workshop’, I suggested whether they’ll be going to KL anytime soon. I told them I was going in September. One thing led to another, we agreed to have their pre-wedding shoot abroad in their package. Pretty awesome since I’ve always wanted to do this. But…I’ll be doing it alone, that’s my challenge. Will see what happens til the day comes. Thanks to Flo Von Linprun for introducing us.

Anonymous –   – (July 19, 2010 at 12:51 PM)  

看了你的日誌 覺得今天好充實 晚安瞜............................................................

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