Finally...My Canon 7D

YES! Finally purchased my Canon EOS 7D. Well.... invested really. Managed to sold my Canon XL2 on Brudirect for this baby. Some may be wonder now, no...I'm not becoming a photographer ( if I wanna be one), no, its used as a video-camera. Nowadays, this is the shit for properly good-looking video device. I've been using Canon 500D all these times for weddings and it does the job. Although, it was pretty hard at times when you need to change the lens every now and again.

My only concern at the time (in the shop) was to buy lens I needed. As I purchased the camera, I thought twice whether I should get the lens I've always wanted. A 24-70mm f2.8. I said, what the heck, sooner or later I do need one. So, I did. I know...a complete package along with battery-grips (not necessary) and some extra battery packs. I was also a little short but I HAD TO buy myself those Sandisk Compact Flash (CF) cards which bloody cost a fortune! I needed at least 16GBs to shoot an actual wedding event a day.

Would I think HD-DSLRs are convenient to use for weddings? 
(Whilst becoming the lonesome videographer without a mate, meaning you alone).
Actually...yes it does and no it doesn't. It has both the pros and cons as well like any other matters. Well...I'm not trying to be smart but this is what I've experience in my line of work. I love HD-DSLRs. I think, my answer is probably the same as everybody else's...the lenses. You could use all kinds just to make the video extremely good. With all the DOFs, its wonderful. 
Off course....there are the cons. You can't change lenses on time such as during the 'Nikah', (Imam + Groom + Bride / Rings). You may encounter overheating problems which most likely camera turns-off automatically on a 'Basuh Kaki' event during a 'Bersanding' on a hot weather. I know I did. All the time. Also, not keeping it up with low-lights IF you don't own at least a f1.8mm prime lenses whilst shooting an event such as 'Ambil-Ambilan OR Balik 3/7 Hari' during the evening.

These are the things I'm experiencing when I'm shooting alone with my DSLR. Not until lastnight, I had a second body which made it pretty quicker as you had one specific lens for each body. Not forgetting, my partner was also shooting on DSLR and it became even MORE fun and easy to use to operate with DSLRs during a wedding.

Though, I wouldn't say DSLR is BETTER than a proper high-end camcorders. It is still IMPORTANT to have one if you are calling yourself a videographer. I just don't have one at the moment because the one I'm aiming for costs 3 times the amount of my Canon 7D. PLUS, my MacPro needs to be upgraded good enough to handle the files. Perhaps one day when the time comes. Canon 7D will then become my 2nd camera. Shall not say what but its definitely a Professional camcorder. Don't be so cheeky.

Anyways, I haven't really got around in exploring with my Canon 7D cos got lots of edits to do BUT what I do realize during day 1 at the 'Balik 3 Hari' lastnight was... its easy to use after studying the manuals for like 5minutes. Colors were beautiful although we used custom settings which I copied from my Canon 500D. Yup. We don't use the original color settings. The first time Eyan told me, I didn't quite get it until he explained to me why and how i needed to see for myself after trying. Its good in post-production during color corrections WHICH I'm really into nowadays!

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