NotFamous Strikes Back....Again

13th June, Sunday, me and my band, performed and entertain families, friends and fans at the Mini-Amp Jerudong Park and ended with a boom. Months after the last show in December, we've in hiding behind the shadows recording our new/latest songs for the upcoming album 2010. The show was absolutely great and we enjoyed every bit of it. Performing the 5 new songs as well as an oldie for closing entitled 'Second Song' (first album). From what I could say, the audience loved us and supported us all the way with a sing-a-long on a very recent piece called 'This Summer', written by Asa and myself the night before the show. (Title may change).

However, the stage was slippery and the sound from the monitors were terrible. Many complained about not hearing our voices singing whilst it was loud and sharp from on the stage itself. There were lots of crap too. Crap. This was also the first show in Bandar and I was using my new guitar which my dad bought for me during my visit to Philippines 2009. I must say, the guitar is fantastic. Although I was abit upset due to the fact that I fell into this hold right after exiting to backstage. Why? Because some idiot did not handled the stage as they were suppose to which led to a crack at the bottom of my guitar. Yes, a bloody crack and now it looks horrible everytime I whip it out. The first time out and the first time banged across the floor. Bruce my legs and knees.
I'm proud to say that my brother 'Asa' did a job well done since day 1 of jamming. All went well. He talked alot as well as forgot lyrics but managed to entertain the crowd to sing along. He complained afterwards about not hearing the bass sound coming from his monitor speakers. From the picture above you could also see his lyrics by his microphone stand.
Paul however, performed a 20 minute drum solo the day before featuring song other singers such as MicBandits. He also played with a few minus one selections. On the show itself, Paul did his very best to entertain the crowds as well from doing hardcore beats which even made me abit difficult to count in one of the songs, 'Climbing Ladders'.

The set-list during the show accordingly was 'B Positive', 'Trauma', 'Another Untold Story', 'Climbing Ladders', 'This Summer' and 'Second Song'.

Photos by Syairazi Sunarto

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