First Pre-Wedding Film Using 12ft Crane!

Yesterday, Visual Dimensions team went to Jerudong Park to shoot a pre-wedding film. Client's wedding will be in July. This is day 1. Yes...Visual Dimensions does not shoot pre-wedding films in one day. We will shoot the film until we are satisfied with the end product during post-production. Inserting elements and last minute ideas. It was an enjoying afternoon as we ended up til night.

What's even more exciting is, this is the first day/time we are using the new CRANE! Yes, 12ft long crane making the video even more spicier and unique since this is the first to be used in weddings. The only problem is, its gonna be really difficult to use in an actual weddings but we'll take our chances. :) We only intend to use this mostly in hall events. carry the thing, we need at least 2-3 people. The yuckiest thing is that, WE FORGOT TO TAKE A PICTURE OF IT!
There's lots more work to be done cos me and Eyan have a few more things to throw into this video. I actually wanted to do an underwater shoot since NOW, we CAN! But the client, (the Bride) didn't want that. But that's okay, instead, Eyan offered something which is probably better. Can't wait for the next shoot.
If you are wondering, the shoot yesterday also includes a spontaneous interview session. Above is the groom. Eyan operated the cams whilst I ask the questions. Spontaneously! Gonna be tricky but the plan is all there on the table. JVC shot Full whilst Canon 500D MCU (Medium Close-Up). I'm beginning to love Eyan's JVC camera as I'm also willing to get one myself some day. Just realize that its not always fascinating using DSLRs. We always need to stand-by a proper camcorder as well for advantages. You work it out.

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