Eyan's DIY Rig

I've known Eyan over a year....i think AND the one thing I've realize about this man is, he enjoys making something into something. Such as his previous self-made dolly track using PVC pipes AS a track itself when we short a video for 'Easy Orange Advertising' for BKN. (No, we didn't take a picture). As well as his mini-dolly one we used the first time on our short horror experimental project 'The Shape II: Experimental Version'. (See link on sidebar to watch). Then there are other things such as rig.

In the photo above, his Canon 500D is customized into one of those DSLR fever going on today. Building it up to look like a monster-cam. I can't really explain everything but as you can see, all those metal bits on a plate IS indeed self-made. Attaching a 7" LCD monitor for better view and on its left side, a follow-focus and lens ring for operation yada-yada. See photo below.
I know right. However, I too will get into it someday. As today, its not equip with any gadget such as this. I've tried it during an event and follow-focus does help for those who are having difficulty focusing on video-mode. But the only thing I think will save up the hassle in changing lens is to use a fix zoom-lens for events. Cos you won't be having enough time to change it. You could but you'll end up making a mess. Hahaha. That's why Eyan also bought his first 24-70 f2.8 L lens which does the job perfectly. I admire this person. I wonder if he admires me...??? For posting about him off course hahaha. :)
And this is silly old me standing on a chair with the JVC HM100 shooting towards the stage trying to avoid photographers in frame.

Anonymous –   – (March 16, 2011 at 3:34 PM)  

This is awesome! Does the monitor have hdmi input? COuld you add an ebay link to the monitor. Thanks

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