Me As 2nd Shooter With Irwan Lois

Irwan Lois is also a well-known wedding videographer. Actually, he started doing weddings longer than I have. Good guy. Very laid back person. Called me up one day a few months back asking for me to become his 2nd shooter to shoot the groom's side. I accepted. Event took place last week, 25th and the 27th.
Irwan Lois with his Sony FX1. I was using my usual camera, Canon 500D and snapped a few photos during this 'Sanding' event. Figure I didn't have to shoot the same thing as Irwan did. Was also shooting with photographers such as 'Moments' and 'FloVonLinprun'.
For some reasons, I ended up taking photos towards the end. Was trying out the 135 L lens and really liked it. On video its abit difficult since you need to have it on a tripod so that you won't shake around that much. Pretty sensitive. But also, hard to maintain focus. They intend to easily de-focus when the object moves just a little. (You know what I mean). Basically, I was shooting stills with the lens. Not bad.
The wedding was alright. Had fun. But IF it was MY client, the bride will be my FIRST priority to shoot. :) In fact, I don't really know the names of these two. LOL. Tisk...tisk...tisk.... Congrats to the both of you.


It Bit Me In The Ass To Do It

On the 23rd June, just after midnight, probably around 1230am-1245am, I received a phone call from Melvin, a friend of The Grand Hall (Soundman-Operator) asking whether I was FREE to shoot a VERY LAST MINUTE event for the BSP VendorForum2010. Now...this is not normal. Obviously its impossible cos I needed to be there hours later at 7AM! Called up the boys and seemed like it was such a hassle and a complete mess for last-minute 2 angle-livefeed preparation. Decided not to bother them. So I called-up another friend, he insist it wasn't a good idea. I was interested, off course I was. A simple job with a good-pay. The guy kept calling me over and over for confirmation and i was stuck-dead thinking it through, should I OR should I not?

I answered.

I refused to do the job but the situation keeps biting me in the ass saying, 'Rezeki Jangan Di Tolak'. I was like.....'ERGHHH!'. I said, its impossible cos I'm the only one available. He said 1 camera operator is good enough, JUST shoot livefeed continuously for about 45minutes and DONE! You happy, I'm happy and the client's happy.

Guess what happened?
That following afternoon I rushed to the Mangrove Resort for another shoot for BIBD with MotionWorkz Production.


Eyan's DIY Rig

I've known Eyan over a year....i think AND the one thing I've realize about this man is, he enjoys making something into something. Such as his previous self-made dolly track using PVC pipes AS a track itself when we short a video for 'Easy Orange Advertising' for BKN. (No, we didn't take a picture). As well as his mini-dolly one we used the first time on our short horror experimental project 'The Shape II: Experimental Version'. (See link on sidebar to watch). Then there are other things such as rig.

In the photo above, his Canon 500D is customized into one of those DSLR fever going on today. Building it up to look like a monster-cam. I can't really explain everything but as you can see, all those metal bits on a plate IS indeed self-made. Attaching a 7" LCD monitor for better view and on its left side, a follow-focus and lens ring for operation yada-yada. See photo below.
I know right. However, I too will get into it someday. As today, its not equip with any gadget such as this. I've tried it during an event and follow-focus does help for those who are having difficulty focusing on video-mode. But the only thing I think will save up the hassle in changing lens is to use a fix zoom-lens for events. Cos you won't be having enough time to change it. You could but you'll end up making a mess. Hahaha. That's why Eyan also bought his first 24-70 f2.8 L lens which does the job perfectly. I admire this person. I wonder if he admires me...??? For posting about him off course hahaha. :)
And this is silly old me standing on a chair with the JVC HM100 shooting towards the stage trying to avoid photographers in frame.


Crane @ Wedding Event

From my previous post, I mentioned a crane but didn’t have any photos. Above, is prove! The wedding we used the 12ft crane was ‘Raymond + Liza’ who was wedded on the 17th June 2weeks ago. The first event took place at the ‘Indera Kayangan Ballroom’ @ The Empire Hotel. We arrived an hour earlier before make-up artist started just so we could arrange the crane in its position for both bride and groom’s entrance.

It seems like there were so much to take care of during the time since my partner was covering the groom’s side @ Desari Apartment in Jalan Kumbang Pasang. Also had to plug in the Zoom H4N audio recorder in the control room for audio recording. Its not like I couldn’t do it myself, it was ME panicking about the 12ft crane set-up in the ACTUAL wedding and to make sure the man who was behind it knew exactly what he was suppose to do on my directions.

Seriously, the crane took people’s attention. They might be saying ‘Well….that’s new..’ OR ‘What the hell is that???’ OR ‘Bloody hell these kids are annoying’.
The Crane. As I said before, the camera-support device needs at least 3 people to carry into position and 1 person who knows how to use it. Obviously, a person who knows how to put an in-frame into an out-frame. We used the JVC camcorder on the crane but remembering the last time we used it during a pre-wedding for the first time, I liked the DSLR better in terms of wide lens which Eyan used, Sigma 11-16. It looked completely rad from an aerial view. However JVC has its thing going on as well, when not in used with high-angle shots, you could always walk to the front and operate the camera such as zoom in and outs and work the crane like a jib-arm.
We practically used the Crane in 3 of 4 events and seriously, it was pretty much challenging. On the last event, (Reception), we had trouble placing the crane’s whereabouts because the Grand Hall Ballroom was packed and we ended up setting the crane on the far-end-right-side of the hall which was workable. Our first plan didn’t work. Will post up the end product once finished editing.


NotFamous Strikes Back....Again

13th June, Sunday, me and my band, performed and entertain families, friends and fans at the Mini-Amp Jerudong Park and ended with a boom. Months after the last show in December, we've in hiding behind the shadows recording our new/latest songs for the upcoming album 2010. The show was absolutely great and we enjoyed every bit of it. Performing the 5 new songs as well as an oldie for closing entitled 'Second Song' (first album). From what I could say, the audience loved us and supported us all the way with a sing-a-long on a very recent piece called 'This Summer', written by Asa and myself the night before the show. (Title may change).

However, the stage was slippery and the sound from the monitors were terrible. Many complained about not hearing our voices singing whilst it was loud and sharp from on the stage itself. There were lots of crap too. Crap. This was also the first show in Bandar and I was using my new guitar which my dad bought for me during my visit to Philippines 2009. I must say, the guitar is fantastic. Although I was abit upset due to the fact that I fell into this hold right after exiting to backstage. Why? Because some idiot did not handled the stage as they were suppose to which led to a crack at the bottom of my guitar. Yes, a bloody crack and now it looks horrible everytime I whip it out. The first time out and the first time banged across the floor. Bruce my legs and knees.
I'm proud to say that my brother 'Asa' did a job well done since day 1 of jamming. All went well. He talked alot as well as forgot lyrics but managed to entertain the crowd to sing along. He complained afterwards about not hearing the bass sound coming from his monitor speakers. From the picture above you could also see his lyrics by his microphone stand.
Paul however, performed a 20 minute drum solo the day before featuring song other singers such as MicBandits. He also played with a few minus one selections. On the show itself, Paul did his very best to entertain the crowds as well from doing hardcore beats which even made me abit difficult to count in one of the songs, 'Climbing Ladders'.

The set-list during the show accordingly was 'B Positive', 'Trauma', 'Another Untold Story', 'Climbing Ladders', 'This Summer' and 'Second Song'.

Photos by Syairazi Sunarto


Your Presence

Lily Chiam's new album out in stores!


Shah P2F's BackFlip Video

During the pre-wedding shoot, I bumped into this guy, Shah (P2F) who so happened to be in Jerudong Park doing his usual break-dance / back-flips activities and so I decided to shoot a little of it. 


Edited in less than 1 hour.
Color graded with MBL.
Shot on Canon 500D
Lens Used : 50mm F1.2 L
Music : (Something I picked out from Garage Band).


Importance, Thoughts + Values Of Wedding Videos

It’s been said that a picture speaks a thousand words. It captures the moment in time that’s very important to you. I guess that’s why brides and grooms are willing to pay thousands of dollars for their wedding days. But I wonder why when it comes to videos, some couples might not even consider or bother to get videos for their wedding day?
You might wonder why I’m bringing this topic up? Well, last week, I was reading up on my facebook wall when I came across someone who’s looking for wedding photography services. So I sent an inbox message to that person offering our wedding videography services. The person responded that they’re considering photography only but will discuss it with the significant other about the video. So I replied to her:
Yes, we only offer video. Talk to him and get back to me whether it’s a yes or no.
But may I just say that sayang if nada video on your wedding day. True you can see and look back to pictures, but that’s only a fraction of a second in time, whereas for videos, you get to see and relive those memorable moments over and over again, with voices, words, laughters and tears that only happen during your wedding day.
That’s how I personally feel about it. Yes, you can see your glorious photo album over the years and reminisce those moments in your head and imagination. But that’s it. With videos, you get to see, hear and relive the moments. Would you rather see 1/60th of second “moment” or a 10-15 seconds of the same “moment”? Would you rather see 1/60th second of your smile and laughter or see a 10-20 seconds worth of smiles and laughters during your wedding? Would you want to see, say around 30-50 guests on your photos, or 100 or more faces of guests on videos?
It’s interesting to see what people think on this. What importance do you give to video as oppose to photos for your wedding day? How do you value the videos over photos? Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against photographers and photos. In fact, I love photography as much as videography. It’s just interesting to me to see and hear what people’s thoughts are on these. So please do share.

Post copied from Visual Dimensions's co-producer, Eyan.

And this is me speaking :
Just incase you dearest people haven't notice, there's a new tab called 'Clients' on the top bar. Click to see samples. :) Still have lots of other clients to edit, will update more videos.


First Pre-Wedding Film Using 12ft Crane!

Yesterday, Visual Dimensions team went to Jerudong Park to shoot a pre-wedding film. Client's wedding will be in July. This is day 1. Yes...Visual Dimensions does not shoot pre-wedding films in one day. We will shoot the film until we are satisfied with the end product during post-production. Inserting elements and last minute ideas. It was an enjoying afternoon as we ended up til night.

What's even more exciting is, this is the first day/time we are using the new CRANE! Yes, 12ft long crane making the video even more spicier and unique since this is the first to be used in weddings. The only problem is, its gonna be really difficult to use in an actual weddings but we'll take our chances. :) We only intend to use this mostly in hall events. carry the thing, we need at least 2-3 people. The yuckiest thing is that, WE FORGOT TO TAKE A PICTURE OF IT!
There's lots more work to be done cos me and Eyan have a few more things to throw into this video. I actually wanted to do an underwater shoot since NOW, we CAN! But the client, (the Bride) didn't want that. But that's okay, instead, Eyan offered something which is probably better. Can't wait for the next shoot.
If you are wondering, the shoot yesterday also includes a spontaneous interview session. Above is the groom. Eyan operated the cams whilst I ask the questions. Spontaneously! Gonna be tricky but the plan is all there on the table. JVC shot Full whilst Canon 500D MCU (Medium Close-Up). I'm beginning to love Eyan's JVC camera as I'm also willing to get one myself some day. Just realize that its not always fascinating using DSLRs. We always need to stand-by a proper camcorder as well for advantages. You work it out.


Not Famous Rocks Families Big Day Out

I will be performing with my band 'NotFamous' on the 13th June next coming Sunday. This shall be the first show this year since our last in December. Very excited, the band is working these last couple of weeks improving the newest songs for the upcoming 2nd album.

I've just finished writing lyrics for what I think is a fun song to play and its something that most people can relate to. It's entitled 'Trauma', check it out. Don't miss the show. Everytime NotFamous perform, there's always a surprise!

For those who don't know, I'm the singer/guitarist. The band has been together since 2001. Launched first album in 2005, check out website.


Bani + Sam

February 2010, Bani and Sam. 


Not Famous (My Band)

Not Famous (My Band)

My Music

My Music
' personal compositions...'


Contact me on Skype, I don't like MSN! Search for "adam.grvs"


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