TelBru's Gala Night Event

Last Saturday, Visual Dimensions took the next step in working with multicam shooting + livefeed. I tell you now, its not as easy as it sounds but we've managed. Thank god! The team is building up slowly, we've got some new trainees. We've got lots of cameras and we ended up making the best of it in so many angles. Cameras used during that night were: Our new JVC HM100, the Sony FX1 as well as my Canon XL2. We also used 3 DSLRS, 2X Canon 500Ds and a Canon 5D MkII.
Eyan & Saiful setting up the Sony FX1 as a center cam. Saiful was incharge with this position and i must say, a job well-done for him as we were viewing his handling with livefeed from the projector shown.
Our station during the event. Managed to get a table as we used one of the boys to transfer memory cards onto a laptop as backup.
Zati, our female videographer operated the Canon XL2 (livefeed) as well as Canon 500D. But off course she was not doing both at once. A job well done for this lady.
Eyan, my partner. He was the operation's manager for set-up and formation. Congrats in making this operation happen according to plan. Eyan operated, JVC HM100 and the Glidecam 4000 Pro with the Canon 500D when JVC was on static.
Myself and the twins. Don't remember their names. HAHAHA. One operated the livefeed camera (switched with Zati) and one was runner. Runner boy was also incharged with recording the stage audio using the Zoom H4N connected into the main source mixer/sound control room. I however, operated the Canon 5D MkII. Its an awesome camera, the colors are pretty but the file sizes once transferring to computer is sloooow....! It took me almost half and hour to upload an 8GB memory card onto my Mac. I used 3 8GB during the event.
K69 performed that night and decided to go back stage for a photo. Apparently, I was interviewed by the duo regarding my role in this event. The camera-man was not our people.

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