K69 Strikes Back

Introducing, 'Kumpulan 69', our very own local comedians. These potential guys can make you crap your pants whenever you're encountering them in a show. Left: Beracun & Right: Pache. The she-male and the Haji both started acting in shows *if I'm not mistaken, 2007. I first saw their performance when i was shooting DST's Go! Broadband launch. Eversince, the duo had had good feedback from audiences all around, they've been called up for many events for performance as well as guest MCs. They've also performed for the Royal family one had said.

Beracun and Pache would always get their way when seeing me in an event. A complete humiliation from them which I'm kinda used to BUT no, I dont like it one bit. In fact, I'm not that all upset because I personally know the man behind the disguise. A nice friendly person who in real-life is generally funny.

I was hired by Ritma Picturesque Production for camera operater in an event called 'Perlawan Persahabatan Futsal Antara Artis Brunei Dan Artis Malaysia' last month at the Indoor Stadium. Not knowing what it was really about, I accepted the job. Apparently, K69 were the captain of the team along with DJ Daffy, DJ Zamri, DJ Diddy, Yura, Alilah and Adi (A Band Once) to take on Malaysian's Raja Lawak, Johan, Zizan, Nabil, Angah as well as Danny, Fiz Firdaus and Kamal.

The Futsal game was an absolute joke! People laughing their asses off as the 2 teams competed with stupidities. In fact, I was also astounded by the act. I was operating on floor camera whilst the camera operator from top. As of today, the footages are edited into a proper DVD film which shall be launched this upcoming Friday, 28th May. K69 shall be doing another performance. Venue: Giant Mall, Rimba, 1530hrs.


TelBru's Gala Night Event

Last Saturday, Visual Dimensions took the next step in working with multicam shooting + livefeed. I tell you now, its not as easy as it sounds but we've managed. Thank god! The team is building up slowly, we've got some new trainees. We've got lots of cameras and we ended up making the best of it in so many angles. Cameras used during that night were: Our new JVC HM100, the Sony FX1 as well as my Canon XL2. We also used 3 DSLRS, 2X Canon 500Ds and a Canon 5D MkII.
Eyan & Saiful setting up the Sony FX1 as a center cam. Saiful was incharge with this position and i must say, a job well-done for him as we were viewing his handling with livefeed from the projector shown.
Our station during the event. Managed to get a table as we used one of the boys to transfer memory cards onto a laptop as backup.
Zati, our female videographer operated the Canon XL2 (livefeed) as well as Canon 500D. But off course she was not doing both at once. A job well done for this lady.
Eyan, my partner. He was the operation's manager for set-up and formation. Congrats in making this operation happen according to plan. Eyan operated, JVC HM100 and the Glidecam 4000 Pro with the Canon 500D when JVC was on static.
Myself and the twins. Don't remember their names. HAHAHA. One operated the livefeed camera (switched with Zati) and one was runner. Runner boy was also incharged with recording the stage audio using the Zoom H4N connected into the main source mixer/sound control room. I however, operated the Canon 5D MkII. Its an awesome camera, the colors are pretty but the file sizes once transferring to computer is sloooow....! It took me almost half and hour to upload an 8GB memory card onto my Mac. I used 3 8GB during the event.
K69 performed that night and decided to go back stage for a photo. Apparently, I was interviewed by the duo regarding my role in this event. The camera-man was not our people.


Baby Groves

I'm happy to be posting this photo up. This is my child, 4 months in his/her mother's belly. This is something I've always wanted and its so beautiful to see it everytime I whip out my phone. Doctor says due date sometime in mid October. I love you my little baby. See you soon. 


Hectic Experience & A Project With Shah P2F

What's up what's up what's up....! Haven't been updating much these past few weeks. Been rather busy with everything! Plus, I haven't been up on a proper computer to use the internet but have been in total obsessed with my i-Phone! Yup...managed to get one of those baby's once and for all. Apparently, not brand new but it was kinda a gift for my hardwork. Thanks to the man!

Other than that, I'm not doing much editing work on weddings and i know i should but, a man's gotta eat right? I took a last minute job from a production company, editing a number of episodes for P2F diary for RTB. Just for experience. I did. And its not a pretty picture.

I've edited 2 episodes only, EP7 and EP8. Then i was called in for another editing job from ANOTHER production company, Motionworkz. I was in stress mode during the period. As much as I wanted to continue the remaining episodes for P2F, I just couldn't deal with the fact that I was overworked, over-pressured for deadlines. It's unbelievable. Same-day-edit once footages are brought back to the office. I've been constantly working my ass-off and also being canned from behind for so many reasons I've not expected. But yea, its a job and i wanted it. But not in a way where I'm getting blame for other people's mistake. I shall not say no more, cos they are indeed reading this. (Sorry Guys). But in the other hand, I too have another deadline with Motionworkz..AND I'm lacking out on my wedding videos which I'm doing in between times. Not enough sleep, very tired and feeling a bit lazy at some points. I have to do it whether i like it or not.

As much as I don't wanna sound too egoistic, I am my own boss and I do what I do according my way. Off course I can take orders, I respect that but not in a way where you're being back-talked just because I'm giving suggestions. That my friend is not professional but a typical 'Orang Melayu'. 

Next subject, from both episodes of P2F, I'm officially a supporter to the program. Some say, its stupid and ridiculous and P2F sucks donkey ass but in the other hand, some loves it TOO much. I just don't see the point where some people are crying their asses off for ones elimination. LMAO. However, I've become a fan to one particular participant, and that is 'Shah'. The kid has talent and I've been watching him from rehearsal to performance to elimination. (No i did not cry, sad yes, but not a tear).
Instead, I contacted him through Facebook and offered to meet up just so I could offer him a music video. Its not easy getting free music video from me. Some couldn't even pay the price. I wanted to try out something different. Shah is an excellent dancer and his choreography is outstanding. I wanted to try something with dancing for a change. Its all about developing something different. I've done 2 music videos which involves band/instruments and now its time to try out solo singers and their dancers.

I took Shah out for dinner a couple nights ago and laid out all the ideas and concepts. A proposal. He was indeed interested but apparently we'd have to start later due to several stuffs. I need to get back to work whilst he has personal things to do as well. In any ways, I'm excited with the film I'm writing to include in his music video. I'm also composing the music with him. This project should be a nice experiment and challenge.

Overall, Shah is a wonderful person and apparently one of the top P2F most favorite singers but unfortunately he was eliminated? His best performance that took viewers amazement was when he sung 'Sorry Sorry' by Super Junior, a Korean song. The theme during episode 7 was 'International' music. I don't know what you call it. The dance steps were great! Here's the video below which he performed during that night.

The video is great. I don't know about you but I'm hoping me and the team can develop something 
way better with the touch of Visual Dimensions's creativity. In fact, we'll be including some new 
gadgets which Eyan had bought few days ago. It's crazy!

So basically, that's what I've been up to. Experience with RTB, getting into P2F, becoming a 
fan of Shah, catching up on weddings and preparing for the next adventure in a few weeks time,
days and months ahead.


BIBD Wish Campaign

Last Friday, Motionworkz Production as well as Pictureworkz Studios attended the Final BIBD Wish Campaign Million (I dont think Im saying it right but whatever). The camera I operated during the time was the Panasonic HVX300, I'm sure you've seen my oldest post, its like  a BETA cam. On tripod, on a platform by the right wing of the Rizqun International Hotel BallRoom whilst David Cheok handled the same camera on the left wing. The Sony EX1 was also used and was operated by Irwan Lois. I dont really know why I'm talking about cameras and camera-men cos I seriously have no idea what I want to type in this post.

All I can say, it was great fun. I dont really remember the name of that winner but 'SHE' also won the 100,000 a few months back. Lucky woman.

Photo from (Left to Right):
Abby (Photographer) / Meezay (Photographer) / Joe (Runner) / Dedy (Photographer) / Zac (....can't remember what he did) / Flo (Photographer) / David Cheok (Director / Cinematographer) / Irwan Lois (Cinematographer) and me (Cinematographer).

ARGHH...seriously, I'm blanked. First post after a couple of weeks. No idea what to type/post but I'm indeed really busy and I'm trying to get back on the right track. I am for certain, my next post will be about the experience of working with a Producer from RTB, editing 'Passport To Fame (P2F) at Ritma Production.


Not Famous (My Band)

Not Famous (My Band)

My Music

My Music
'...my personal compositions...'


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