My Little Sister 'Nicolle'

A short video clip created for my little  sister, Nicolle Groves during my visit to the Philippines February 2010 whom I just found out I had since last September. Always wanted a sister, now I do. I really like this video. It's probably one of my bestest so far.

Yes, real sister, by blood.

The music was officially composed by myself for her. The name of the song is called 'Nikoru'. In the beginning of the video, I wanted it to sound emotionally dramatic, so I used a keyboard holding down just one note (low) and filled it up with higher ones. As for guitar, it was looped over and over until the end. Drums and bass were digital (from software).

Previously 2-months-post-back, I mentioned that I'll be taking the GlideCam 2000 Pro with me. In the video, you will notice some glides which were done terribly bad and to hide it, the footages are shorter. Really need to do more practice with it.

Other than that, I really enjoyed the moments spent with my sister making this short video. It also means alot to me for having a sister who is talented as well as smart and funny living in the Philippines with my biological father. This is my sister, 'Nicolle Groves'.


Aizat + Marina (Final Wedding To Be Shot On SD)

Aizat & Marina, wedded on the 01.01.10.  Sorry if the video quality is bad, accidentally converted the clip into DV-Pal instead of H.264. But it is watchable. :)
Also, this is the LAST wedding video/client to be shot in Standard Definition (SD) and edited into partitions (sequences). A mixture of footages from 3 different cameras, the Canon XL2 (glidecam), Panasonic DVX (static) & Canon 500D (detailed). After this, the team will be using same cameras with multiple angles. Can't wait for our upcoming wedding events.


Acoustic Sessions With 'Not Famous'

Here's a clip after our interview with UBD FM performing in an acoustic session. Luckily I brough my camera and asked one of the friends to film. UBD FM were also filming this officially for their website using their Canon XL1.

The song is called 'Climbing Ladders' and is written by myself and performed by my band, NotFamous. This is one of the songs from the upcoming 2nd album to be launch in 2010. Hope you enjoy. I wanted to post the other song up but it failed to upload earlier on. Will post it up sometime along with the interview. Go to website.


Canon XL2

Canon XL2 Professional Camcorder for sale: $4, 500.00. Fix price. Included with 3 battery packs and an additional wide lens which was bought separately. Excellent condition. Last servicing in Singapore, August 2009.
Original zoom kit lens (long) and the additional wide lens (short).Will also throw in a Lowepro lens bag for the zoom.
Standard Definition. Shoots in both 50i (interlace) and 25p progessive. Aspect ratio of standard 4:3 and 16:9 wide-screen.
You want it? Come get it.


Another TV-Series Obsession

Yes, the title explains it all. ANOTHER tv-series obsession I’ve been watching for the past couple of weeks. After the finale of fourth season ‘Dexter’, I’ve decided to start a new season of dramas. I was told that ‘Prison Break’ is another program I would enjoy watching. Clearly, I did and I’ve bought all seasons. After lastnight, I realized that Season 4 IS the finale. There is no season 5 for this after doing research on net.

Prison Break, is one of those addicted dramas I love personally. Something I could relate to in terms of life. The story is motivating and intense. It’s about 2 brothers; (Lincoln Burrows) one sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit and the other (Michael Scofield) is one with the brains to try save his brother’s life by breaking him out of prison. Creative, Scofield tattooed his entire torso with blueprints of the Fox Rivers State Penitentiary (without anyone elses suspicion) and purposely causes trouble in robbing a bank just so he could get locked up.

Season 1 is probably one of the best seasons of the whole lot. I’m sure other fans agree. It’s original and oh how I wish I could make a drama like that! So, if you have not watch Prison Break, I highly recommend you to start. You won’t regret it. My only problem now is, I’m out of dramas to watch. What else should I go for…?

I also came across this on youtube, ‘Prison Break: The Conspiracy’ video game for Ps3, Xbox360 and Pc. I might just get into this someday. Check it out.



First band interview for 2010.


Another Wedding After Another

Yes, shooting another client this coming weekend. However, this is the 2nd time I shot a 'Badak Mandi' event which is pretty much similar with 'Berbedak'. Only close families and friends. The event was yesterday (Wednesday) and 3pm. Quite unusual schedule. I shot this event alone along with my fellow photographer, Flo (Always loved working in events with him. I highly recommend you to shoot for your weddings). I think this one is going to be another blast cos the bride and her 2 close friends were super. Should be fun and interesting to see the storyline being build after each event to the finale.
The picture above is me using a Canon 24-70mm f2.8 L-series lens. My oh my....I must have this lens. Its so compatible for doing instant zoom-in shots without losing its values with a fix f2.8 aperture. Awesome. However the lens is indeed heavy and really, it looks hardcore with the lens hood.


Not Famous (My Band)

Not Famous (My Band)

My Music

My Music
' personal compositions...'


Contact me on Skype, I don't like MSN! Search for "adam.grvs"


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