First Client For Wedding Film

One of my favorite clients ‘Shah & Liyana’ who just got married in early January decided to come back and do their post-wedding film. So, we discussed it over the phone and plan to meet up earlier on this evening for a pre-production session with the couple. Now when I say film, it’s an actual film. A 10-15 minutes duration short film which shall be told in a story like never-before seen presented in cinematic style.

Produced by myself and Eyan, we will try our very best to make something extraordinary special for newlyweds as a remembrance on how they’ve found eachother. We’ll take them back to the very beginning. As for Shah & Liyana, we’re going back to school in uniforms and classrooms as this was also mentioned during the pre-production. Involving their friends and families who took part in the actual life, things are about to get tempting.
Eyan recorded the discussion earlier on using his ‘Zoom H4N audio recorder’ in order to develop the storyboards in a timeline sequence. I will be writing the scripts along with Eyan’s assistance. I may not be good in Malay-type dialogue but I sure as hell can make it wholly remarkable. That’s off course I may not be able to add any of my murder scenes like I normally do in my muted-horror films. :P  We’re looking to do this as a new product developed by Visual Dimensions Production. It’s also a new way to present a pre/post wedding film as I’m so bored of making them music video style.

My intentions for this was also because, I’ve never tried romance flicks aside from horror and comedy such as ‘The Jo & Jul Show’. Consider this one of the first steps in filmmaking.

Eyan and I sat down a few months ago about this idea but it was difficult to proceed since many of the locals aren’t too eager to work in acting and to share their personal stories. Shah & Liyana were nice enough to give it a try. It’s not like its gonna be aired on TV or anything, it’s a piece to keep. Very much appreciated.

I’m giving myself 1 and a half weeks tops to finish the scripts and for them to check for errors etc before proceeding for production which involves cast and crews as well as locations and clothing. Once everything is completed and organized, we shall prepare the equipments and schedule the activity by locations as I’ve experience this from a 13-episode local drama I did with a production house in 08’. It is indeed the quickest way to do without wasting time.

I’m pretty much excited about all of this. Not only I will be directing/editing it but I have the power to also compose an ‘original soundtrack’ just for the newlyweds with my music background in recording and development. I’ve always wanted to try that. Although depending on the theme/style we're creating it, there will be partially composed by scenes such as happy, sad or angry. In any case, I'm willing to take the challenge as a music composer.

Oh my...I hope I'm not bragging too much. :P  There's no 'i' in team but 'we'. I'm gonna have to pass credits to my buddy Eyan for keeping up with me. Hahaha. He has helped so much in all of this. Thanks. I know you reading this!!!

P/s: If any of you nice kind readers are interested in doing something different, here's your chance. There's no 'malu-malu' or 'malas tah ku ingau' act. Do it! You won't regret taking this epic adventure with us. But I would also recommend you to wait for this one to finish cos then, its more convincing. :)

Pp/s: There is no fix price for this product yet until we know what we're actually getting ourselves into with all the work. Hold on for updates.

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