Calle Ruega Church

On my second time visit to Manila, I realized that this time, I had more places to go and to see whilst my step-mother would give me and my wife a tour around. One of the things I like when coming into another country was history. I’ve always found myself fascinated by art, culture and architectures. However, I took the advantage to try and film as much as I can along with taking nice pictures. (Not that I DO take nice pictures, I just snap whatever I see).
One of the things we’ve seen a lot is the churches. Old historical churches with a nice a tale to go with. Some are even about the second world war. I shot a few for archives and to be edited into a short mini showreel. Well, that is also one of my main intentions from the start. Now, I know we live in a Muslim country but that doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to visit or walk into a church wanting to learn about other religions. So, anybody have a problem with me doing this, you can go f**k yourselves. You don’t own me. :)

When I was working as a tour-guide for 2years, I’ve never liked history. But when I got to understand it clearer, it became even more motivating. That’s how I’ve managed to love the whole idea about visiting another country and Manila really is a wonderful place to travel. I’ve not seen everything yet, but one day I will because now there’s a reason to be flying there anytime. Family.

In the third photo on your left is another fascinating Church which we were able to walk in to see some very antique pieces. It took us an hour and a half to finish the entire building. Speaking about this place here, this is another destination called 'Villa Escudero'. Some unusual things you may have or may not seen. Will post pictures of it soon.

By the way, that's my younger sister Nicolle Groves. She's such a sweetheart. She's also in one of my upcoming video projects. Managed to convince her to act/pose in them just as long  as I do a photoshoot of her. Did so much. ALSO, something I will yet to be posting.

Anyways, I’ve filmed one of the churches called ‘Calle Ruega’ and will be posting it sometime soon. For you Adam Groves’s followers, you are actually expecting 3 videos from me and I’ve just finished the first, entitled ‘American Memorial Cemetery’, a short clip showing the grave stones of 17,202 American soldiers killed in World War II serving Philippines. One of the largest American cemeteries in the world today.

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