First Wedding Shoot At Grand Hall

Shooting an event at the Grand Hall Empire Hotel was absolutely a remarkable most exquisite coverage we’ve ever did. The environmental is fantastic for a wedding + photoshoots. There were so many ideas you can actually do there. We however ended up making this particular coverage an excellent result. I can feel it. And I can’t wait to edit this video!

The bride, ‘Khartini’ was so cool in wanting to act in some of the shoot. I personally ended up having the best time compared with some of the previous weddings. The place was enormously huge. Thank god, I had an advance shoot-out the day before to cover the exterior of the building during the day time following with rehearsal which shoot be good to include in the video as preparations as well. (The event was at night).
Operating 3 cameras with our usual routine angles during the bride + groom walk into the hall. I was totally astounded by the fact that it was well-organized. Not like those typical rush and arguments with floor managers, wedding planners etc. I may be wrong but I haven’t seen any errors like I usually do. (You know, like when covering a wedding and see those stressed out-over-worked parents/siblings and others who are involved with program arrangements etc. I see a lot of that but who am I to say, weddings ARE always like that). But in this case, this was nicely done. People are friendly and supporting. This client is now in my top 3 favorite to work with.

As I said, I can’t wait to get to work on editing with this one. Sadly, I’ve got a couple more to edit until I get to it. At the moment, I’m pretty slow due to the fact that my MacPro is cranking up once again on low memory. Need to get this sort out next week as they’ve out of stock.


The New TV-Series Obsession title says it all. Its called 'Dexter'. I thought I might get into a new tv-series whilst waiting for my other interest with dramas such as and first of all, 'Desperate Housewives', followed by 'Ghost Whisperer', '90210', 'Family Guy' and 'Friends' (although this has been ended, it's nice to watch it from time to time). A friend of mine from the DVD store recommended and i mean, HIGHLY recommended me to start watching this. Not just so she sells me a DVD but she has always been quite a supporting salesgirl and understands my taste in films.

At first, I underestimated it judging from the old-faded cover. I have no idea what 'Dexter' was really about but she did mention that, 'You WILL like and its about killing' at least a dozen time. (Yea right...even IF I'm also obsessed with suspense-horror-thriller films, doesn't mean I can guarantee I will definitely like it.) To shut her up, I bought the damn disc and watched it the following night. From the first 10-15minutes of the 1st episode of season 1, I knew I wanted to see more. Blogging about this, I've just finished the entire Season 1 for 4 straight days, after work. (Editing wedding videos if you wonder). Enjoyed every single episode.

Excellent montage + music. Very cool.

Meet Dexter Morgan. By day he's a blood splatter pattern expert for the Miami Metro police department. But by night - he takes on an entirely different persona: serial killer. But Dexter isn't your average serial killer as he only kills people who fit a very prolific and precise "moral code" taught to him by his late father Harry (he didn't kill Harry, honest), and developed very thoroughly throughout each kill.


Apple ProRes 422

Ever since I’ve started editing with HD on FCP, my system is obviously getting slower due to the fact that the files are pretty much heavier than SD. My FCP would act up ridiculously in so many irritating ways such as ‘sudden shut-down without saving (relaunch)’, ‘Lagging during laybacks after rendering’ as well as annoying  pop-up warnings saying: ‘close open sequences, lowering audio data rates, turn-off RT, upgrading hard drives/ram’ etc. At first I thought I was running out of disc space (which I am) and so I bought an internal 1TB hard-drive. Problem solved for a while but not quite yet. It started again and this time worst. It must be the ram I wondered. I was planning to get one after my next pay so I asked a friend whois a Mac-user for solutions during the wait.

He recommended to convert all files to Apple ProRes 422 which should help to avoid the jerkiness during playbacks on my timeline sequence. It did help, a lot. Nevertheless, files were bigger than before (originally) but it made my editing easier once again although I should still upgrade my ram soon. Thank god I bought the new hard-disc. Below I’ve summaries details about Apple ProRes, copied from site.

Apple ProRes 422 codec vs. Uncompressed HD

Apple ProRes codec lets you edit faster and at higher quality across a wide variety of workflows. The family now includes ProRes 422 (Proxy), ProRes 422 (LT) and ProRes 4444, in addition to the original ProRes 422 and ProRes 422 (HQ).

Choose ProRes 422 (Proxy) for offline editing or use ProRes 422 (LT) for projects that require reduced file sizes at broadcast quality, such as news, sports, and events. At the other end of the scale, ProRes 4444 is ideal for compositing and digital workflows that require the highest-possible image fidelity.

ProRes 422 is a full-raster codec, meaning the video is not scaled down. The full 1920x1080 image is used, unlike DVCPRO-HD or XDCAM, which scale HD 1080 video down to 1280x1080 and 1440x1080 respectively, effectively tossing out a large amount of picture data to save space.

There are other HD codecs with lower data rates available, but because they are more highly compressed, they take more processing power to encode and decode (play back). The ProRes 422 codec provides a good middle-ground by providing a smaller file size than uncompressed, while providing easy capture and playback on even marginal machines.

Another important benefit of ProRes 422 is that it allows more layers of Dynamic RT playback. 4 layers of 1080i can be expected, and 720p 24 editors can expect up to 14 layers of HQ footage playback in real time. For reference, a powerful 8-core machine with a video RAID might only play a single stream of uncompressed HD.

One last tip – while the ProRes HQ codec is great for video from high-end sources, it may be overkill for formats like HDV. It’s been reported that users are better off to use the standard ProRes 422 codec at 145Mbps with the lower-end HD formats, as there is no advantage to using the HQ codec when starting with a highly-compressed and scaled HD source format.


American Memorial Cemetery, Manila

As I've mentioned before, this is the other video I did during my stay in Manila. Also shot with my Canon 500D using most of the time the 18-55mm kit lens. I also mentioned that during my stay, everything was pretty much a rush and I couldn't hardly do anymore scenes which I really wanted to. So, this is pretty much it.

This is one of the largest American cemeteries in the world where 17,202 American soldiers died serving the Philippines during the second world war against the Spanish. It's a fascinating tourist destination for visit whilst in Philippines as it's located somewhere in the middle of the city of Manila itself. Now, I'm not going to explain everything, just watch the video and see.

It could have been better but 2 things bugged me. 1- There were not enough clouds and it was shot during the midday, very hot, killing off everything else in sight as well as getting sunburns and 2 - I was concern with my wife's conditions on her early stages of pregnancy and she was already giving me signals all over the place to leave in the first 20minutes. That also goes with my step-mom, I didn't really want her to get bored waiting for me because my intentions were doing simple time-lapse for at least 5-7minutes of continuous recording.


Canon EOS 550D is...

...on QQestore. Price $1, 398.00 for body only and $1, 528.00 with basic 18-55m kit lens. Now we have a rough figure for pricing. (Off course Brunei dollars) Hmm... I wonder if 'HE' has it yet.  I'm not really in a rush for it anyways. My Canon 500D is doing a pretty awesome job for work and I'm quite happy with it. But anyhow, we're planning to get some more supporting gears for now instead. Basically, this one can wait.

I'm also looking at these two for replacement of my Canon XL2 which I'm selling off for  
$4, 500.00 with additional wide lens. You can check the price out on QQestore  for both camcorder and lens and see how much it cost entirely.
The first camcorder on your left is the 'Sony HVR A1P' and next to it is the 'JVC GY-HM100' where this one was highly recommended to me from a friend. It may be small but it has features like the Sony PWM EX1. Oh man...i love the EX1.


First Client For Wedding Film

One of my favorite clients ‘Shah & Liyana’ who just got married in early January decided to come back and do their post-wedding film. So, we discussed it over the phone and plan to meet up earlier on this evening for a pre-production session with the couple. Now when I say film, it’s an actual film. A 10-15 minutes duration short film which shall be told in a story like never-before seen presented in cinematic style.

Produced by myself and Eyan, we will try our very best to make something extraordinary special for newlyweds as a remembrance on how they’ve found eachother. We’ll take them back to the very beginning. As for Shah & Liyana, we’re going back to school in uniforms and classrooms as this was also mentioned during the pre-production. Involving their friends and families who took part in the actual life, things are about to get tempting.
Eyan recorded the discussion earlier on using his ‘Zoom H4N audio recorder’ in order to develop the storyboards in a timeline sequence. I will be writing the scripts along with Eyan’s assistance. I may not be good in Malay-type dialogue but I sure as hell can make it wholly remarkable. That’s off course I may not be able to add any of my murder scenes like I normally do in my muted-horror films. :P  We’re looking to do this as a new product developed by Visual Dimensions Production. It’s also a new way to present a pre/post wedding film as I’m so bored of making them music video style.

My intentions for this was also because, I’ve never tried romance flicks aside from horror and comedy such as ‘The Jo & Jul Show’. Consider this one of the first steps in filmmaking.

Eyan and I sat down a few months ago about this idea but it was difficult to proceed since many of the locals aren’t too eager to work in acting and to share their personal stories. Shah & Liyana were nice enough to give it a try. It’s not like its gonna be aired on TV or anything, it’s a piece to keep. Very much appreciated.

I’m giving myself 1 and a half weeks tops to finish the scripts and for them to check for errors etc before proceeding for production which involves cast and crews as well as locations and clothing. Once everything is completed and organized, we shall prepare the equipments and schedule the activity by locations as I’ve experience this from a 13-episode local drama I did with a production house in 08’. It is indeed the quickest way to do without wasting time.

I’m pretty much excited about all of this. Not only I will be directing/editing it but I have the power to also compose an ‘original soundtrack’ just for the newlyweds with my music background in recording and development. I’ve always wanted to try that. Although depending on the theme/style we're creating it, there will be partially composed by scenes such as happy, sad or angry. In any case, I'm willing to take the challenge as a music composer.

Oh my...I hope I'm not bragging too much. :P  There's no 'i' in team but 'we'. I'm gonna have to pass credits to my buddy Eyan for keeping up with me. Hahaha. He has helped so much in all of this. Thanks. I know you reading this!!!

P/s: If any of you nice kind readers are interested in doing something different, here's your chance. There's no 'malu-malu' or 'malas tah ku ingau' act. Do it! You won't regret taking this epic adventure with us. But I would also recommend you to wait for this one to finish cos then, its more convincing. :)

Pp/s: There is no fix price for this product yet until we know what we're actually getting ourselves into with all the work. Hold on for updates.


Caleruega Church, Manila

Here's my first simple short clip I did during my visit in Manila February 2010. Shot with my Canon 500D, 720p. This was suppose to be up on site a while ago but there seemed to be problems with the internet lately. From what I heard from Twitter, many are having trouble. Anyhow, will be uploading another one soon once I have the time.

The video above doesn't really represent anything personal but just trying out digital zooms edited on my FCP which was thought to me by Eyan (partner). As much as I wanted to have more angles to play with, the only problem during the time was the grumpy old dad. Can't really shoot with all the complaints. Haha. But to my curiosity, there weren't that much clouds and I was hoping to catch some for timelapse which shall look pretty good.

P/s: This is also my first HD short flick shot on my Canon 500D....aside from weddings off course. :)

PP/s: I've also posted this up on Youtube but damn copyright system removed the audio. No sound. Better off watching it through Vimeo.


Taking This Back For A Ride

This is my Kymco Quannon 125. I've always liked bikes and so I purchased mine in August 2008. My first choices were actually the Yamaha R6 and the Kawasaki Ninja 6R but there were too damn expensive. We're talking about 18-22k. Everytime I have this intention to buy, I would say to myself, "Naahh.... I better off be getting myself a bigger/better car OR yet, a new camcorder + other filmmaking equipments". So, I decided to purchase a rather CHEAP one. Better than nothing. This one cost 5k.

It's pretty much obvious that bikes are just for pleasure. Riding bikes are indeed exciting but dangerously risky if you make one slight mistake on the road. You may be careful but others may not. Anyways, the reason I'm blogging about this non-related subject is that, I'm frequently riding my bike again since I found out a few of my friends were also getting in to it.

After just a few days from picking up my bike from the Yamaha showroom in Beribi, I decided to make a short video clip. I had a brother-in-law to pick up my Panasonic DVX camera and film me riding my yellow-sabertooth-power ranger-125-2-wheeler on the Muara highway.This video was shot back in 2008.

Music in this video composed by myself as well as the video-editing.Enjoy.


BIBD Wish Interview

I was doing a shoot with Motionworkz Production. The final interview... by the judges. 
12 people, 12 stories. You have the power to grant their wishes. 
Help select Brunei's first 1 million Grand Awardee.

P/s: Just a little bit extra, camera I was using was the Sony PMW EX1.


Songket Wedding Showcase + Newest Member

Visual Dimensions team will be attending the ‘Songket Wedding Showcase 2010’ today which will be held at the Hua Ho Mall Manggis. As usual, I don’t really explain things evidently so might as well give you the link to their website which will also take you directly to their Facebook fan page linked.

Most likely, we’ll be filming the event entirely following by our newest member of our team, Zati. Yes,a girl and perhaps one of the first female wedding videographers I know to date. For some reasons, me and Eyan thought it would be best to have a female inside the team where it would be helpful in several ways. So, today she’ll be joining us for the first time.

I also like the fact that she knows alot about cameras. Not only shooting but using manual control settings such as exposures, iris and white-balance. Very impressive. I've seen female photographers before in previous wedding events but never have I once seen one who handles videography. Even better, she knows what to do! LOL

So if you happen to see us there later today, don't just stare, say Hi! This event should be really interesting and I can't wait to see. Thanks to Cinematic Pro for the invite.


Chucky's Back

I knew there was going to be a remake of one of my favorite fictional horror slahser, ‘Chucky’. Been checking out news about it and apparently, they’ve started production last month and shall be released in 2011. Here we go again. Another long wait, just like I did with ‘Halloween’, ‘Friday The 13th’ and the upcoming ‘Nightmare On Elm Street’ which shall be in cinemas next month, April. Got a friend who works at The Mall and he showed me the listings.

The good news is, ‘Brad Dourif’ voice of Chucky will still have his role in the remake version. Unfortunately, the directors aren’t going to make that silly-comedy-crap like ‘The Seed Of Chucky’ where they included that stupid-looking British accent, Japanese he/she daughter/son character who wouldn’t even hurt a fly spoiler. It’s going to be really horrifying as we speak.

It’s how it should be anyways.

‘The Bride Of Chucky’ sequel was alright in my opinion but I knew for certain that there would be a continuation after. But I didn’t expect it to all messed-up and shit. Instead of pulling your blanky to cover your face when a death scene’s coming, you’ll see an outrageous most ridiculous scene to be included such as masturbating with dirty switsuit magazines. WTF… a murder-doll? Wanking? Try to remember how frightening Chucky was when you watched the first one from the 80s. It doesn’t go.

Okay, nuff’ yappin’ from me. That’s the end of my post.


Brunei Earth Hour (HD-DSLR), David Cheok

Earth Hour 2010 takes place on Saturday 27 March at 8.30pm (local time) and is a global call to action to every individual, every business and every community throughout the world. It is a call to stand up, to take responsibility, to get involved and lead the way towards a sustainable future. Iconic buildings and landmarks from Europe to Asia to the Americas will stand in darkness. People across the world from all walks of life will turn off their lights and join together in celebration and contemplation of the one thing we all have in common – our planet. So sign up now and let’s make 2010 the biggest Earth Hour yet!.

Follow on FaceBook. 

*For those who are interested to volunteer, please contact David Cheok through either Twitter (#bruneiearthhour) or Facebook.

I'm not going to explain everything to you but I do know that, me and my associate (Eyan) will be taking part of this event. We were inform that, we are to use HD-DSLR cameras ONLY. Here are some infos that DC had recently tweeted on Twitter regarding the upcoming activity.

David Cheok On Twitter
I need photogs with video capabilities with #BruneiEarthHour Project from all over the country. This is a community project. Who can help?

#bruneiearthhour At 8:30pm, Brunei will turn off her lights for 60mins. We need video footage of the 10mins before & 2 mins into and 2 mins before and 10 mins after 9:30pm. All these will be used for Brunei's Earth Hour Videoclip.

#bruneiearthhour I will instruct everyone on what 2 do. You need a dslr wif video capabilities and a tripod. We need reps in all districts.

#bruneiearthhour We will coordinate with various district reps and each contribute to this truely national community project.

#bruneiearthhour If u think u can spare 1hr 15 mins of your time on 27th March 2010, then join us. This is a govt approved community project

#bruneiearthhour there will be things happening all over the country. We need your eyes!


DST Launches New Counter

Friday, March 5th 2010 (Obviously), DST launches a new counter in Tanjung Bunut. This is our first HD-DSLR corporate video and I wanted it to look as good as it gets. So I brought along another companion to shoot on fix lens by using the only 18-55mm kit lens (static) where it was easier to have accessible zoom-in points for instant shots.

However, I was shooting with my prime lens such as 50mm and 30mm. I also borrowed a 11-16mm for wide. (I’m beginning to love this lens). After the job, we ended up doing time-lapse for abit but didn’t really worked out as planned since my target was not able to be found. I went home to see the videos and was astounded by the fact that it looked incredibly good! Probably one of the best corporate videos we have so far since we’ve started HD-DSLRs.


Meeting The Man Of The Hour

I must say, the man with me in the above picture is thee ‘Jason Magbanua’, one of Philippines most talented wedding filmmakers I’ve known over the years on net. I finally got a chance to meet up with this charming fellow for the first time on my last day visit in Manila. I thought I was going to get stood-up. Apparently, he was doing a somewhat wedding in Boracay says on his Twitter as I’ve been checking to see whether he was back.

I seriously thought I might come back to Brunei without meeting him. And, with all his effort, coming back from another wedding that same night, he offered to meet up. I was quite impressed and happy with that. Some people will not even have the potency to do anything whatsoever after a long day’s of work. He did.

We met up at this place called ‘Agave’, for drinks located somewhere in ‘High Street’. This is one of my definite favorite destinations for hang-outs. Left the house early with my step-sister, Kristine for dinner whilst killing time. Managed to do a little shopping at the very last minute. (It appears that I’ve found a new compilation habit aside from DVDs. Will let you in on that in my other posts).

Basically, I had a really fun time chatting with Jason even though there were some awkward silences and a lack of topics. So, I just asked about stuffs such as shooting/editing weddings and really, he was nice enough to share some of his knowledge. Although there were times I totally missed out. Words weren’t coming out of my mouth suitably. Felt like an idiot at some point. Other than that, he was an energetic and hyper person. It was cool.

You may be reading this but thanks again Jason. See you next time in a wedding! :)


Calle Ruega Church

On my second time visit to Manila, I realized that this time, I had more places to go and to see whilst my step-mother would give me and my wife a tour around. One of the things I like when coming into another country was history. I’ve always found myself fascinated by art, culture and architectures. However, I took the advantage to try and film as much as I can along with taking nice pictures. (Not that I DO take nice pictures, I just snap whatever I see).
One of the things we’ve seen a lot is the churches. Old historical churches with a nice a tale to go with. Some are even about the second world war. I shot a few for archives and to be edited into a short mini showreel. Well, that is also one of my main intentions from the start. Now, I know we live in a Muslim country but that doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to visit or walk into a church wanting to learn about other religions. So, anybody have a problem with me doing this, you can go f**k yourselves. You don’t own me. :)

When I was working as a tour-guide for 2years, I’ve never liked history. But when I got to understand it clearer, it became even more motivating. That’s how I’ve managed to love the whole idea about visiting another country and Manila really is a wonderful place to travel. I’ve not seen everything yet, but one day I will because now there’s a reason to be flying there anytime. Family.

In the third photo on your left is another fascinating Church which we were able to walk in to see some very antique pieces. It took us an hour and a half to finish the entire building. Speaking about this place here, this is another destination called 'Villa Escudero'. Some unusual things you may have or may not seen. Will post pictures of it soon.

By the way, that's my younger sister Nicolle Groves. She's such a sweetheart. She's also in one of my upcoming video projects. Managed to convince her to act/pose in them just as long  as I do a photoshoot of her. Did so much. ALSO, something I will yet to be posting.

Anyways, I’ve filmed one of the churches called ‘Calle Ruega’ and will be posting it sometime soon. For you Adam Groves’s followers, you are actually expecting 3 videos from me and I’ve just finished the first, entitled ‘American Memorial Cemetery’, a short clip showing the grave stones of 17,202 American soldiers killed in World War II serving Philippines. One of the largest American cemeteries in the world today.


Hold On A Tick

Just realize that I'm losing some details of post and photos. This happened when I went on to my blog using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome as well as Safari. I've been using the old version of Firefox. No wonder.... Guess I gotta fix that before I do any more blog post about my recent events. Stay Tune Readers!


Not Famous (My Band)

Not Famous (My Band)

My Music

My Music
' personal compositions...'


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