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I’ll be going off to Philippines to visit my family + a project I intend to do whilst I’m there. Before I continue with this post, must I remind you, you can still contact me for bookings/inquires through my email or better yet, my colleague Eyan. (shopian.said@gmail.com).

Anyways, I MAYBE meeting up with one of the well-known wedding videographers, Jason Magbanua. That is, IF I can get ever through to him. Seems like he’s abit slow in replying emails. Who knows how slow he can pick up the phone once I call him. *Toing* The idea is basically to experience another place with weddings along with the videographer himself. Who knows I might be able to join him in an event. I shouldn’t be getting my hopes up just yet. Will see what happens.

Other than that, I’ll be shooting a short film with my sister which I’m really eager on doing. Why? Well, firstly, she’s my ONLY sister whom I have not known about until last October (22 years of not knowing) and I feel like I should try and start a bond with her. She likes fashion design/clothing (which should be good for the video), plus I really want to have shots of nice sceneries of Philippines to bring back to Brunei for documentation.

Which also means, I need to shoot as much as I can without letting any of it go to waste! The wife is joining me for the first time and surely, she’d be irritated from the fact that, my work is tailing me on our vacation. I’m not really that interested in shopping/buying things. I’m more of a sightseeing person. Taking pictures and filming is MY thing when I go out for travel.

Nevertheless, I’m pretty excited. Haven’t been resting much from all the non-stop weddings we had since November up to January. I’m finishing my last video editing for this client which I shall deliver sometime this weekend.

Jason Magbanua  – (February 17, 2010 at 8:21 AM)  

I do answer blogposts ;-). Hope to meet.

Visual Dimensions Production  – (February 17, 2010 at 4:42 PM)  

Oh hi man. Didn't expect you to read this. Haha. Wasn't mocking you or anything :) But ok then. I will call you when I'm there. Thanks again and many apologizes if i have offended you. :)

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