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….. my personal blog has turned into a site where most of my clients visit for inquiries. The wedding business website is still under-construction and we're waiting for the latest films which I've yet to edit to be included for films of 2010. That is why I’ve removed some of the wedding vids from my Youtube account. I’ll be posting short films and pleasurable videos there from now on.

So….whatever I have to blog, it is what it is. Sometimes it does not involve with anything about weddings or shootings or anything of those mentioned kind. It has its ups and downs where I intend to blog about almost anything I encountered daily. For some stupid reasons, my old business cards was included with this blog address which during the time, layouts and postings were not really that inappropriate for clients to be reading.

But seems like nowadays, ones who are getting married live quite modernly and young so whatever they see written in this blog doesn’t really matter at all. I’m just concern by the older and middle-aged ones to be snooping around not understanding what the hell I’m ranting about. I mean, it makes sense really. Why is the recommended wedding videographer talking/posting about latest movies, reviews, music/bands, travel instead of writing/blogging what we want to know/see? (That is why; I’m working on it at the moment and fully aware of the matter).

If you are reading this, then this is what I mean. This post doesn’t include any promotion-like. (Although I’m planning to do that). So friends, families, people, readers, viewers and clients, if you like this blog, then please keep on reading for updates but if you decided this is totally a waste of time, don’t judge me just yet. Check out our website which shall soon be announced.

By the way, while I’m at this topic, I wanna remind to anonymous clients who’ve texted me about prices, availabilities or randomly emailing me for inquires/details, whatever amount is set in our services, please don’t freak and compare with others then disappear without knowing more for further discussion or negotiation. Its really irritating when you’re being so typical by the numbers instead of the quality services. If you find a cheaper company and is not interested with our style of creativity and inputs, by all means. Go for it and congratulations. I mean, if you’re seriously planning a wedding, don’t you think you deserve to spend a little more for a one time thing? Not unless you’re planning on having another marriage, then that’s okay. Not offending anybody but I’m only saying. Its not hard just to discuss/negotiate more about the wedding then looking at numbers and not replying back at all! We are here to make your wedding moments look good!


Anonymous –   – (December 2, 2010 at 8:54 AM)  

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