One Of The Best Times...

.......I had in 2009 was shooting my first comedy series, ‘The Jo & Jul Show’. A short 10minutes film which took only 4days of shooting & editing all together. I’m glad it happened. We had 1000 views on Youtube in only less than a week and fans began to populate even more which led us in writing episode 2 and a radio interview on Pilihan 95..9fm.

It was indeed good for my career but it ended when one of the actors had to go abroad for further studies. It was doing so good; many had requested and waited for episode 3 which did not work out due to numerous reasons. When I started out filmmaking, I wanted to shoot horror films because I’m really a huge fan of suspense thriller. I wrote a couple muted films (no scripts) such as ‘The Suicide’ & ‘The Awakening' (starring myself) and one of too many of friends favorite ‘The Apartment’ (which had the hot looking chick that everyone’s talking about).

After seeing the results, I wasn’t too sure if it was good enough since writing short films has always been a self-learning course for me. I have no experience whatsoever aside from watching too many movies. So I decided that, I shall write something that includes a proper script. With the ideas I had contributed from the actors of The Jo & Jul Show, I’ve managed to make it work by applying distinctive Brunei language which has both English & Malay words/slangs in a sentence.

The first episode was based on ‘The Hare & The Tortoise’ which I’m pretty sure everyone knows what it’s about. The hardest part during the time was to keep the storyline in place whilst the changing obstacles these characters had to venture. Although it was hard at most times to do everything yourself. I had to operate the camera, maintain the sound recording and read the scripts etc.

One of the best parts in filmmaking was to be able to create a character into anything you want. I so happen to got the idea from a cartoon called ‘Pinky & The Brain’ where you’d have a clever intelligent one and a total dumb blur one. That also includes ‘Jay & Silent Bob’, (well, in some parts of it). I then began to add up supporting actors such as myself and a few other friends into the show and it got really entertaining everytime I had a scene with a different person. 

Episode 2 - The One With All The Effort was about making money to see a famous celebrity. It shows you to be energetic/confident and that there are millions of ways you are able to make money.
Here are some photos taken during the shoot of episode 2. This is the scene where 'Jul' tries to help this lady to carry her stuff but accidently leaves the carkeys in the car, locked. Unforunately, he left after recieving his tip excitingly.
Jul helps old blind-man crossing the road to get to the mosque. Now this is a fun character and moment during the shoot. Had the fake beard on to create old. Obviously, he wasn't. That's just part of the show for viewers to see that its not real. Yes, I'm 100% aware that you can see the rubber band across the face. Other moments was trying to control the traffic from spoiling our scene. We had to do several takes on the zebra-crossing. It was pretty hilarious to be having the fake blind man on take because most of the drivers were also laughing their asses off.
Here's a character whom my brother contributed as the bad-guy. He was suppose to be somewhat Mexican/Latino/whatever that didn't really worked out as planned. Instead, it became one of the memorable moments where it took us a while too shoot this scene because we included a few things which weren'nt in the script itself. Thanks to 'Jo' who applied the part where he takes the gun out of the robber's hand and points it to Jul to sort out the pproblem on who shall get robbed.
I still wonder alot most of the times if this show would have made it huge locally since everyone during the time has been talking about it, telling other friends and was willing to take part. I guess we'll never know. But from time to time, I still get this vibe on making a different one. I do have ideas but i have not the time to continue writing. I will but not just yet. Others have also asked whether they'll be another episode if 'Jo' came back from abroad. Unfortunately, no. It might, I doubt it will.

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