Backed out Aksi Video, Now Going For Film Fest

Seems like me and Eyan WILL be taking part and will be producing a few videos that I had in mind for the Film Fest. All the sudden, ideas kept popping into my melted brain letting me visualizing on how it would turn out. Since you're allowed to submit more than one video, I'm going to try submitting one in a few categories. Its fun and it'll be even more challenging. Overall, it'll just be one big grandma's kuih-sarang-semut pudding learning process.

Called up Eyan yesterday afternoon whilst I was shooting for a BIBD Wish Campaign project with Motionworkz Production, I began to felt intense of wanting to do this once and for all. I've never tried and I've always wanted to but I wasn't confident about the ideas I had previously. I needed support. I needed a co-producer.

Like the time, I backed out of RTB's Aksi Video. For some reasons, I was too ego to even want to follow the rules which was clearly 1minute 30 seconds of short video. How long was mine? 3minutes 30secs! However, I did not submit it and instead, I continuosly wrote more scripts/storyboard and guess what? It became 'The Jo & Jul Show' -episode 1!

The plan: Eyan will be shooting a film within this week whilst I'll be shooting 1 in the Philippines. Once I get back, we'll be doing another video shoot together entirely.It will be simple and it won't interrupt with any of our wedding jobs. The rules are simple. Shooting with DSLRs ONLY and the end product should not be more than 4 minutes. That's it. I rather send as much as I can but for just 1? No way. You're out numbered by the many Americans/English filmmakers.

Unfortunately, I'll be taking my chances by carrying all my camera gears, tripods and possibly a mini-glidecam which a friend of mine offered to use for the time being. Its nice and small, just right for DSLRs compared with the one we have when doing weddings. I hope there won't be a problem with the customs. Going should be okay but coming back? Have you any idea how the customs in Brunei can give you a shit time with things they see that aren't acceptable for their eyes?

I hope everything goes well.

cinematicpro  – (February 20, 2010 at 8:49 PM)  

hello there adam,
heard what u are saying, i always wanted to join such event but time always in the way, did join aksi video but apparently not too popular to get sms vote, good luck for the film fest and mention Brunei when u receive the award ;)

adamu kodachi  – (February 21, 2010 at 12:44 AM)  

どうもありがとうございました。読書をお楽しみください! :)

adamu kodachi  – (February 21, 2010 at 12:46 AM)  

Thanks Khairul :)

Why don't you help me with animations since you're good with it. Maybe some simple superimpose etc. For sure will give you full credits on it. :)

cinematicpro  – (February 21, 2010 at 8:21 AM)  

sure,just shoot me an email on how we go on about that ;)

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