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Unlike any other competition I've ever seen on web, this one is simply easy to join. This shall be interesting since I've never entered any film festival before. As much as I wanted to ever since I've started filming, this shall be a good opportunity whilst I'm going to Philippines next week to shoot a short film. In fact, there are all kinds of categories AND you're only allowed to use DSLR cameras. Click here to enter website.

Welcome to the Can-Do International Film Festival and Competition – open to filmmakers worldwide.
January 1st 2010 through to March 20th 2010.
Winners announced in mid April 2010.
Vimeo is a co-sponsor of the Can-Do …. all submissions will be hosted on Vimeo’s incredible HD hosting site:
As well as Canon EOS cameras as prizes, ZEISS are offering a selection of their world famous lenses as prizes for the Category winners – winners will be able to choose a Zeiss ZE Lens of choice up to $1,283 in value – this covers the Zeiss 2/28 ZE, 2/35 ZE, 1.4/50 ZE, 1.4/85 ZE and 2/50 ZE lenses.
Submit a short four minutes or less movie shot ONLY on the Canon HD DSLR EOS 1D Mk IV, EOS 5D Mk II, EOS 7D or EOS Rebel T1i.
You can submit more than one movie and submit in different categories as long as each movie is registered first with a separate fee.
The short film can not be any longer than four minutes from start to finish …. if it is one second over the four minute limit it will be removed from the website.
The short can be submitted in one of ten different categories:
  • Music Video
  • Spec Commercial
  • TV Show Teaser
  • Movie Trailer
  • Narrative – drama, sci-fi, horror, humor, romantic comedy
  • Documentary – people and places
  • Documentary – nature
  • Sports Event
  • Wedding Event
  • Military Services
There will be four separate cross-genre categories:
  • Overall winner – story plus performance plus camera work plus wow factor!
  • Creative Inspiration – most unusual and original movie.
  • Visual Effects and Animation – cool use of EOS video technology.
  • ‘Popular Choice’ winner – vote on Vimeo for your favorite movie.
Canon Inc and RAWworks prizes will be given to the Winners in each of the thirteen categories. Other sponsors prizes will be added as we proceed so keep checking the Prizes section.
May the best filmmaker win …. let’s see you get the most out of the Canon EOS HD DSLR range of cameras.

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