Glidecam 2000 Pro

Yup, packed this baby up inside me suitcase. I had to do some test trails with the expert earlier on today. Remember when I mentioned that GC isn’t easy to use and it takes lots of practice? Well, I forgot to mention one more thing about it. It takes a damn while to master the adjustments. Meaning, sorting out the right measurements to stabilize the camera on to a GC itself. It involves a lot of twist, slides and turns and sometimes, aligning the weights at the bottom of the GC. Whilst observing Eyan previously during the day, I tried doing it myself after I got home. It took me 30-45minutes to set it up correctly. I almost gave-up and decided not to take t with me for the trip but seems like, eventhough it finally took place, I find it rather appealing and began to think. I said ‘F**k it, I’m taking this with me’.  
Eventually, I got it right and took it outside for a test run using my 18-55mm f3.5 kit lens to see how I would handle this mini-GC (Yup. I did say MINI. Because the one we used for weddings was the big brother, the GC 4000 Pro). Unfortunately, I didn’t do that well after playing back the short footages I took outside my garage. It was slightly off but manageable. Darkness fall, I tried using my 30mm f1.4 lens for better light. Apparently, if the lens is heavier, it means you need to re-adjust the GC’s once again which led me (even better this time), a 20minutes set-up. Did another test and was gawkily satisfied.


Off To Save The Planet (Includes ArmageddonTheme Song)

Found this on FB. A photo taken a couple days ago before shooting the BIBD Wish Campaign Nominees at the Rizqun International Hotel, The Mall with Motionworkz Production. The camera I'm holding is a Panasonic HVX model...something...something...using P2 memory cards. I'm not really a big fan with this camera for only 1 reason and for 1 reason only. The LCD on this device is very poor.


Doesn't It Feel Good When You Have Nothing More To Think About?

The title for this post says it all! I’ve finally completed my last wedding video before shooting off to paradise, my vacation! We had non-stop weddings since early November and now, this is inactive moment for me! Suffocating myself with coffee day in and day out is not healthy at all. The last thing I want is to get sick. However, the best thing about everything is that, you’re done with work and now, bring on the next one.

But seriously…I do have one more client to edit but that doesn’t count. You want to know why?  The wedding was only recently. I shall commence the cycle of editing once I get back from my trip. But don’t I have the other short films to do by then? Yes I have. Plenty. As much as it sounds psychologically undomesticated in various points, IT IS achievable to work on as much projects without failing to submit your videos to clients. Just manage your time and systematize on what to do, you’ll be fine. It’s fine for me because I don’t have an 8 to 4 job. Or is 9 to 5? Whatever.

Anyways, below is one of my first prototype DVD packaging which I've tried making with Photoshop and printed with my 2 year old printer. Why on earth is that important?!
Congratulations to Liyana & Shah and Thank You for choosing 
Visual Dimensions Production.


63 Years

Happy 63rd Birthday to my dear ol' dad who came back just in time from India (work) to celebrate his fest with the family in Manila. However, due to expensive tickets, I could not make it before the 21st. Instead I'll be going a day after that on the 22nd.  Nevermind, I talked to him over Skype earlier on tonight just before he got on the plane and he's really excited to hear me coming to visit and be around him on his birthday.


Boredom Got Me Out Of The House

It’s been like forever working on this wedding video for ‘Liyana & Shah’. Very tiring. Brain is abit slow at the moment but I’ve managed to finish everything leaving the DVD packagin. So…I’ve decided to take my wife out for a drive. Eyan and his wife were also going out from the boredom. We planned to meet-up at Jerudong Park (I know) to see what was going on in this typical Saturday night. Indeed there were many people doing what they usually do best. ‘Lepak’.

I brought my camera along and so did Eyan. We planned to shoot more evening time lapse but unfortunately, it wasn’t that interesting but I wanted to try out that digital (zoom in-out pan left-right method whatever you call it, I don’t know) in post-production. We shot our footages on a full HD 1080p setting so that it’d be easier to transform/control those clips digitally when working on a 720p sequence. It’s amazing really but I’m sure some of you may/may not experiment it already.

But for some reasons, we got fed up. We wanted to shoot something in the day instead. However, I’ve managed to talk to a friend who has access to film a nice view from the top-roof of the Rizqun Hotel, The Mall for sunrise/sunset once I get back from my trip. Should be great shooting time lapse with a rare view.

Other than that, we got into the subject about the Film Fest we’re participating. One of the categories we intend to do was ‘Music Video’. I’m looking at using one of my recent songs which I wrote a couple of months ago to be shot in an acoustic studio-style instead of a full-band. I’ve visualize what I wanted and I hope we can pull this off.


Backed out Aksi Video, Now Going For Film Fest

Seems like me and Eyan WILL be taking part and will be producing a few videos that I had in mind for the Film Fest. All the sudden, ideas kept popping into my melted brain letting me visualizing on how it would turn out. Since you're allowed to submit more than one video, I'm going to try submitting one in a few categories. Its fun and it'll be even more challenging. Overall, it'll just be one big grandma's kuih-sarang-semut pudding learning process.

Called up Eyan yesterday afternoon whilst I was shooting for a BIBD Wish Campaign project with Motionworkz Production, I began to felt intense of wanting to do this once and for all. I've never tried and I've always wanted to but I wasn't confident about the ideas I had previously. I needed support. I needed a co-producer.

Like the time, I backed out of RTB's Aksi Video. For some reasons, I was too ego to even want to follow the rules which was clearly 1minute 30 seconds of short video. How long was mine? 3minutes 30secs! However, I did not submit it and instead, I continuosly wrote more scripts/storyboard and guess what? It became 'The Jo & Jul Show' -episode 1!

The plan: Eyan will be shooting a film within this week whilst I'll be shooting 1 in the Philippines. Once I get back, we'll be doing another video shoot together entirely.It will be simple and it won't interrupt with any of our wedding jobs. The rules are simple. Shooting with DSLRs ONLY and the end product should not be more than 4 minutes. That's it. I rather send as much as I can but for just 1? No way. You're out numbered by the many Americans/English filmmakers.

Unfortunately, I'll be taking my chances by carrying all my camera gears, tripods and possibly a mini-glidecam which a friend of mine offered to use for the time being. Its nice and small, just right for DSLRs compared with the one we have when doing weddings. I hope there won't be a problem with the customs. Going should be okay but coming back? Have you any idea how the customs in Brunei can give you a shit time with things they see that aren't acceptable for their eyes?

I hope everything goes well.


Seems Like....

….. my personal blog has turned into a site where most of my clients visit for inquiries. The wedding business website is still under-construction and we're waiting for the latest films which I've yet to edit to be included for films of 2010. That is why I’ve removed some of the wedding vids from my Youtube account. I’ll be posting short films and pleasurable videos there from now on.

So….whatever I have to blog, it is what it is. Sometimes it does not involve with anything about weddings or shootings or anything of those mentioned kind. It has its ups and downs where I intend to blog about almost anything I encountered daily. For some stupid reasons, my old business cards was included with this blog address which during the time, layouts and postings were not really that inappropriate for clients to be reading.

But seems like nowadays, ones who are getting married live quite modernly and young so whatever they see written in this blog doesn’t really matter at all. I’m just concern by the older and middle-aged ones to be snooping around not understanding what the hell I’m ranting about. I mean, it makes sense really. Why is the recommended wedding videographer talking/posting about latest movies, reviews, music/bands, travel instead of writing/blogging what we want to know/see? (That is why; I’m working on it at the moment and fully aware of the matter).

If you are reading this, then this is what I mean. This post doesn’t include any promotion-like. (Although I’m planning to do that). So friends, families, people, readers, viewers and clients, if you like this blog, then please keep on reading for updates but if you decided this is totally a waste of time, don’t judge me just yet. Check out our website which shall soon be announced.

By the way, while I’m at this topic, I wanna remind to anonymous clients who’ve texted me about prices, availabilities or randomly emailing me for inquires/details, whatever amount is set in our services, please don’t freak and compare with others then disappear without knowing more for further discussion or negotiation. Its really irritating when you’re being so typical by the numbers instead of the quality services. If you find a cheaper company and is not interested with our style of creativity and inputs, by all means. Go for it and congratulations. I mean, if you’re seriously planning a wedding, don’t you think you deserve to spend a little more for a one time thing? Not unless you’re planning on having another marriage, then that’s okay. Not offending anybody but I’m only saying. Its not hard just to discuss/negotiate more about the wedding then looking at numbers and not replying back at all! We are here to make your wedding moments look good!



Night Scene Timelapse

For some reasons, lastnight, me and Eyan decided to take the wives out and do some random-unplanned night-shooting with our DSLRs. We were trying out 'timelapse'. And as much as I would like to admit, night-scene is probably isn't the best to do in Brunei since everything else is dark and lack of movements in frame unlike other countries which always has something even more. We were going around every block to look for a decent location to set up the tripods by letting it to continuously record manually.

However, we tried using 2 different formats (720p 30fps and 1080p 20fps) and do the scaling in post. With the tactics on digital pan/zoom, I've only discovered this after Eyan did a short sample with the previous footages, it looked absolutely great. It makes perfect sense but unfornately, I've yet to study more with timelapse which led me to try myself.
Eventually, we decided to take some nice evening shots on the bridge near the fire-station in Bandar with a nice scenary of the Water Village and the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque. Lights were lit up due to the upcoming National Day event and it was quite pretty with all the colors. We have yet to post any videos since we're gathering as much footages for our upcoming project.


Another Film Festival Around The Corner

Unlike any other competition I've ever seen on web, this one is simply easy to join. This shall be interesting since I've never entered any film festival before. As much as I wanted to ever since I've started filming, this shall be a good opportunity whilst I'm going to Philippines next week to shoot a short film. In fact, there are all kinds of categories AND you're only allowed to use DSLR cameras. Click here to enter website.

Welcome to the Can-Do International Film Festival and Competition – open to filmmakers worldwide.
January 1st 2010 through to March 20th 2010.
Winners announced in mid April 2010.
Vimeo is a co-sponsor of the Can-Do …. all submissions will be hosted on Vimeo’s incredible HD hosting site:
As well as Canon EOS cameras as prizes, ZEISS are offering a selection of their world famous lenses as prizes for the Category winners – winners will be able to choose a Zeiss ZE Lens of choice up to $1,283 in value – this covers the Zeiss 2/28 ZE, 2/35 ZE, 1.4/50 ZE, 1.4/85 ZE and 2/50 ZE lenses.
Submit a short four minutes or less movie shot ONLY on the Canon HD DSLR EOS 1D Mk IV, EOS 5D Mk II, EOS 7D or EOS Rebel T1i.
You can submit more than one movie and submit in different categories as long as each movie is registered first with a separate fee.
The short film can not be any longer than four minutes from start to finish …. if it is one second over the four minute limit it will be removed from the website.
The short can be submitted in one of ten different categories:
  • Music Video
  • Spec Commercial
  • TV Show Teaser
  • Movie Trailer
  • Narrative – drama, sci-fi, horror, humor, romantic comedy
  • Documentary – people and places
  • Documentary – nature
  • Sports Event
  • Wedding Event
  • Military Services
There will be four separate cross-genre categories:
  • Overall winner – story plus performance plus camera work plus wow factor!
  • Creative Inspiration – most unusual and original movie.
  • Visual Effects and Animation – cool use of EOS video technology.
  • ‘Popular Choice’ winner – vote on Vimeo for your favorite movie.
Canon Inc and RAWworks prizes will be given to the Winners in each of the thirteen categories. Other sponsors prizes will be added as we proceed so keep checking the Prizes section.
May the best filmmaker win …. let’s see you get the most out of the Canon EOS HD DSLR range of cameras.


One Of The Best Times...

.......I had in 2009 was shooting my first comedy series, ‘The Jo & Jul Show’. A short 10minutes film which took only 4days of shooting & editing all together. I’m glad it happened. We had 1000 views on Youtube in only less than a week and fans began to populate even more which led us in writing episode 2 and a radio interview on Pilihan 95..9fm.

It was indeed good for my career but it ended when one of the actors had to go abroad for further studies. It was doing so good; many had requested and waited for episode 3 which did not work out due to numerous reasons. When I started out filmmaking, I wanted to shoot horror films because I’m really a huge fan of suspense thriller. I wrote a couple muted films (no scripts) such as ‘The Suicide’ & ‘The Awakening' (starring myself) and one of too many of friends favorite ‘The Apartment’ (which had the hot looking chick that everyone’s talking about).

After seeing the results, I wasn’t too sure if it was good enough since writing short films has always been a self-learning course for me. I have no experience whatsoever aside from watching too many movies. So I decided that, I shall write something that includes a proper script. With the ideas I had contributed from the actors of The Jo & Jul Show, I’ve managed to make it work by applying distinctive Brunei language which has both English & Malay words/slangs in a sentence.

The first episode was based on ‘The Hare & The Tortoise’ which I’m pretty sure everyone knows what it’s about. The hardest part during the time was to keep the storyline in place whilst the changing obstacles these characters had to venture. Although it was hard at most times to do everything yourself. I had to operate the camera, maintain the sound recording and read the scripts etc.

One of the best parts in filmmaking was to be able to create a character into anything you want. I so happen to got the idea from a cartoon called ‘Pinky & The Brain’ where you’d have a clever intelligent one and a total dumb blur one. That also includes ‘Jay & Silent Bob’, (well, in some parts of it). I then began to add up supporting actors such as myself and a few other friends into the show and it got really entertaining everytime I had a scene with a different person. 

Episode 2 - The One With All The Effort was about making money to see a famous celebrity. It shows you to be energetic/confident and that there are millions of ways you are able to make money.
Here are some photos taken during the shoot of episode 2. This is the scene where 'Jul' tries to help this lady to carry her stuff but accidently leaves the carkeys in the car, locked. Unforunately, he left after recieving his tip excitingly.
Jul helps old blind-man crossing the road to get to the mosque. Now this is a fun character and moment during the shoot. Had the fake beard on to create old. Obviously, he wasn't. That's just part of the show for viewers to see that its not real. Yes, I'm 100% aware that you can see the rubber band across the face. Other moments was trying to control the traffic from spoiling our scene. We had to do several takes on the zebra-crossing. It was pretty hilarious to be having the fake blind man on take because most of the drivers were also laughing their asses off.
Here's a character whom my brother contributed as the bad-guy. He was suppose to be somewhat Mexican/Latino/whatever that didn't really worked out as planned. Instead, it became one of the memorable moments where it took us a while too shoot this scene because we included a few things which weren'nt in the script itself. Thanks to 'Jo' who applied the part where he takes the gun out of the robber's hand and points it to Jul to sort out the pproblem on who shall get robbed.
I still wonder alot most of the times if this show would have made it huge locally since everyone during the time has been talking about it, telling other friends and was willing to take part. I guess we'll never know. But from time to time, I still get this vibe on making a different one. I do have ideas but i have not the time to continue writing. I will but not just yet. Others have also asked whether they'll be another episode if 'Jo' came back from abroad. Unfortunately, no. It might, I doubt it will.


Interested Part Time?

WE, Visual Dimensions Team are looking for anybody out there who has interest to join us in a filmmaking venture for part-time/on- call projects. I've posted this up a few times but they aren't any feedbacks. There has to be somebody out there who has the will and commitment to take part.

We are looking for:

  • Graphic Designer/Animator
  • Videographer
  • Script-Writer/Storyboard
  • Actors/Actress
Not just only for on-call projects but we do have a few ideas to create a short film (probably a feature film) sometime this early year. Its all about experiencing something new and totally different.
If other countries can do it, why can't we?


A Week From Today

I’ll be going off to Philippines to visit my family + a project I intend to do whilst I’m there. Before I continue with this post, must I remind you, you can still contact me for bookings/inquires through my email or better yet, my colleague Eyan. (

Anyways, I MAYBE meeting up with one of the well-known wedding videographers, Jason Magbanua. That is, IF I can get ever through to him. Seems like he’s abit slow in replying emails. Who knows how slow he can pick up the phone once I call him. *Toing* The idea is basically to experience another place with weddings along with the videographer himself. Who knows I might be able to join him in an event. I shouldn’t be getting my hopes up just yet. Will see what happens.

Other than that, I’ll be shooting a short film with my sister which I’m really eager on doing. Why? Well, firstly, she’s my ONLY sister whom I have not known about until last October (22 years of not knowing) and I feel like I should try and start a bond with her. She likes fashion design/clothing (which should be good for the video), plus I really want to have shots of nice sceneries of Philippines to bring back to Brunei for documentation.

Which also means, I need to shoot as much as I can without letting any of it go to waste! The wife is joining me for the first time and surely, she’d be irritated from the fact that, my work is tailing me on our vacation. I’m not really that interested in shopping/buying things. I’m more of a sightseeing person. Taking pictures and filming is MY thing when I go out for travel.

Nevertheless, I’m pretty excited. Haven’t been resting much from all the non-stop weddings we had since November up to January. I’m finishing my last video editing for this client which I shall deliver sometime this weekend.


Wedding + Glidecam

Eversince Eyan (team player) bought the Glidecam 4000 Pro-Smooth-Shooter a.k.a 'Smooth-Criminal-Heavy-As-Hell-And-Not-Comfortable-At-All', the technique in shooting a wedding became even more exciting. Shots taken were suburb and wonderful. But indeed it’s not easy to work with. Sometimes people wonder whether it is necessary to have it during a wedding but in our case, it does since it's our job to make your video look even more exquisite. It makes a nice feel to it and a huge difference entirely compared with my old wedding videos.

The only problem is when you’re in a tight spot situation, it is not appropriate to be having it there. But since we’ve started with HD-DSLR shooting, there’s no hassle whatsoever with knocking people down. We can even fit into a rat hole if we wanted to. The main operator for glidecam shots in our services are most done by Eyan. Not me. I however cannot last 5minutes operating this device. It’s neither suitable for children nor adult such as Adam Groves.

I can’t even wait to have crane shots in our wedding films. How insanely intense is that! We’re expecting one sometime this year. Obviously, it’ll be a distraction to others but who cares. Just accept the fact that, we’re taking things to the next step in our wedding films.


Yes? No?

As mentioned before, we're building a proper website for weddings/events/corporate & music vids along with random short films we do from time to time. It's hard at the moment to fill it up since, we're applying mostly our HD video services which are yet to be posted up. Nah...i rather have 2010 services concluded within since this is the real deal.

The banner above is something i created out of boredom. I wanted something to stand out more. I bet it does. But from the looks of it, it doesn't look like a wedding production at all now does it? It looks more like a pornography production. To me, its alright. To them? I don't know. Maybe abit over the top and obviously inappropriate.

We have no idea what's behind the poster she's holding. All we do know now!


6am Outdoor Shoot



DST Carnival 2009

A project I did with DST held at the Tungku headquarters on December 5th, 2009. Edited/shot by myself along with Eyan and Saiful.


Upside Down Pancake

As usual, the title has nothing to do with this. Probably. But most likely No.

Moments ago, I was editing this wedding video which I found out I really enjoy and have been constantly moving forward. A few cups of coffee (tea sounds better with the line) and music in the background by Jason Miraz. However, I realized I'm working quite fast as I normally do. I often walk my precious time in the back looking for the frame of mind to do it. It’s a habit really. But I hear it a lot. When working in the media field particularly ‘editing’, we seem to need a fresh brain and off course the mood to kick in. Apparently, night shift is the way to go.

Anyways, what I’m really trying to say is that, since I’ve moved from mini-DV camcorders to HD DSLR, working seems to be so much easier from before. In what terms you wonder? Memory cards. You shoot, you record them in your little CF/SD cards and transfer into your system just by inserting them into your reader. So now, I’m saving so much time from capturing DV-tapes which in general takes 60minutes. I usually finish a full package wedding with 2-3 times by the end of the day. Approximately 3 bloody hours of valuable time loss.

Although, for those who are doing what I’m doing, you need a bigger disc space to back your files up. Once gone, You’re dead! (There’s no good explanation to tell your clients) I back my files up with 3 hard drives and that’s a lot. My only problem at the moment is I’m running out of them! Need to go out and get another drive.

As for the speed-ness in editing, it’s all good. I thought I needed to install bigger RAM. But as a matter of fact, that’s not really the solution. I just need MORE space. RAM is fine. Computer is fast and rendering time is average. But its still acceptable. Manage to put on a smile every time I finish a video. :)


New Business Website

I'm currently on the verge on building up a new website for Visual Dimensions Production. This is my personal blog and I don't feel too comfortable to be giving away my business cards with the blog address stated towards my clients. There's just so many inappropriate things in it which doesn't involve weddings. Take the last few post below. All I'm talking about are equipments, music, films and tickets?!

Nevertheless, I don't even know whether any of the clients can find the link to my videos which as a matter of fact does not have any weddings in them. I took it off for several reasons. Is was old, and many of the recent ones are better. Will announce the link soon.

Also, I find a better quality playback video than In fact, the HDs look way off its league. So I'm switching to Vimeo. Youtube will only be my personal videos for now.

At the moment we're just decorating the new site with style/theme along with contents. I should have done this along time ago.


Canon 550D (Powerful Entry Level HD-DSLRs - Philip Bloom)

  • 1080p: 1920 x 1080 pixels at 30fps (actually 29.97fps)
  • 1080p: 1920 x 1080 pixels at 25fps
  • 1080p: 1920 x 1080 pixels at 24fps (actually 23.976fps)
  • 720p: 1280 x 720 pixels at 60fps (actually 59.94fps)
  • 720p: 1280 x 720 pixels at 50fps
  • SD: 640 x 480 pixels at 60fps (actually 59.94fps)
  • SD: 640 x 480 pixels at 50fps
It also has a 3.5mm microphone jack, but unlikely to have manual controls for that.
It also has a new feature called movie crop which takes the centre of the image, and gives you a digitally zoomed in SD picture so you can get more out of your lenses if you are not worried about losing HD. I can’t see a use for this myself or in a professional situation as it is just a digital zoom but consumers may find this useful.
It shoots up to 6400 ISO too. Interestingly it seems the LCD is slightly higher resolution than the 7D too…
The camera is a massive step up from the previous model and really challenges the 7D, certainly in movie mode. Be very interesting to do a side by side of these cameras! You don’t have a number of features of the 7D, like dual processor, faster still FPS, weatherproofing and many of the top notch still features that the 7D offers but for video users, especially students, hobbyists and people dipping a tentative toe into the HD-DSLR market this looks to be sure bet. The key thing is it has full manual exposure control from the get go. This is from the official press release in the video section… I love the way Canon still calls people who buy this camera all photographers, there needs to be a new word for the hybrid users! “Photographers can also take manual control over exposure settings, changing the depth of field and degree of motion blur to shoot more creatively”

Copied from Philip Bloom


Congrats To Bani & Sam

This is the final wedding we have this month and now obviously, doing a hell lot of editing with the previous clients. Need to catch up. It has been great fun though. The event was held at the Manggis, Hua Ho Mall.
We were told that one of the royal families will be attending this event and so we had to dress up smart. However, we thought it'd be fun if we'd dress up in shirts and vest along with the theme as there were lots of MY people around. Haha.

It's not everytime you see  us dress like this. We thought it'd be fun to try it out since one of the guest of honors was attending the wedding. Apparently, it was HRH Prince Jefri. I was actually surprised to see him there. It was cool.


Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

It doesn't matter what it looks like, its all the matter of 'Doing-It-Youself'. Can't afford to buy one? Make one! There's just so many things you can make with only a little budget OR better yet, things you find around your house. I however enjoy watching people make something into SOMETHING. It's creative and you learn different things. I saw this picture on one of my friend's blog in KL who was doing a shoot for this TV series on Astro called 'Ampang Medical'. Shots were made with items such as the above. It works, its great.

My only wonder is, what does it look like upfront.

My buddy Eyan does these kinda things and I was quite impressed. He made several items such as the viewfinder for DSLRs and Dolly tracks using PVC pipes. Recently he made a MINI-dolly track. (Below)
You can also check out OUR short film, 'The Shape Experimental Project' posted below or linked on the right of sidebar. The thing I like about him is that, he's not afraid to try it out nor care what people say. As long as its put together properly, that's all you need to see. Some of you pervs may think its stupid, whatever makes you feel better.


Looking For A Classical Guitar?

Anybody interested in buy a classical guitar? Well apparently, I've got a neighbor who so happen to see me playing with MY guitar outside my porch a few times approached and asked whether I wanted to buy his wife's brand new guitar which they bought a couple of months ago. It was hardly used ever since she got pregnant. (Don't know if that's important but haha.)

It has no brand and honestly, from the looks of it, the guitar is in PERFECT condition and not even a single scratch! Looks good but I was not interested because a have a bunch of them already. So I said, let me try sell it for you. The guitar is with me, tried playing it and it sounded sooooo good! Price was $350.00 and selling price for $250.00 (nego). Contact me if interested.


First Arrival Of Canon XM2

About 3-4 years ago as I've started doing videography, I have never ever bumped into a store in Brunei where they sell consumer/professional high-end camcorders. Never. I always wonder why. I've met a couple of people in the days who owns this camera and I was really into this specific model due to a Malaysian filmmaker I know who filmed an entire feature length film with it. Eversince that, I wanted one.

Sadly, I've never had a chance to own this but bought my first camcorder, the Panasonic DVX102 from a friend who probably felt pity for me. Hahaha. Because I keep talking about buying one but haven't got a clue where and how to buy them.

Anyways, I was pretty much astounded by the fact that its here in Brunei. Yup. The first camcorder for sale in Brunei for the first time. This specific model is on sale where? Hua Ho Yayasan. Hahaha. I expect to find them in the many digital camera stores over the years but no. Its in Hua Ho Yayasan, today! Chinese New Year is nearby and it might be a good chance to get it. Its an older model, Standard Definition mini-DV but it may also be the best way to go for those who are starting up videography. Trust me, I've tried it, its a beauty!


Smosh's Improvements

A friend of mine introduced me to Smosh a couple of years ago and ever since, I've been watching them making their hilarious videos. In fact, from Smosh, I discovered my comedy series 'The Jo & Jul Show' which I've only written up to 2 episodes only. Due to several problems, one of the character hits UK for further studies before we could shoot the 3rd episode. I've mentioned before to do another show called 'Jul' but apparently, Paul was not interested. Too bad. I visualize a hit for that but what do to. Can't find anymore replacement.

In fact, I've yet to continue to write a different one which involves 4 girls comedy show. But where is my time? I'm doing weddings alot these days and haven't figure out how to arrange my schedules as well as theirs.

Back to Smosh, over the years, I watched Smosh start from webcam shoot into HD. From simple software into professional Final Cut Pro. I remember stalking them for abit just wanting to know what kind of cameras they were using. A Panasonic DVX which was brightly enough impressively done in the early days after using a small Sony mini-DV. Today, the latest edition of their comedy-shorts are short on high-end HD camcorders which I've yet to find out. In fact, they're so good, Youtube awarded them best videos of the year in 2008. Or is it 09?

Episode 3 of 2010 comes a brand new ridiculously funny one. (Above) I'm quite impressed from the graphics to storyboarding. These guys deserves to be making their first feature length movie one day. If you don't know Smosh, go over to Youtube and check out their videos. The newest ones are ones that has the spray paint introduction of their production. Enjoy.


Possibility for 'The Dark Knight' Sequel

Rumors on web had mentioned a sequel for 'The Dark Knight'. I'm really keen on another series of it since I've very much enjoyed 'Batman Begins' & 'The Dark Knight'. Probably one of my favorite movies so far. Its brilliant and I'm sure you love it too! My only curiosity towards the possibilities on the sequel is, 'Who Is The Next Villain?' The Riddler? Mr.Freeze? The Penguin? Poison Ivy? Its just too good as it was said that in ways, Johnny Depp & Angelina Jolie might be apart of it. I don't know. I just read.

I was going though my large stack of DVD collection and I counted them all. Apparently, I'm running out of shelf space as well as drawers. It came to a total of approximately 1800 discs. I gotta stop buying them for now. Anyways, I bumped into 2 sets of 'Batman Begins' and 2x sets of 'The Dark Knight'. Bloody hell, I have no idea I bought it TWICE. Other films such as 'Rob Zombie's: Halloween', 'The X Files', 'Rocky Balboa', 'Along Came Polly', 'The Butterfly Effect', 'Shaun Of The Dead', 'The Lady In The Water' & 'Shutter' were also in doubles. Absolutely insane. 90% of my DVDs are clear copy. I'm not bragging about it but if it sounds like I'm, whatever makes you happy. Its just that, I can imagine how much in total it would come if I was to trade them into cash!


Tickets To Manila

I'm pretty pissed by the fact that, the price tickets to Manila which I was suppose to buy is increasing to crazy amount. Yes, I'm going off to Philippines again this month to celebrate my dad's birthday for the first time as well as mine. It's be 26 by the end of the month and still haven't written by feature film. Darn...need to start writing again this year.

Anyways, as your normal average citizen, I've got bills to pay, things to buy. I thought I had enough time to get the plane tickets for my wife and brother as well as myself. But no, missed calculation on my priority to purchase them, the price is increasing everyday and it won't get any lower than I've expected. The cheapest start we've seen was 420, as days went by up until today, it gone to 990. WTF??? That's too much and I really need to get them. For your info, I'm flying on the 20th to 28th. So will the price continuously increase or will it ever drop back to 400? That's my main concern at the moment and I could not fuck this up since this is something, The Groves must do.

I'm actually looking forward, aside from the birthdays, I really wanna film Manila's scenery with my Canon 500D! Woo! Looks like I'll have to see what happens next with this bloody tickets. No matter what, I need to go but I'm gonna be really pissed if I'm actually paying 900 bucks for a plane ticket because on my last trip over, it only cost me 470 which was alright for a week!


Interested? 2X Professional Camcorders For Sale

Since Visual Dimensions (Eyan & myself) are moving to HD. Some of your nice newly comers are in seek for a camcorder, correct? Well, we've got just the thing for you. We're planning to sell off our Canon XL2 & Panasonic DVX102.

Both 3CCD with widescreen 16:9 recording. I carry the XL2 whilst Eyan the DVX102. So you may contact us either through our emails or just comment on this post for more details. I'm not quite sure how much Eyan plans to sell the DVX but I do know for certain, its affordable. Unlike my XL2, I'm not sure whether you'll manage but honestly, I'd love for someone to carry this wonderful state of the art equipment with pride. Haha :p Let me compare the price with the original I'm selling below.
Here, the Canon XL2 Proffesional Camcorder. I'm selling this off for $4,500.00. If you see QQestore, they're selling it for $5,398.00 brand new where mine is 3 years old, Perfect condition, had it servicing last year in Singapore. Click here for more details on camcorder. Now, I'm also giving away my 3.4-10.2mm wide lens that cost originally $1,498.00 on QQestore as well. Click here for more details on lens. Now calculate both amounts on your phone. (Cos that's where it is nowadays). How much? Come again? Yes...about 7 thousand in total. So?


I'm Officially On High Definition

This week's wedding goes to 'Bani & Sam'. What a lovely wedding I must say. Many of you may find it disturbing but yes, MY people is getting married with YOUR people. I kid around like this sometimes with my friends since I get this gestures of  me being the only white person in a crowd. So yea, MY people. My white English neighbors. HAHAHA! (Hysterically)

Visual Dimensions (Eyan, Saiful & myself) has stepped into the world of HD, officially today. We shot the entire wedding (well, until this upcoming Sunday) with our DSLRs. Yes, but no. Can't afford that yet but instead, Canon EOS 500D. It was quite interesting and challenging to be carrying around these cameras where others seemed to pause and smile to the camera for several seconds until we say, 'Sorry...this is video'.  Then they'll be like 'Ohhhh....we thought it was a camera'. Yes it is but yea...we're using it as video. But why? From the amazement I had after discovering these HD-DSLRs, its a beauty!!! In words I really could not describe. I'm a videographer not your instruction manual.

The disadvantages with it though are quite obvious. You can't really do a zoom in and out without maintaining  your focus. HDs are really sensitive where it could mess the footage up with only a little tap. That's why, inventors invented 'Follow - focus' adapters for smoother focus. That goes with the zoom, there are some equipment you could get to have it like a camcorder feel to zoom in and out smoothley. I don't know, heard of it but haven't really got around to read articles or pages of it. Will do in a minute. Other than that, to create a look for the camera so that people don't think you're a joke by using DSLR. But what do you know, its all about the final product. Doesn't mean BIG stuffs are actually good. Nowadays, things just gets smaller.

After trying to shoot a wedding with our 500Ds, me and Eyan seemed to get the picture of what lies behind the creativity in HD-DSLRs (especially weddings).One things for sure, its slow and so you have to be quick! Know the patterns of a malay wedding and you're fine. :)


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