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Here's something from a wedding videographer of Philippines have to say about HD for your wedding. Kinda love how the way he presented this for ones who plan to get married.

Don’t worry no technical mumbo-jumbo here (well at least it’s kept to a minimum).

HD - short for High Definition. Simply put, it’s higher quality video made available for your wedding day. The recorded image is much much bigger, clearer, more vibrant and life-like.

So, why go HD?

1. You want to maximize that 42 inch LCD or Plasma TV you’re buying for your new home.
2. You’re getting your husband that PlayStation3 or Bluray player for Christmas. (In exchange of course with that Tiffany charm bracelet)
3. You want the best possible recording technology available today to preserve your wedding day memories. Nuff said.

Why HD? It’s 2008, I guess the better question is - When HD?

With screen size alone the difference is pretty obvious (HD is 1440×1080 pixels, Standard Definition DVD is 720×480, YouTube is a mere 320×240). To give you an idea, here’s a relative comparison chart:


*Now, doesn't that sound convincing?? Me and my partner Shopian Said will do our very best to satisfy your wedding and needs to create this wonderful memory of yours in HD plus extras plus satisfaction! :) Boo! Or whatever that makes you feel better. :P

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