NotFamous rides Big Top OGDC Seria, Sunday afternoon after other local bands such as Bulan, Pemuzik Kena Reject as well as Klip. It was quite a remarkable comeback for the band as they’ve performed latest songs from the upcoming album as we speak.

NotFamous aren’t 18 anymore and as I observed the comments from Twitter, Facebook and blogs, apparently NF is given excellent credits for the 2010 comeback. NotFamous would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who have been so encouraging from day 1, not forgetting the fans/families and old friends who came to OGDC.

NotFamous performed 5 newly fresh materials entitled ‘First Contact’, ‘B Positive’, ‘Another Untold Story’, ‘I think It’s Time (Uh-Oh)’ and also ‘Back To TerraFirma’ which was one of the first songs they’ve written together before the break 4 years ago. This was also right after the unreleased single ‘Day After Tomorrow’ launched on PureVolume and radio stations.

NotFamous is looking forward to be performing more shows/gigs next year as they record the new album in studios (undecided) by January-February. In the mean time, its all about improvising the songs one after another and to try them out in shows to see audience reactions. From the looks of it, the crowd are enjoying them very much…as we speak! Although, performing live is not the same when listening to the original record. It’s just head start on what’s been created.

NotFamous may also be interested in submitting a couple of singles to VIMA 2010 as this was already been discussed by BIM’s founder, Rita. Referring to the previous conversation, the latest to submit the songs is in February. Will be updating more about this.

P/s: Don’t forget to stay tune to NF V-blogs. An activity of NF’s journey on the making of the album as well as casual days on a regular basis.

Copied from NotFamous site. 

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