Whoa…it’s been a while since I’ve blogged properly about something. It’s all been copy and pasting. I don’t know. I just haven’t got around in doing this other than checking on NotFamous’s website and Facebook fan page and also my Twitter. Perhaps, you readers ARE reading my Tweets on the side bar on the left, who knows.

Well, obviously I’m still doing wedding videography. I still do events and have loads of them pending due to several reasons which I shall not state. So pretty much, I’m rushing to finish them as quickly as possible without being distracted from the outside world of my home. Lately, I’ve been going out a lot sorting all kinds of stuffs. I still do my work late at night and I’m really irritated by the fact that I’m out of ideas. Everything’s the same and I wanna change how I’m doing my work. It’s getting old.

As a matter of fact, I’ve already developed some new products which may be extraordinary enthralling for 2010. Obviously for weddings off course. Don’t take this as a huge statement okay, I’m not trying to act up all perfect and wow. Everyone is doing something new everyday. That is why I’ve got my left and right hand men on the job to work with. Surkrew. We’re basically coming out with secret mixtures which may be challenging, entertaining and motivating to do with weddings. I don’t see anyone doing it yet. Unlike Brunei, there aren’t much full-time videographers. Most of them do it as part time whilst working elsewhere.

I’m pretty excited myself because we, the Visual Dimensions team, have a couple of confirmation/bookings already on the new product. Actually, I just remembered something…I DID mention it already before about it. Hahaha….

As you can see below, I’ve created another new short film entitled ‘The Shape’. It’s another experimental project where my buddy had included his new glidecams and DIY mini-dolly. Quite impressive. Check it out. It’s better than my first one.

Hmm…other than wedding/short film works, my band NotFamous has been doing video blogs! It’s kinda fun to do really. We shoot at least once a week about the things that has been going on with the band just to guarantee you that NF is essentially working their butts off to get back on track and to finally record the 2nd album! It’s pretty exciting. You should check it out on our website. As of today, we’ve got 6 entertaining video blogs. More to come.

We’ve also recently played 2 shows in 2weeks and it was absolutely thrilling to finally get back on stage and perform. I however never felt happier to be back with my brother and cousin in one band. Written quite a lot of numbers and preparing them all accordingly before walking in the studio in January! This shall be good because cameras will show you what’s going on in the upcoming video blogs.

I’ve finally purchased myself a brand new guitar effect pedal. I thought that I might use it for the second album to have some special sounds once in my riffs. During our first album and playing in live shows, I have NEVER used anything else but a direct lead from my guitar and amplifiers. The style I had back then was to have a really Blues type of tone. A light dry distorted sound. But how do I get a clean sound if I have to? Well, easy really, a basic technique where you can change it from your guitar knobs. I know.

But since our NF comeback, I’ve also realized that everyone of the band members have new sound settings. Perhaps we’re just getting older and now we understand what sounds good and what doesn’t.


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