I know I haven’t been updating much lately but things keep stacking up. Been doing a lot recently and in between, editing videos for clients which I should try to do first before the next one comes in December. Not much of a relaxation for me but I try to make it work with filmmaking.

That is why; I’m announcing my new upcoming show, ‘JUL’ a.k.a (The Jo & Jul Show) episodes. Yes, supported from the many friends, crews/cast. I’m meaning to have these sequels which have been promised over the months and I’m certainly not going to let one person, who couldn’t be with us in the show to let this down. Paul Bokhari will be back as the main star of the show itself, ‘Jul’ and will have to work around to make you fans entertained.

Looking back on the last 2 episodes I created earlier this year surely made a huge impact especially on FaceBook. I mean, the show really worked and was enjoyed by many. People on the streets even recognize Jul! (People he do not know, perhaps better to call ‘Viewers’)
I have asked whether anybody were interested to take part for crews and kindly, they were indeed honored to do this with me as an activity for the young and creative minds out there. Thank You. And without even asking, some have also introduced themselves to be part as supporting actors/actress which was pretty much a good sign because previously, the main idea was also to include as much cast as possible to make it live.

I’ve even planned out to have some guest appearance too which has not yet been confirmed but interests have also flow the conversations. Without any mistakes this time, I have also decided, not to launch the first 10minute short film before back-up episodes are created. So, talking with my mates, we shall shoot and finish 4-episodes before releasing the first. That would definitely save time until we can do 5-8, 9-12 by releasing at least 1 or 2 a month.

That way, it wouldn’t be a hassle for viewers to keep complaining like the disappearance in the past. We are trying to build up a network where everybody can have the chance to participate and contribute ideas to include and off course learn something along the way. I would be really happy for that if the new team can be committed as I’am. Especially, in general, the crews of Visual Dimensions Production.

As of today, I’m half-way done in writing the first pilot and would also like to say, the shoot will take place within a week tops. Hopefully there won’t be any problems with the people involved.

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