It begins right here. Just deleted a 4 paragraph tale that involves lots humiliation of this man I know who thinks I’m trying to compete with. Please…no thanks. We’re not even on the same channel to start a competition. You’re just voracious and self-centered. Can never work with you.

No more about that. It’s none of my business anyway. Just remember, its not only me who realizes this. Many have said the same thing.

Won’t be shooting anything until the end of the month because I’m going off to Philippines! But I’ll be assisting DC on the 16th for this BIBD Wish Campaign which has been going on once a month since August. Other than that, I’ll just take my time with my last events which is, the DST’s Hari Raya video and DST’s Cash Bonanza Prize Presentation.

Also did this BKN drug prevention video which I’ve enjoyed working with and editing. We were using a Canon 500D camera and lots of DIY equipments and in my honest opinion, it looked so professional. When I say WE, it’s me and my team who really worked their asses off! Thanks guys, you know who you are. The video is fantastic! But sorry for you guys, it’s officially owned by the clients. So can’t show it to you. :(

I’m presently still writing scripts for my first 27 minute Malay pilot drama. Manage to recruit some voluntary talented friends to be involved with this newly style series. Hopefully, it’ll get in. You don’t try, you’ll never know. But for you bastards who thinks you’re special, go f**k yourselves. Can’t stand your denials. In other words, commonly known, jealousy and greedy.

Everyone deserves a chance to try!

Thank god I’ve got the right kind of people for this job. You need to eat lightning and crap thunder in order to be good. Can’t just pick pick pick the people knowing there gonna screw up the business.

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