So here, I’m announcing my latest guitar, the ‘Fender Squier Jagmaster’ which my dad bought me during my stay in Philippines. I’ve always wanted a Jagmaster but this model is only established on ‘Squiers’. However, similar body-look guitars such as ‘Jazzmaster’, ‘Jaguar’ & the ‘Mustang’ comes on Fender. But really, I’m not into those ones even though its pretty much comparable. For some reasons, the Jagmaster is more towards my style.

Squiers are preferably a low-budget kind. If you can’t own a real Fender, Squier is good enough to set the mood. Even international musicians uses them. Doesn’t make a difference anyway.

I had 2 choices at first, the Stratocaster and this Jagmaster. I picked this one instead. Although, the colors may not suit me but whatever it is, I’m sticking to it. It’s about time to have sunburst colors out in the open for once! I might get another Jag sometime next year for show and I’m painting it white.
My essential plan was to get another hollow body guitar in white but then again, I’m not going down that road again. It’s a new year and a new style. I also had my dad to sign it on the back for good memories it shall bring me. Riding that guitar on stage one day would make me realize how much my dad means to me, and so he said in the opposite way.

For those who haven’t heard, my band NotFamous is coming back for the 2nd album in 2010! Writing new materials, jamming in the studio, mastering the product and then off to record. As much as I’m proud to be back, playing in a garage band with my dear brother Asa and my cousin Paul who plays the drums, I think its time to get new equipments.



I’ve been on ‘Emo’ mode since I got back Philippines to see my dad for the first time after 21years. I’m not good in saying goodbye, I intend to burst out in tears! But hey, look on the bright side, at least me and my brother finally found him! It’s also easier to see him anytime we want since its only a 2hour flight away.

The past week, life in Philippines were the most fun I’ve ever had. Lots of experiences and activities to do during the short period to get to know my father. It wasn’t that all bad. Also the rest o the family such as my step-mom, my step-sister and my little sister Nicolle! She was a cutie. Always wanted a sister, now I have one!
Apparently, the best activity me and my brother had aside from sightseeing with Volcanos, Zoos, Beaches and Jungle sports was actually flying in a plane! My dad knew how to fly a 4-seater plane. He took us all around to see islands and all sorts of things from aerial view which was absolutely one of the things I’ve always wanted to experience. In fact, I’m planning to take flying lessons myself next year! Haha..but only in Philippines.
Well, I don’t know what else I wanna talk about. There’s just too much stories and I really don’t feel like blogging about it at the moment. However, I’m glad that I have found my real dad for all these years and this first visit shall be one of the things I will always cherish in my life. Thank you to Facebook! Indeed, a way to connect with others!



This is it! This is the day where I'll be leaving for Manila tonight. Shall be back in a week.. Don't think I'll be on the internet that much whilst I'm there but probably more on Twitter! Check out the left sidebar (<-). I might post some pictures and stuffs IF I can as my instant update. Not sure what it'll be like over there. Pretty excited and nervous at the same time. Hope I have a save flight, don't really like flying but no other choice. As Superman would say 'It's STILL the safest way to travel!'. 

See You guys around! Wish me luck! Bye bye!



It begins right here. Just deleted a 4 paragraph tale that involves lots humiliation of this man I know who thinks I’m trying to compete with. Please…no thanks. We’re not even on the same channel to start a competition. You’re just voracious and self-centered. Can never work with you.

No more about that. It’s none of my business anyway. Just remember, its not only me who realizes this. Many have said the same thing.

Won’t be shooting anything until the end of the month because I’m going off to Philippines! But I’ll be assisting DC on the 16th for this BIBD Wish Campaign which has been going on once a month since August. Other than that, I’ll just take my time with my last events which is, the DST’s Hari Raya video and DST’s Cash Bonanza Prize Presentation.

Also did this BKN drug prevention video which I’ve enjoyed working with and editing. We were using a Canon 500D camera and lots of DIY equipments and in my honest opinion, it looked so professional. When I say WE, it’s me and my team who really worked their asses off! Thanks guys, you know who you are. The video is fantastic! But sorry for you guys, it’s officially owned by the clients. So can’t show it to you. :(

I’m presently still writing scripts for my first 27 minute Malay pilot drama. Manage to recruit some voluntary talented friends to be involved with this newly style series. Hopefully, it’ll get in. You don’t try, you’ll never know. But for you bastards who thinks you’re special, go f**k yourselves. Can’t stand your denials. In other words, commonly known, jealousy and greedy.

Everyone deserves a chance to try!

Thank god I’ve got the right kind of people for this job. You need to eat lightning and crap thunder in order to be good. Can’t just pick pick pick the people knowing there gonna screw up the business.



...I would like to say 'Selamat Hari Raya 2009' to all family and friends. Now, going back to work once again in a few more events before taking off to The Philippines on the 18th this month to see my birth father for the first time after 21 years of separation. Thanks to Facebook, this made my 2nd day Hari Raya the greatest news of my life! Gonna meet my new younger sister, Nicolle too. Always wanted a sister.

First time to Philippines, should be interesting indeed. Was abit worried a couple weeks ago about that super typhoon that hit Manila and killed 400 people.

I appreciate all the support from my wife, parents, families and friends. Thanks!



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Are you up for the challenge?

Here is your chance to be in the spotlight and win yourselves those big moments that only musicians dream about as well as huge cash prizes.

Open to all BRUNEI BANDS!




for further inquiries, do ask Siva through here or Rita W Aggraeni. (On Facebook)



Amazingly done video by Good Relations, Royal Brunei Holiday Report. Just saw this today and was amazed by the brilliant documents.


MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BUT... was absolutely exhausting and stressfully painful to be standing up for 3hours of the show. Operating a Panasonic HPX 300 (picture of camera below) on a Libec tripod, higher than myself, using manual focus and zoom is not fun at all. But overall, it was fun to be working with David, Zac, Joel and Irwan as a team. A SWAT team! LOL. Walkie Talkies through earpiece feels like counter strike. Snipre rifle.

I was mainly incharge with the center shots of the stage/performances, pulling zoom in and out and trying to make it work accordingly with a back-up camera, from a different angle from the side. No experience in live feed whatsoever. It IS a voluntarily thing really but I have my reasons as well. As a matter of fact, it was too damn tiring to handle such a large cam, a monster cam i would say and fuckin' up everytime in some points of the show.

Thank god we had a switcher, operated by Irwan who was backstage handling both camera views. Listening through ear-set of his directions and communicating with him made it abit easier. Although from time to time, I was trying to direct him what to show because I can't help with being a director myself. But all was good and worked out just fine.

Performances were great, I quite enjoyed it really. Congrats to all the performances and crews who helped organized this 'Sounds Of Hope' event.



Seems like I'll be taking part of voluntarily work with tonight's 'Sounds Of Hope' which is held at the Jerudong Park Amphitheater, teaming up with David Cheok & Irwan Lois. Apparently I'll be operating a bloody Panasonic HVX 300. It's a god damn monster cam man! The team will be operating 4 camcorders in multiple angles and so I happen to be filming center towards the stage. A projector will be screening livefeed, switching from cam (A) and close-up cam (B).

Support 'Sounds Of Hope'!


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Not Famous (My Band)

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