Once again, a huge 'Thank You' to Borneo Bulletin, The Brunei Times, AnakBrunei & RanoAdidas for the your availability to attend the Karacoma's music video screening on the 17th September 2009 at EasyOrange Advertising, Gadong.

Visit AnakBrunei's page.

Would also like to thank the band, Sam, Mawie, Wayne, Jaz & Adi. You guys rock!

Not forgetting, Visual Dimensions Production's crews, Eyan, for operating camera-works and lighting. Saiful for extra assistance such as timecode management and behind the scenes footages. Faizi Omar for the great pictures during the making of 'IKTS'. Thank you to all and YOU watching!

P/s: Here's another short video during the screening.

Shot by Eyan. Thank you bro!

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