I’m halfway done with the Karacoma short film music video and everything is going great. Enjoying every bit of it except, right now, I’m stuck. There are some film clips I which have no idea how to apply them over the band’s performance. But have no fear, it HAS to be done and screened before Hari Raya because that’s the deadline.

The video will be brought back to UK from one of the members for exposures and marketing the band’s upcoming album release sometime in December, words have mentioned.

Overall, I’m having so much fun editing on Final Cut Pro. If you haven’t heard, I’ve transferred from being a Window user into an Apple user. Nothing to be proud off really and I’m not showing off so don’t start being critical about me you bastard!

YOU! YES YOU! Drop down and give me 20!

Other than that, I’m looking forward, REALLY REALLY looking forward for the upcoming jobs which are offered from various companies, huge companies. Apparently, they’ve noticed my unusual style of filmmaking and they’ve considered me to do some interesting montages/short films. I won’t say what company but the noteworthy thing is this, I’ve did some smart marketing, they bought it. Ethically, you’ve gotta work hard no matter what it takes. This is my next big step forward. Amin!

I have one more thing to say. A friend of mine made me realize something about business in Brunei. Take this into account.

NEVER CHEAT your way into getting your clients to hire you to do something when you KNOW that you’ll be winning them over a LIE. That’s not the right thing to do and you should be a shame of yourself if you already have. It’s dirty work because in the end, you’ll be suffering more than you’ve already have. I know some who does this but, it’s none of my business at all to say. It just disgusts me.

People like this intend to search for fame quickly but using a brain of a walnut can only move you further BACK once you’ve been caught. Try not to lie to clients just so you could get business. Be loyal and trustworthy and you’ll be climbing the ladder faster than you know it. That’s what makes a good business man.

Encouraging hard work & loyalty.

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