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Many have always asked whether I have an MSN, I do. But for some reasons, I don’t like using it. I don’t know why, I just don’t. I come in IF I have to, unless something is important. Because many may realize that Facebook chat, sucks! It’s too slow and too damn irritating.

But now, I have a reason to be using Skype whenever I get on the net. I’ve just discovered that my long lost dad is using Skype! It’s been 21years after separation, lost-communication and it’s about time, we started to talk more often, get back on track. Thanks to 2nd day of Hari Raya 2009, I found my father! I’ve also discovered I have 2 wonderful sisters, Sam & Nicolle!

But is this the reason why I don’t use MSN? No way, I just don’t like it! No offence to you. So from now on, if anybody is looking for me on MSN, don’t have one.

I’m on SKYPE! Search “adam.grvs” :)



I’m happy to announce that, ‘NotFamous’ is comnig back for the 2nd album in 2010! Yes people, we are back, and thanks to Hari Raya, we’ve found a way to finally make this happen after so many promises in the past. Many excited fans, friends and families and thank you for support!

We’ve decided to go back into the unknown studio, with a new producer to record new materials for this upcoming album 5 years later after the first album’s debut in 2005. This un-expecting announcement made a huge impact towards NF fans since last Tuesday on Facebook.

Can’t believe I’m going back into a studio, going through the stages of creating new songs and yet, better equipments and proper recording tools! This is so exciting! But other than that, I have more exciting news which I shall not say just yet.

Now, this is my band, so I don’t think its right for me to talk about all this myself. Otherwise, it’s like I’m trying to brag and to show-off about my own band which some people here, typically, do not like stories such as this. I shall not say any more than the highlight of this post. HA HA HA!

Here are some of the photos taken from the Not Famous’s album debut in 2005.



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Once again, a huge 'Thank You' to Borneo Bulletin, The Brunei Times, AnakBrunei & RanoAdidas for the your availability to attend the Karacoma's music video screening on the 17th September 2009 at EasyOrange Advertising, Gadong.

Visit AnakBrunei's page.

Would also like to thank the band, Sam, Mawie, Wayne, Jaz & Adi. You guys rock!

Not forgetting, Visual Dimensions Production's crews, Eyan, for operating camera-works and lighting. Saiful for extra assistance such as timecode management and behind the scenes footages. Faizi Omar for the great pictures during the making of 'IKTS'. Thank you to all and YOU watching!

P/s: Here's another short video during the screening.

Shot by Eyan. Thank you bro!



Courtesy of Rano Adidas.
Karacoma's video debut Last evening, the media had a sneak preview of Karacoma's debut music video which took place at EasyOrange Advertising office. Karacoma, in collaboration wih Visual Dimensions Production & EasyOrange Advertising launched their debut music video entitled "I.K.T.S" which is one of the 11 songs of Karacoma's album which is targeted to be released in December this year.

The music video was directed and produced by our talented guy, Adam Groves of Visual Dimensions Production, and the location shoots were provided by EasyOrange Advertising. Oh yeah, the music video "I.K.T.S" will be released on YouTube and Facebook by today.The music video is another medium for Karacoma to showcase their work locally and globally with hopes that future music videos will be produced.
IKTS music video debuted yesterday for local media

Faizal of EO, Sam of Karacoma and Adam of VDP

Adam and Mr. Reeds sharing a moment or two

Karacoma's line-up consists of Sam Siron (lead vocal), Maw (guitar), Jaz (lead guitar), Adi (drums) and Wayne (bass). For your info, Karacoma was formerly known as Senjkala, started out as a side project due to creative tension in the band during the recording of Sengkala's album.

They are currently on course to complete their album "Shattered Mirrors". The other songs that will feature in the album are such as IKTS, Paranoia, December Snow, Fire Conspiracy and Bittersweet Symphony. Most of the their music production is under their own budget and everything is self-funded.

Maw believes that it's difficult for the music industry in Brunei to bring in dollars and cents. However, the band is creating their own music because they are passionate about their music and hope that their music can be accepted by the public, locally and internationally.

When asked about the genre of their music, Sam replied, "It's up to you." So basically they will be bringing a mixture of music - rock, ballad etc but definitely not rap *lol*. Congrats once more on the video and I hope you guys succeed in your delivering your music to the public. Great video by the way.
Screen shots of IKTS music video

Screen shots of IKTS music video

Screen shots of IKTS music video

Karacoma band with Adam Groves

Thank You to Rano for the awesome pictures and articles. :)



…obviously it isn’t a clear copy. As much as I’m an ultimate fan of Michael Myers, I WON’T buy it until it’s crystal clear. No matter if its watchable cinema copy, I still couldn’t accept the fact that its distracting by its terrible sound mix, funny angles or shadowing movements AND most of all annoying sounds of peoples voices.

I just couldn’t possibly be dumb enough to waste on something that has the same amount of money for a bad copy. After all, DVD collection IS my hobby. I remember months ago when ‘Friday The 13th’ was out. I’ve waited the proper copy for almost 4months and in the end; it was indeed an excellent picture. PLUS, ALL the PG18 bits (you know), were there to watch,un-cut/un-censored.

Technically, I’ve waited too long for ‘Halloween II’. I knew about this sequel since earlier last year when it was still in the pre-production phase, scripts being written and plans for the next horrifying/legendary slasher.

Not so much of waiting for the film itself to take its final-cut but its worth the wait to get it on DVD, clear, since it’s now currently out in stores since yesterday and launched 28th last month.(According to Chong Hock).

Guess, I’m sitting back once again to have this film in clear copy.



I’m halfway done with the Karacoma short film music video and everything is going great. Enjoying every bit of it except, right now, I’m stuck. There are some film clips I which have no idea how to apply them over the band’s performance. But have no fear, it HAS to be done and screened before Hari Raya because that’s the deadline.

The video will be brought back to UK from one of the members for exposures and marketing the band’s upcoming album release sometime in December, words have mentioned.

Overall, I’m having so much fun editing on Final Cut Pro. If you haven’t heard, I’ve transferred from being a Window user into an Apple user. Nothing to be proud off really and I’m not showing off so don’t start being critical about me you bastard!

YOU! YES YOU! Drop down and give me 20!

Other than that, I’m looking forward, REALLY REALLY looking forward for the upcoming jobs which are offered from various companies, huge companies. Apparently, they’ve noticed my unusual style of filmmaking and they’ve considered me to do some interesting montages/short films. I won’t say what company but the noteworthy thing is this, I’ve did some smart marketing, they bought it. Ethically, you’ve gotta work hard no matter what it takes. This is my next big step forward. Amin!

I have one more thing to say. A friend of mine made me realize something about business in Brunei. Take this into account.

NEVER CHEAT your way into getting your clients to hire you to do something when you KNOW that you’ll be winning them over a LIE. That’s not the right thing to do and you should be a shame of yourself if you already have. It’s dirty work because in the end, you’ll be suffering more than you’ve already have. I know some who does this but, it’s none of my business at all to say. It just disgusts me.

People like this intend to search for fame quickly but using a brain of a walnut can only move you further BACK once you’ve been caught. Try not to lie to clients just so you could get business. Be loyal and trustworthy and you’ll be climbing the ladder faster than you know it. That’s what makes a good business man.

Encouraging hard work & loyalty.


Not Famous (My Band)

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