It’s been a while since I’ve actually talked about the situation so far. Well, here it is. Another chapter of my blabberings. First of all, I’m entirely annoyed and yet laughing my ass off over this so-called speculation about Michael Jackson still being ALIVE! This is ridiculous! It’s all CRAP and probably one of the things I’ve realized about Americans today. They intend to turn every single thing into a conspiracy of their own.

Check this out.

First it was Elvis and then Princess Diana and now Michael Jackson. Is this how Americans really are? The land of opportunity to be idiots? Conspiracies! Well, I’d like to ignore the part about UFOs, Aliens, Pyramids because I’m a total fan of these studies. Other than that, it’s all bullshit flowing one after another. A month ago or so, it was MJ’s shadow walking pass a room during Larry King’s interview.

I do believe in spirits etc but anyone could have made the appearances up. Try watch on Youtube IF you haven’t seen the footages. Rumors and more every second. Come on, leave the man rest in peace for crying out loud. Its time to move pass it. His legacy shall be remembered.

I would actually be shocked myself if MJ actually did popped out of his grave doing the moonwalk all the way back into the studio to do some recording.

I don’t even have a clue why I’m bothered to be talking about this because it doesn’t even concern me whatsoever but yet I’m willing to mouth it out before any other idiots believe in this bunch of crap.

Especially the young ones.

If there’s someone in the states is walking around looking like MJ, I bet that’s another puzzle for them to create. But guess what? There’s already one! Medias likes to manipulate viewers by making them believe this horse-shit just for the sake of writing down something in papers and magazines. Let’s just say, fillers. Sweet sweet fillers for attention. ATTENTION! MICHAEL JACKSON IS NOT DEAD!

And, an idiot would tell all their other idiot friends who believe this and the creator gets a credit for being more of an idiot each time another site mentions about it.

I feel so pity for these beings right now. So sad but true.

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