Struggling for my life! Editing wedding videos is not as fun as you think once you’ve come to realize that they need it immediately, and we’re stuck with system overload! Other than that, other jobs with deadlines. It’s pretty common though but challenging.

I’ve mention this before, I was going to finish every single videos before Ramadhan and yet, I’m still holding them. There’s just too much things going on at once. I was supposed to finish writing scripts for my next internet show (after cancelling ‘The Jo & Jul Show’) within this month. Total failure.

I’ve just created a new deadline. Before Hari Raya!

Which means, 2 weeks after that, I would still have time to write at least 2 episodes, more less probably 3 the max. The fun part is after that, recruiting cast and crews, auditions and entertainments!

Geez…I’ve been dying to start this venture. One thing you have to understand is, I live on weddings. It does slow me down but then again it’s also to build up a proper production studio. NOT those production-houses kinds. I don’t need a unit. I just like to randomly employ friends/acquaintances with filmmaking interest. In the end, they get the credits for hardwork.

At first I THOUGHT I had someone to look up to but it turns out they’ve completely transformed into a typical self-centered being. Shouldn’t walk that route anymore. Its too irritating to listen to small talks where I could just make it on my own at the end of the day with greater accomplishments.

Lastnight, I went out with a friend, to meet up with some guys who I think noticed something unique with my style of work. Blab la bla…short discussion. Probably an opportunity for a TV-show. That would be absolutely great!

There are always places to sell TV-shows if the one here aren’t willing to buy them. Never give up on one choice. There’s plenty more opportunities out there for everyone. Just as long as you use your brains and don’t mix up with the wrong people. Nevertheless, I hope it works out with them.

Ooh I so can’t wait to stick this piece of show in those faces!

I really wish people pay more attention on what I can do. You don’t see it because most of my short-films are personally done by myself. EVERYTHING! What? You think it’s easy to be doing everything yourself? Direct, monitor sound & framings, shoot, lights, equipments?? I don’t even have proper equipments! To make a job easier, you have to have someone by your side who is committed and understanding. Believe me; films are better with more people involved and less exasperating as it already is.

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