Struggling for my life! Editing wedding videos is not as fun as you think once you’ve come to realize that they need it immediately, and we’re stuck with system overload! Other than that, other jobs with deadlines. It’s pretty common though but challenging.

I’ve mention this before, I was going to finish every single videos before Ramadhan and yet, I’m still holding them. There’s just too much things going on at once. I was supposed to finish writing scripts for my next internet show (after cancelling ‘The Jo & Jul Show’) within this month. Total failure.

I’ve just created a new deadline. Before Hari Raya!

Which means, 2 weeks after that, I would still have time to write at least 2 episodes, more less probably 3 the max. The fun part is after that, recruiting cast and crews, auditions and entertainments!

Geez…I’ve been dying to start this venture. One thing you have to understand is, I live on weddings. It does slow me down but then again it’s also to build up a proper production studio. NOT those production-houses kinds. I don’t need a unit. I just like to randomly employ friends/acquaintances with filmmaking interest. In the end, they get the credits for hardwork.

At first I THOUGHT I had someone to look up to but it turns out they’ve completely transformed into a typical self-centered being. Shouldn’t walk that route anymore. Its too irritating to listen to small talks where I could just make it on my own at the end of the day with greater accomplishments.

Lastnight, I went out with a friend, to meet up with some guys who I think noticed something unique with my style of work. Blab la bla…short discussion. Probably an opportunity for a TV-show. That would be absolutely great!

There are always places to sell TV-shows if the one here aren’t willing to buy them. Never give up on one choice. There’s plenty more opportunities out there for everyone. Just as long as you use your brains and don’t mix up with the wrong people. Nevertheless, I hope it works out with them.

Ooh I so can’t wait to stick this piece of show in those faces!

I really wish people pay more attention on what I can do. You don’t see it because most of my short-films are personally done by myself. EVERYTHING! What? You think it’s easy to be doing everything yourself? Direct, monitor sound & framings, shoot, lights, equipments?? I don’t even have proper equipments! To make a job easier, you have to have someone by your side who is committed and understanding. Believe me; films are better with more people involved and less exasperating as it already is.



So here it is, my first company’s tee. After almost 3 years of business, I realized by now that I should have my own uniform. Only last month, I’ve discovered how my logo should look like. So, it was kinda worth waiting as I tried designing a logo which I’d like to have as an intro of any kind of films I’ll be producing. Its simple but certainly the choice I’m aiming for.

Had a few sizes made for whomever working WITH me or FOR me in upcoming film projects in the near future. Size XXS – L. At least, it’s a start. I’m still expecting some new equipment in this few days which shall be appealing because I’m overexcited about it! You shall see it soon!

My tee was kinda like a custom-made one because I chose a size 'S' and adding 1-inch longer to everything. 'M' looked to hippy for me.

My beautiful wife wore it in a ladies-cut size XXS. Looks pretty. :)

Photos were taken with my Canon 400D plus 2 Speedlite 430EXII and a Cactus trigger v4 by Faizi Omar & myself. The devices he brought actually made a huge difference. Session was shot at Pantai Meragang. It was the closest! Had other places in mind but too risky.



Did you know? (Found this on David Cheok's Twitter status, VERY INTERESTING)
Leica M6 Sultan of Negeri Brunei Darussalam silver jubilee 24ct gold edition (eBay Madness)
I could not resist this one: Leica M6 Negara Brunei Darussalam Edition, currently for sale on eBay for US $21,525.00

LEICA M6 Platinum Sultan of Brunei 50th Birthday Edition, 1995

READ/SEE MORE HERE. I'm not gonna talk about it. Hahaha. I'm letting you guys know.



It’s been a while since I’ve actually talked about the situation so far. Well, here it is. Another chapter of my blabberings. First of all, I’m entirely annoyed and yet laughing my ass off over this so-called speculation about Michael Jackson still being ALIVE! This is ridiculous! It’s all CRAP and probably one of the things I’ve realized about Americans today. They intend to turn every single thing into a conspiracy of their own.

Check this out.

First it was Elvis and then Princess Diana and now Michael Jackson. Is this how Americans really are? The land of opportunity to be idiots? Conspiracies! Well, I’d like to ignore the part about UFOs, Aliens, Pyramids because I’m a total fan of these studies. Other than that, it’s all bullshit flowing one after another. A month ago or so, it was MJ’s shadow walking pass a room during Larry King’s interview.

I do believe in spirits etc but anyone could have made the appearances up. Try watch on Youtube IF you haven’t seen the footages. Rumors and more every second. Come on, leave the man rest in peace for crying out loud. Its time to move pass it. His legacy shall be remembered.

I would actually be shocked myself if MJ actually did popped out of his grave doing the moonwalk all the way back into the studio to do some recording.

I don’t even have a clue why I’m bothered to be talking about this because it doesn’t even concern me whatsoever but yet I’m willing to mouth it out before any other idiots believe in this bunch of crap.

Especially the young ones.

If there’s someone in the states is walking around looking like MJ, I bet that’s another puzzle for them to create. But guess what? There’s already one! Medias likes to manipulate viewers by making them believe this horse-shit just for the sake of writing down something in papers and magazines. Let’s just say, fillers. Sweet sweet fillers for attention. ATTENTION! MICHAEL JACKSON IS NOT DEAD!

And, an idiot would tell all their other idiot friends who believe this and the creator gets a credit for being more of an idiot each time another site mentions about it.

I feel so pity for these beings right now. So sad but true.



Here are some photos of the band which I've taken earlier on today. To see more, please log on to Facebook or go straight to the link. Here.

Mawie's Picture of the Day! I love this one!

Taken with my basic kit-lens 18-55mm & Canon 400D.



Here it is, the short teaser of the upcoming short film music video for Karacoma's 'IKTS'.

P/s: The colors on this video are not the actual one. Just wanted try this for the teaser.



Another wedding accomplished! This one took forever to do! Pheww...
Congratulations to the both of you!



In the last couple of days I’ve been editing some videos for my clients. Which means, staying up late, coffee, cigarettes & marketing. I’m too excited to start editing the ‘Karacoma’ music video along with my latest short film which shall be included package.

The storyboard can’t stop getting better & trickier each time we think it’s a wrap. I had to do a couple more shots without help the day before yesterday. If was great fun, I have no complaints whatsoever.

However, I’m going to release the short film’s teaser hopefully by Saturday, latest Sunday to set the mood for viewers on Youtube & Facebook. A very short tease which I shall jumble up the footages making it hard to understand what the story is about. Teasers are like that and the way it should be to get audience excited and questioning.

Really can’t wait to upload these tapes tomorrow. Have to make sure I still have enough free space for archives.



For some reasons, my ‘adamgrvs’ Twitter account has been locked. I’ve tried all day long but nothing seems to be happening. Not quite sure what is going on but I realize it was only me.

I’ve also tried resetting my passwords and waiting for an email for further instructions but there aren’t any. I hope its not lost or somewhat terminated otherwise I’ll be creating another one.

Oh well…



Day 2 of the music video shoot, The Short Film written by myself. This film which shall be included is actually abit harsh in some ways as it is also based on true events. Ideas and approvals were by the band and myself. Although, don’t think its all true because I’ve made some changes within the storyline. So relax. It doesn’t have to effect anyone.

Sam, the Vocalist stars as the main character and Wayne, the bass player as the antagonist of the short film. It’s actually kinda a last minute thing to have Wayne playing as the rough-neck of the story. We were running out of options.

First choice on my list was Paul Bokhari & Shah Rizan (stars in The Jo & Jul Show) followed by a few more including Zamri, an actor who stars in most of the Brunei dramas. Unfortunately, neither of them was willing to try and available due to certain personal reasons.

A few more extras were included as well as myself. A short scene cameo as I always do in any short films of mine. Hehe :)

Eyan (Surkrew) shot some of the scenes for me too. He’s quite good and I admire his working skills as he is also one nice person to work with for this first time. I bet he enjoyed it. Would like to thank him once again. I just watch him shoot whilst directing him shots I wanted, which was quite fun. Obviously, as a director. :P Haha.

Saiful, captured the Behind The Scenes with the (Panasonic DVX) and was really helpful all along the project. Should have him in my team again.

Towards the final scene, everyone was tired and hungry. We started at 10am and finished around 3pm. Long day it was but accomplishing the film didn’t stop me from talking too much and directing them on what to do. I just wished that I didn’t have to be incharged with the camera. Couldn’t direct and shoot at the same time. It was difficult!

There you have it, some pictures taken by Khairul Faizi (Visual Expressions) of the last day. I shouldn’t show you too much photos otherwise I’m spoiling the excitement. That’s why I didn’t include any of the best ones. Will have to wait. I shall begin editing next week along with a short clip of the Behind The Scenes. Stay tune!



Sam - Vocals
Mawie - Guitar
Jas - Guitar
Wayne - Bass
Adi - Drums

A job well done to the crews for volunteering on the 'Karacoma' video shoot of their song entitled 'IKTS'. Would like to thank everyone who was involved.

Eyan (Surkrew) who was managing the 'Behind The Scenes' footages with his Panasonic DVX camcorder. Saiful (whom Eyan brought along for assistants), incharged with the timecodes of the recording session and also to Khairul Faizi of (Visual Expressions) who captured the entire still photos of the night, (pictures above).

Each one of them also helped with setting up the lightings. I wouldn't have done it without you guys. Thanks.


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