I've always asked myself, how come I don't have a logo for my production company? I've tried making some but it just ends up with no meaning with 'Visual Dimensions'. I need something then words for an intro of my films, including weddings.

I've just thought of something. I'm a filmmaker. I should have my picture up there rather then something I've googled up on images. And this? Its original. I've decided to use my profile picture instead. It symbolizes me and my camera as a filmmaker don't you think? It tells you,'this is a production' right?

'When Adam Groves is not making films, he's writing them. When he's not writing them, he's editing them. When he's not editing them, he's doing whatever else he can to do with filmaking.' - FYI, that's actually not mine of saying but its cool!

I know it doesn't stand out yet but it will when it has words and maybe some animations but this is what I had in mind.

I'm still not sure about the orange color yet. My wife wanted me to go with Pink! I know my blog is pink and all but it doesn't look right when it comes to 'Visual Dimensions Production', otherwise it'll be a production of hugs and kisses or even worst, under aged porn! LMFAO!!!

But hey, I think I'll stick with this shadowy idea.

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