Not in the mood these last couple of days. Feelin’ abit un-socialize with anything at the moment. Avoiding all unnecessary contacts. I think I’ll lay low for a while.

There aren’t many things to say other then me working my ass off, finishing these remaining clips. I’ve encountered several things I don’t really like when it comes to editing. One of them is actually cutting clips one by one, marking every single point I’ve paused when recording in these occasions. It’s probably the least pleasing thing to do before performing definite editing.

So far, I’m almost done with client number 1 of 4.

As today, my last outdoor event shooting is over until next month. I’ve plan my way to finish with the editing I have left before the next one. A shit load of footages to be edited rendered and delivered before deadline. I’m betting my ass to complete it by next week. Let’s just see what happens.

I’ve also been taking extra cautions with my hygiene lately due to H1N1 such as wearing mask and also using sanitizers. I’m also annoyed by the fact that people aren’t really taking it seriously about the virus’s outbreak and yet they become critical with others wearing masks. I can’t really understand that. I’m not even bothered by it but concerned that they’re not worrying one single bit. I wouldn’t even wanna start talking about it. It’s a huge list.

Michael Jackson’s memorial was heartbreaking. Rest in peace to the king.

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