Finally! Finished recording my latest song! It's been awhile since I've sang anything and decided to record some of my vocal-works in this tune which I've composed several days ago.

The lyric is nicely done and I love the music and the solo delay effects which I've included. Please, Check it out!

Song Title: "I'm Here Within".



For those who are still new to Twitter, I recommend you to use 'TweetDeck'. It's a fascinating piece of application and its popularly used worldwide. It's cool! Download.



Eyan & Zati's DVD layout which I have included the new Visual Dimensions Production logo.

Yup, just that. Nothing else to post. :) Just liked how it looked.

Congratulations to you both! Have a blast!



Blast. Still no assistance for the 'Karacoma' music video shoot. I'm afraid I'll be doing everything myself again. Hagging on every piece of equipment to myslef the old fashion Adam Groves way.

Perhaps the photographer shall meet my demands. WAA-HA-HAA-HAAA... *(Evil laugh)*

Band shoot - 31st August (8pm onwards)
Short Film - 1st August (10am - 3pm)



Looks like another job by the first week of August. Except it isn’t a wedding, it’s a music video for our local rock band, ‘Karacoma’. Sam, (also known as ex-singer for ‘Senjakala’ and one who introduced me with my first Panasonic DVX camcorder and digital filmmaking virus) called me weeks ago about making this music video for the band in a very unusual style. She called again and confirmed.

Karacoma on Myspace & Facebook.

I’m actually posting for assistances: (Read below)

Anybody interested operating the cameras, voluntarily. All you have to do is shoot according to my directions because I’ll be monitoring on other things while the camera is rolling. Anybody? Please tag on the comment box.

2 X Director’s Assistance
1 X Photographer (To snap behind the scenes) – I might have one already.

P/s: The date is either on the 31st July / 1st or 2nd August. Remember, for serious people voluntarily only.



It’s been really intense these last couple of days. I’ve been editing weddings and trying to finish them all before next month. I’m beginning to have problems with my processor unit that often happens when you have so much worthless crap running at the same time. It always f**ks up in the end. It’s dying on me, oh no… and I can’t afford to buy a new one just yet.

More capturing needs to be done. Need space and I’m running out of it. I usually delete the files to gain space after 2 weeks assuming there aren’t any complaints from my clients. There’s no return once it’s all in the trash. I’ve finished some but they insist in picking them up by the end of the month. The issue is not about the money, it’s about me not having sufficient space on my computer to hold their files.

I’ve been reading lots of famous movie-scripts for guidance in my script-writing. Not copying anything but understanding them with superfluous attention to seek what really makes a movie entertaining. Obviously, it has to be solid. I’m not going to make something too damn effortless as a first feature film. Luckily for me I have some professionals getting involved. The ones who have a clear vision of themes such as myself. Not those damn self-centered ignorant bastards who talks too much about how better they are. Just for the record, I don’t make MY films the way YOU want them to be. It’s not yours to judge.

I don’t even buy HD cameras if I’m not going to use HD. That’s you! YOU do that!

That’s why it’s important that I finish every single job before Ramadhan next month. Why? Since there are no weddings and no bookings for corporate events next month, I’m planning to use the month as a preparation…the pre-production off course. I’ll be sitting with some talented/inexperience/professional/willing guys about the idea, laying out concepts and info structure for this project. Sometimes it’s hard to describe the things and discretion on to a blog before any announcements.

Just remembered one thing. The topic now is ‘cinema’. Come to think about it, I don’t like going to cinemas anymore. Why? Because partial clips of a film are ALWAYS censored. It announces PG18 but you’re 25 years old and you’re sitting there, missing scenes of it. I’ve realized this when I was buying some DVDs the other day, movies I’ve already watch. Some from cinemas. I keep getting certain parts of a movie I don’t even remember watching. Suddenly, it hit me!

WHY do I wanna waste my money watching something if it’s going to be deleted for screening? So that’s why I’m abit late with movies. And recently, I’ve watched ‘Terminator Salvation’ and ‘The Watchmen’. At least, DVD stores have original copies worth waiting for. And DON’T even try to think that I’m making you readers NOT to go to a cinema. You CAN go without hesitating on my post. It’s up to you if you wanna see latest films. I’m just saying, this is me. It’s my blog and you don’t need to judge me. We all know most people around us are always critical when things like this are mention.

Take care people! :)

P/s: Did anyone read the Brunei Times yesterday? I have a small piece of statement there after being interviewed over the phone by this writer who who wanted to know what my opinions are about wearing masks at a wedding. :P



I've always asked myself, how come I don't have a logo for my production company? I've tried making some but it just ends up with no meaning with 'Visual Dimensions'. I need something then words for an intro of my films, including weddings.

I've just thought of something. I'm a filmmaker. I should have my picture up there rather then something I've googled up on images. And this? Its original. I've decided to use my profile picture instead. It symbolizes me and my camera as a filmmaker don't you think? It tells you,'this is a production' right?

'When Adam Groves is not making films, he's writing them. When he's not writing them, he's editing them. When he's not editing them, he's doing whatever else he can to do with filmaking.' - FYI, that's actually not mine of saying but its cool!

I know it doesn't stand out yet but it will when it has words and maybe some animations but this is what I had in mind.

I'm still not sure about the orange color yet. My wife wanted me to go with Pink! I know my blog is pink and all but it doesn't look right when it comes to 'Visual Dimensions Production', otherwise it'll be a production of hugs and kisses or even worst, under aged porn! LMFAO!!!

But hey, I think I'll stick with this shadowy idea.



Not in the mood these last couple of days. Feelin’ abit un-socialize with anything at the moment. Avoiding all unnecessary contacts. I think I’ll lay low for a while.

There aren’t many things to say other then me working my ass off, finishing these remaining clips. I’ve encountered several things I don’t really like when it comes to editing. One of them is actually cutting clips one by one, marking every single point I’ve paused when recording in these occasions. It’s probably the least pleasing thing to do before performing definite editing.

So far, I’m almost done with client number 1 of 4.

As today, my last outdoor event shooting is over until next month. I’ve plan my way to finish with the editing I have left before the next one. A shit load of footages to be edited rendered and delivered before deadline. I’m betting my ass to complete it by next week. Let’s just see what happens.

I’ve also been taking extra cautions with my hygiene lately due to H1N1 such as wearing mask and also using sanitizers. I’m also annoyed by the fact that people aren’t really taking it seriously about the virus’s outbreak and yet they become critical with others wearing masks. I can’t really understand that. I’m not even bothered by it but concerned that they’re not worrying one single bit. I wouldn’t even wanna start talking about it. It’s a huge list.

Michael Jackson’s memorial was heartbreaking. Rest in peace to the king.



….finalizing the editing and burning session of Basmida’s project, went home for a quick rest. But apparently, I didn’t. I was too nosy to be sleeping knowing that I have another event that night. So what did I do? I was on TweetDeck for abit and watched a movie until Flo (a Photographer) picked me up and proceeded on to our Berbedak Event. Here’s a picture of me and Emma Agaki. Beautiful!

Here I was holding up a mirror and trying to be creative with it after Flo suggested. Pretty amazing. Now I know something I could use for filmmaking.



It’s really been a hectic week for me and I’m lacking on video editing and also sleep. I was also working a few days with Ritma Picturesque Production on an event for Basmida, 23rd IFNGO World Conference thingy which was held at The Empire & Country Club.

A 2 whole days of shooting and another 2 days being conscious and constantly editing. Yup, almost 40 hours of no sleep. Managed to catch probably about 15 – 30mins only. Deadline was on the final day (Wednesday). Shoot, capture, edit and burn 50 copies of DVD as end product and deliver by 3pm. I scarcely even ate properly but drinking at least a dozen cups of coffee to keep me awake. I haven’t been home since then. Just in the studio editing with Production manager (Yatie) and Marketing Director (Zamri).

Although it was quite an enjoyable moment to be with crews who actually care about one another.


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