Off course it is, I’ve never forgot how much fun it was to run around, jumping on stage singing punk rock music. I still could but I’m into a more different style of music nowadays. Dark and sentimental type. No, not emo..well, yea abit but without the ridiculous hair and make-up appearance. No, no screaming either. That’s what people here refer them to. Emo is screamo. WTF.

My music recording is on and off for over a year or two now. Been saying this over and over. But where is it? I can’t really say. But I do know this, next month I’ll be performing once again along with some buddies from the old days playing my un-heard songs. This shall be interesting. Why? Because I’m totally lost with a concept. It’s messed up in some points. That’s not true, does. I just don’t know how to react infront of an audience anymore. It’s been so long.

For some reasons, I miss playing with my original band, ‘Not Famous’. I was organizing my DV tapes on my shelves and bumped into some old hi8 tapes (the big tapes of a very old model handycam). I said ‘Shit. I WANNA watch these but where can I get this type of handycam to play the tapes?’ So I called my sister in law. By chance, she still had one from before.

Firstly, I was stunned by this conventional handycam. Turned it on and god have mercy! It was totally undesirable if I was to use this to record events today. The quality was a huge CRAP on the face! It had the quality like an old 80s porno movie. Bright light and interlaced. Holding it felt so classic.

Anyways, charged the battery for about an hour then started browsing through tapes one by one. Some was exceedingly embarrassing (shall not say) and some extremely appalling. I’ve managed to watch the one I was looking for. ‘Not Famous’ performances. Such as HRH’s birthday celebration, jamming sessions, recording sessions of the 1st album and greatest one of all, Not Famous performing in Kuala Lumpur with some popular local bands such as ‘Y2K’ & ‘Diva’.

Very funny stuff. It was embarrassing but a history of mind that shall remain today. There was even one where I performed with my project band ‘Visions 13’, covering a song by ‘Guns & Roses’ – Sweet Child ‘O’ Mine and ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door’ who sung by this female Indonesion singer (I don’t know her name) as an opening act for her concert in 2006.

Anyways, cut long story short. “I miss playin music infront of audience!”

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