So there I was editing some client videos and eventually decided to take a short rest from all the footages across the monitor screen. Having to say, I got excited over the last post ‘The Truth Today’ and wanted to act fact by memorizing the importance of filmmaking. I picked up the book (picture above) and started going through page by page to confirm the possibilities of what I need to do and where I need to start.

Obviously, I know some of the basics such as the 3-act plot structure and character developing whilst leading to the massive climax at the end but I doubt that my knowledge is still entirely weak. A story has to be powerful and solid if thinking of making it big for entertainments.

I looked back on the previous shorts I have still on hold, scripts which aren’t perfectly settled, storyboards that aren’t solid yet and decided to NOT continue writing these so-called imaginary ideas which obviously has no connection or educational for our local scene. I’m sure everyone knows that I’m entirely and freakishly mental about making short films from the day I first bought a mini HandyCam but I’m going to start thinking outside the box.

There’s been some incredible variety of chapters which teaches you ‘HOW’ its done and its amazingly helpful towards my needs of what I’m about to create, thinking that it’s made totally low-budgeted. Anything is possible and there’s no ‘I’ in pie.

My first grave attempt for my feature length film is to include most of the incidents that had occurred in my life growing up. I didn’t grow up with an easy life I tell you and it’s somewhat embarrassing and torturing. Back in school, people weren’t that nice. Judging me and backstabbing me from one situation to another and it was repulsive. I’m surprised myself that I got this far knowing who I truly am. I may come from a family who taught me about my life but others out there haven’t got the mind of a person to think what’s right and wrong for themselves. Everyone thinks they’re special in a way but bad-mouth is definitely the wrong route to go.

Basically, I’m including the facts of my struggling and agony life living in a place where I grew up as a young boy, back in my hometown with disrespectful people who’ve made my life a complete hell. That is why, I need to deliver a perfect solid story to understand that everyone is the same out there and there’s no use in making ones life miserable just because they’re different.

Would you make fun of a handicapped person? Maybe one who has his nose on his forehead? Or walking funny and having one arm shorter than the other? Or one who is missing legs and walking on bare palms of his hand? Or maybe a twitch? Or a giant tit that stuck out of their shirts? No! You may stare at the giant tit hanging but laughing and talking crap about it makes yourselves a complete idiot.

That may sound abit dramatic but then again, those people who had hard times growing up will not like to keep a chapter of humiliation as a remembrance. I’m going to write this and I’m sure hell gonna make this happen. It would be nice if there’s some support for this kind of theory and educational background of mine.

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