…deciding whether to watch ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Back To The Future’. Yea..NOT sleepy yet. Need something to cheer me up. I know this may sound sissy but that’s just me. I watch films when I’m upset.

Boy, my tummy is rattling against my kidneys after drinking 250ml of Milo. I think it’s kicking me now and I might blow in flames with diarrhea. Gosh..I hate that moment where you’d have to sit on the toilet bowl, miserably and praying for those demons to release in rage, torturing the end of your stomach and shittin’ it out completely with relived feeling that you didn’t blow a hole down your guts. Why am I talking about this again?

Ignore my manners readers…silly me.

Oh, about this ‘Twitter’ thingy. I’ve been on it a lot ever since I’ve applied it weeks ago and it’s a fun app to use for brief details about the things you’re doing or infos you need to pass from one to another. Most significantly, I like the verity that you could see what your favorite celebrities are on to. That is, IF they have one.

So far, the celebrities I’ve been following on Tweet are Mark Hoppus (Blink 182), Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) & Nick Frost (Shaun of The Dead & Hot Fuzz). REALLY active users. They’re flooding my board everytime I log in. I suppose it is an interesting way to get around having these applications in the states. Although Frost isn’t American. Metaphorically speaking.

Related to the post below, I’m still wondering about how I am going to capture my footages on to my editing suite. I can’t even turn the bloody thing on and it gets crazy, the last DV Tape is stuck in it and yea, no how to get it out unless I can find someone to lend me a DV handycam.

Ahh..well, I’v decided what I want to watch tonight. ‘Back To The Future’ in trilogy mode except I won’t watch it exclusively. Just the first episode.

One more thing, I’m having this interview on ‘National’ Monday night talking about my filmmaking career and some other bunch of questions from the interviewer, Zamri Jamaluddin. Should be interesting because it’s not in English. I have this ‘tick’ when comes to speaking with a professional in Malay and I might end up with a monkey’s ass choke down my throat as I say my sayings.

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