Holly hell I sounded so bad. It was humiliating if anyone was to hear me on National 92.3FM being interviewed by DJ Zamri about my filmmaking career. The only thing that bugged me was my pronunciations of sentences in Malay. I may speak fluent Malay with friends, families and acquaintances but when it comes to proper live broadcasting a so- called Malay interview, I’m swallowing my own saliva every second through out the show.

But I think it was hilarious too. Since it was an opened-topic, I was allowed to mention certain things that usually aren’t suppose to. In other words, censorship was free. And so there you have it.

I’m also abit concern about the facts that I may have gone too far and slipped a couple of distasteful things about other people. But DJ Zamri said it was alright because it’s suppose to come from me, my opinions and who cares if anyone does get offended. It’s actually a good sign though.

Some people may take it into account and some people would say ‘Se-taie jua orang ani’, which is habitually typical because nobody likes to hear anything from anybody else. They think they know it better but they don’t. I don’t consider myself as perfect either whether you say I am or not.

DJ Zamri happens to find me interesting. Something we both have in common. That’s how I got the chance to say it all on ‘live’ tonight and talked about my career in the media fields. Like for instants the improvements we can develop with unique concepts for new dramas. Creativity is what attracts people. If something is boring, OFF COURSE, people will talk crap about it and there they are complaining about why people dislike local dramas. You tell me why.

Overall, I hoped it’s a lesson for others. Supporting eachother and not trying to judge one another.

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