This is one of the most awful experiences I’ve ever encountered during a wedding. My beloved Canon XL2 completely died in the middle of an event leaving myself panicking due to some of the compulsory moments between 1 couple. It was hideously dreadful because I had no choice but to miss about 20 minutes solving the problem and ended up driving all the way home to get a back-up camcorder. It took me almost an hour.

Total malfunction, disabling power of its circuits and most likely the fuse. I’ve never experience anything like this but the least to say, it was my fault for not serving it in the first place. Camcorder needs to be serviced at least every once a year from what I was told.

The only problem is, where? But thanks to a dear friend of mine, David Cheok, instructing me to take it to Canon Service Center in ‘Bunut’ for help whether it is obligatory to maintain it there or otherwise to be exported elsewhere. I hadn’t a clue that there was a service center here; obviously I’ve seen this place before but lost sight. Or maybe I wasn’t thinking straight, making rational decisions leading to blankness during the period of troublesome.

I ended up apologizing to the bride about the incident and luckily she was okay and suggests me to come back with a back-up camcorder. And again, I was fluky that I didn’t missed anything important during my absence but still, I didn’t like how it had gone undesirably cocky with this mess.

I’ve been blabbering on about this since the night of the happening and it’s been 2 days now. I’m taking the Canon XL2 first thing on Tuesday as Monday IS a public holiday.

Damn this man. You have no idea what I was thinking when the problem occurred.

Khairul Faizi  – (June 2, 2009 at 12:52 AM)  

kapisan 2 cana th beantar ke interhouse bunut sudah?

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